Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Problems, Errors, Glitches and Solutions [Part 3]

Here’s the third part of our Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 troubleshooting string. We continue to give you solutions to common issues encountered on this device. We hope you can get something from it and allowed us to be your instrument in getting your issues resolved.

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Bluetooth Keyboard doesn’t connect to Samsung Galaxy Tab 3


Problem: I bought this Bluetooth keyboard which I paired with my GalaxyTab 3 and my Galaxy S4, both Android 4.2.2. It worked perfectly except on the second time, it only works with the phone. When I click on it and pair it on both devices, the phone connects but the tablet doesn’t. The only solution I found so far was to re-pair it and retype the code every time I want to use it on the tablet. I wish I wouldn’t have to do this constantly. Any idea? –-Mina 


Troubleshooting: Hey there Mina! We understand how frustrating it can be to always manually connect and re-enter the code every time you want to use the device. Bluetooth is great when it works but can be a real hang-up if it fails to pair. Here are some reasons why a Bluetooth fails to connect. First, Bluetooth is dependent on both hardware and software to function accordingly. If you have the right software but doesn’t have the suitable hardware, your Bluetooth would not function properly. Second, devices come with sets of Bluetooth profiles. One blog puts it as “the dialect of a device associated with a certain use.” Put it simply, a phone can’t connect to a wireless keyboard because it doesn’t support the Hands-Free Profile. However, if both phone and wireless keyboard support the Hands-Free Profile, they should be able to connect with no hitch.

Most recently released phones and tabs are Bluetooth Smart Ready and manufacturers are now including radios that communicate through Bluetooth 4.0 in their hardware. However only the iPhone 4S and higher models has this latest version of Bluetooth. Nonetheless, if your wireless keyboard has a different Bluetooth version than your tab, then the connection will no doubt fail.

To alleviate this situation, we suggest you try the following steps. Check if your wireless keyboard has the same Bluetooth version as your tab. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 runs on the 3.0 version. Once confirmed, make sure that you have properly setup and scanned for the right device. You can get the full walk through from here. Don’t forget to make your device in Discover Mode. It is highly suggested that you reboot your device before making an attempt to connect. For phones and tabs, this is the easiest and proven effective way of resolving most issues. Make sure that Bluetooth is on visible mode all the time. Manually un-pairing a device can also help especially if it has been previously connected to your tab. Starting from scratch is always helpful. Both devices should be compatible when it comes to their profiles. Remember, they use the profiles to communicate with each other. If you’re in doubt, you can consult the user’s manual of each device. It is also worth noting that the devices you are attempting to pair should be within five feet of one another.

Moreover, Android 4.2.2 has been publicly known to have pairing problems with a Bluetooth device. So if all the steps recommended above did not resolve it, it is highly possible that your tab has compatibility issues with the device you’re trying to pair it with. The last option is either to return the device and have it replaced with the latest driver/software or wait for Android 4.3 to be published on Tab 3. Hope this helps!


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is unable to browse to the internet even when connected to Wi-Fi


Problem: Hi all! Please check if you have the same problem fixed and help me. I bought my Galaxy Tab 3 yesterday and it was going well until this morning. Suddenly, it can’t connect to the internet. The Wi-Fi signal still shows connected but there’s no internet. I tried changing to a different Wi-Fi hot spot, restarted the device, turned the Wi-Fi signal on and off, deleted the current Wi-Fi profile but it didn’t work. Can anyone help me? Thanks! –- Zach


Troubleshooting: Hi Zach. This matter can certainly tamper anyone’s excitement. An extensive search on the internet will give us multiple solutions to this issue. Some of these recommended quick fix may help you.

First thing that we need to determine is whether the issue is caused by your internet connection or by your device. To do that, try to connect a different device to the same network, say your mobile phone. If it can connect then we can certify that your internet is running fine. If connecting to different wireless hot spots yielded the same result, then your tablet may be malfunctioning. Are you trying to open the Apps only? Have you used a browser and see if you can open a web page? The security has been heightened with the new Wi-Fi technology and as such, most connections now require you to open the admin web page and enter a username and password before it allows you to browse.

If the above preemption have been satisfied, work your way on these solutions. On your tablet go to Settings then choose Wi-Fi. Once inside, look for the name of your wireless network, select it then press on Forgot Network. Reboot both the tab and router then search for the same network. Attempt to connect again and make sure the username and password is correct. If you still have issues, go back to the Wi-Fi menu under Settings then select the left menu key and tap on Advanced. Check if the Wi-Fi timer is on or off. If it is on, turn it off as this can contribute to those frequent disconnects. Once done, disable then re-enable Wi-Fi and check if you can browse a web page. One important thing to note is the date and time showing on your tab. It should match the internet provider’s date and time. Most cases of internet browsing issues are linked to this. Setting the date and time to current has resolved seventy percent of internet connection issues. If you have installed an antivirus in your tab, this can also affect your internet access as most antivirus applications block restricted and unverified contents. Try to turn off your antivirus and mobile data then attempt the connection again.

If you’re still having trouble, consider performing the following advance troubleshooting. You may seek professional assistance as this requires deep infiltration of both your router and tablet.

  1. Open your router page and try to change the Security Mode under Wireless from default WEP to WPA or WPA2 if you’re on WAP. Restart the router and try to reconnect.
  2. You can change the encryption from AES to TKIP or vice versa and attempt to connect afterwards. Contact your internet service provider if you need further assistance.
  3. Attempt to assign a static IP on your connection. You can go to Settings then choose Wi-Fi. Press down on the network name until you see a pop up. Click on Modify Network Config then select Show Advanced Settings. You should see IP Settings on the list. Hit it then choose Enter the information provided by your ISP and save.

If all above solutions fail, the last thing to try is to download the Wi-Fi Fixer app from Google Play Store. This functions as a detector for any internet browsing issues encountered by a specific device. This app will not expand the Wi-Fi signal nor solve disconnection problems. This will resolve the browsing issue even after connecting to a network. The last option would be to return the device and have it replaced especially if it’s still under warranty.


USB Keyboard connects but doesn’t type


Problem: Why can’t I get my USB keyboard to type on my Samsung Tab 3 7.0? I have a generic USB keyboard. The tablet seems to realize there is a USB connected because it gives me the option to use an external keyboard, but that’s it. It doesn’t type. I tried dealing with a USB host app but I’m not clear on that. Thanks. — Angel


Troubleshooting: Hi Angel. Connecting a USB keyboard to your tablet can be a daunting task especially if errors were encountered during the process. Although an external keyboard has a huge advantage compared to an on screen keyboard especially if you have a lot of things to write about. Let me ask you though, have you tried connecting the same USB keyboard to a different device like your computer? See if your computer will detect it and if you can use it without any issues. If it does work with a different device, we suggest you try these steps.

Ensure that your battery is not below sixty percent as a typical USB keyboard uses 0.2 Ampere of current. It is best to have your tablet in a power saving mode when a USB device is plugged in to conserve energy. Many issues can be avoided if the right keyboard has been used. It should be the one best suited and the most compatible. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 can support a USB keyboard however not all are compatible. One should check the specs of a USB keyboard before purchasing it. Are you using the USB cable that came with the keyboard when you purchased it? You should buy a separate USB cable specifically designed for your Android tablet. You can find one in any electronic shops near you. A USB OTG or when expanded means USB On-The-Go works perfectly with Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. This cable has two connecting ends and contains the necessary drivers to act as a USB host or USB peripheral. One end is smaller and fits to the tablet’s USB port while the other end has a female USB connector in which you can plug a keyboard or other USB devices. Once the tablet and keyboard are firmly connected, a pop up should appear on the screen broadcasting the connection. If a huge on screen keyboard appears, just hit the back button and it should be gone from your screen. You can now type away with your external keyboard. If your tablet does not recognize it still, there may be an issue with the software that needs technical assistance. Contact Samsung for a software update or an overall device replacement. A Bluetooth keyboard is an easy get-go as well if replacing the tab is very inconvenient for you.


Trouble downloading a uTorrent or Bit Torrent file to external SD card


Problem: It just doesn’t work now. Previously I could download files via uTorrent or Bit Torrent and save these files straight into the external SD card. Now, it just downloads for about a minute, doesn’t go above 0% then fails and says resume download. I can download the exact same file on the same app if I download it to the tablet’s storage. Why? — James


Troubleshooting:  Hi there James! You mentioned that the issue happens every time you attempt to download something from uTorrent or Bit Torrent. Have you tried downloading files from other applications? Was it successful? Here are a couple of things you may be interested to know.

After the recent update of KitKat, all third party applications have write restrictions to external storage devices. Many users complained about the constraints applied to these apps especially with uTorrent. Have you recently did an upgrade to your OS? Is your tab now showing the latest version of KitKat which is Android 4.4? If you are then it is likely to be caused by the update. This is not an issue with the torrent applications but with the operating system itself. Prior to the update, users can store applications and downloaded files to any area in the removable storage including the system folders provided they have permissions to access the SD card. That is not the case with KitKat 4.4. One important reason that Google stated is for file security. Since apps are no longer allowed to read and write anywhere they want, they won’t be able to compromise your personal information (if there’s any) stored on other folders.

Most users who encountered this issue recommended a root to revert it to the previous version. A root will also allow you to install a third party application that grants access to the external SD card. That’s if you don’t mind losing the tab’s warranty and could care less of your file’s security.

One work around that we recommend, which torrent developers also support, is to download the torrent to your internal memory. Once the download is complete, you can move the file to your external storage using a free file manager app from the Google Play Store (e.g. ES File Explorer File Manager, Tomi File Manager, File Explorer, etc.).

If the issue includes saving files coming from a Google made app, we can conclude that you have a defective external storage card. Replacing it would be helpful.


Galaxy Tab 3 is stuck on the Samsung logo after installing the software update


Problem: Hi! I updated the software on my son’s Galaxy Tab 3. After the update was installed, it prompted me to do a reboot which I did. When it started back up, it’s stuck on the Android figure for ages with a 100% status underneath it. It wouldn’t do anything. So I pressed the power and home button to get it to restart. It came back on the Galaxy Tab logo and now, it is stuck on the faded Samsung logo! I can’t get it to do anything even after switching the device on or off. Can anyone help please? — Martin


Troubleshooting: Hi Martin. You did a great job in doing a simple power cycle to your tab as it does help most of the time.

Have you tried performing a soft reset to it though? You can do this by holding the power button down for 30 seconds. We suggest you wait for around 10 seconds before turning it back on. If it fails to fix the issue, try to perform a battery reboot this time. You need to turn the tab off first then remove the battery after. Leave it detached for 5 minutes. Reattach the battery then try booting it up again. Still not working? A hard reset is a must this time. You must keep in mind though that this clears out all applications and data downloaded to the tablet. Make sure you have backed up before doing a hard reset. Please see instructions on how to perform a hard reset.

If a hard reset is still not the solution, let’s take this troubleshooting up a notch and see if Odin can do the trick. First thing that needs to be done is to boot your tab into Download Mode. To do this, turn the device off completely. Wait for a few seconds then hold the Power and Volume Down button until you see the Android logo pops up. Press Volume Up to navigate and enter Download Mode. On your PC, open up a browser and download Odin3 from this site. Unzip the file and run Odin3 v3.07.exe as an Administrator. You can do this by doing a right click on the file name and choose Run as Administrator. After Odin3 has been downloaded and installed, plug the tablet to your computer using a Samsung USB cable or any universal USBs that can be installed with drivers. Open the Odin3 interface and wait until the Added message pops up accompanied by a COM port highlighted in yellow. Sometimes the highlight is blue depending on the version of Odin you’re using. If you got this page, it’s time to Flash the Firmware. Reboot the device and it should go back to the home screen if it was successful.

The above steps are proven to work 85% of the time. If the tab chooses to be at the 15% failure rate, then it’s time to get a replacement.


Galaxy Tab 3 doesn’t turn on after freezing


Problem: My Tab 3 froze when an application I opened was loading. I tried to press the home button or the back button but it did not acknowledge it. Shutting it down didn’t work either. I also tried taking the charger out and then putting it in again. I’d been charging the Tab 3 when it happened (usually when I use it during charging which is always less than 5 minutes, it works fine). By then, I tried to let it go dead by unplugging the charger. After about 30-40 minutes, I checked on the Tab 3 and its screen had finally turned black, yet it would not turn on. So I plugged it in again, and after about 10 minutes, it still hadn’t acknowledged being charged. The screen is still black and won’t turn on.       — Ganush


Troubleshooting: Hi Ganush. I could only imagine how stressed you must be when this happened. I am almost certain that you have scoured online articles to try and fix this issue on your own. Usually this type of issue can be caused by conflicting processes in the OS that your tab is trying to complete at the same time which in turn can make your screen unresponsive. This should not happen to your tablet though if you still have life remaining on its battery. Not unless the battery completely drained and broke right after, in which case replacing it would be the best solution.  The trick really is simple. It does not require a hard reset which can cause loss of data and a lot of stress. All you need is a huge amount of focus and flexible fingers. What to do? The tab should be unplugged from the charger. Holding it with your hands, press and hold the power button while touching the screen at the same time. Continue holding it down for 30 seconds until it clears the system. You should see the battery indicator as it boots up. The tab will then restart and everything should be back in place right after. Hope this helps.


Screen Mirroring doesn’t work on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 KitKat 4.4.2


Problem: I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 with Jelly Bean 4.2.2 off of eBay so I can screen mirror it to my 65″ Samsung HDTV. The screen mirroring was working great until I did an update to KitKat 4.4.2. Now it tries to connect but times out after a few seconds. Apparently, I can’t go back to 4.2.2. I tried to install the Samsung 4.3 screen mirroring patch but it’s not supported by my device. Any ideas how to get it working with 4.4.2? –- Ester


Troubleshooting: Hello Ester. Screen mirroring is a great way to share files to everyone on a bigger screen especially if you want to watch a movie with your family and friends. Jelly Bean 4.2.2 is perfect for this specific use. Unfortunately, the new KitKat 4.4.2 does not support screen mirroring nor does it bolster AllShare cast or MHL connectivity. For some reason Samsung left this out of the update. Some users claimed that they were able to screen mirror their tablet using the MirrorOp on Playstore.

Recently Google released an application which allows users to do a seamless screen mirroring from their phones or tablets to their Smart TV that supports wireless connectivity. The Chromecast App is Google’s answer to screen mirroring problems. However, casting a mobile or tablet screen is currently running on Beta. This is the reason why it’s not yet available to all Android devices including the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 lineage. Hopefully, Google will announce an update to this application real soon which can make Samsung Tab 3 users happy.


Samsung Tab 3 7.0 is on a boot loop after rooting it on Kingo Root


Problem: I tried to root a Samsung Tab 3 7.0 with Kingo root. The Kingo App said it rooted the OS successfully but the tab is stuck on a boot loop. Recovery mode does not open and the tab does not power off. Only the Download mode opens. What can I do now? Thanks in advance. –- Henry 


Troubleshooting: Hi Henry. I see that you are into customizing your phones and tablets which is great if you want more functionality out of the device. Nonetheless, no matter how delicate you are in tweaking these devices, it is normal to face this problem. Boot loop usually occurs in rooted and stocked Android devices therefore advanced users have come up with a fix for this. An easy to follow tutorial can be found here.

However, the tutorial points you to the recovery mode in which you are unable to access. Since the Download Mode still works, using Odin3 would be our best shot. See tutorials page for Odin3 and just follow the instructions step by step. You can flash a different recovery from this software (try Philz recovery and CWM recovery). The phone should reboot and would enter Recovery Mode then to normal mode.

If you wish to remove the root from your tablet after it reverts back to its normal self, you can do so by following these steps posted by the Kingo R&D team.


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