Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems, Glitches, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 15]

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Car Mode issues on Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: When I had my iPhone 4, I had no problems at all with connecting it to my 2013 Toyota Highlander. I could have my iPhone hooked up to my car through Bluetooth as a “phone” & my iPod hooked up to my car as an “audio device” at the same time. Calls & maps both would come through my Highlander speakers if I was listening to my Highlander radio/cd or even my iPod through Bluetooth. If I had a call coming in, or a turn coming up on Google maps, they would interrupt my car radio & come through my car speakers. (Which I loved)

Now that I have an android device (Samsung Galaxy S5), my phone will NOT hook up to my car as a “phone”. It will only hook up as an “audio device”. Now, if I want to use Google maps or try to use car mode to read my texts aloud for me through my car speakers as I’m driving, I have to have my car set on Bluetooth audio. Which, is not what I want. Now I CAN’T listen to radio or cd. I’m not about to use up all my data on Pandora to listen to music just so that I can use this “car mode”/”handsfree” and have it come through my car speakers.

What’s the point of calling this Galaxy S5 “handsfree”? Now I can’t listen to radio or cd if I want to use this so called “car mode” & have it come through my car speakers. Having Google maps navigation & having my texts read aloud through my phone speaker is not loud enough to hear well. I have followed Samsung’s advice on resetting my Bluetooth settings. It didn’t help. They also told me my 2013 Highlander may not support the phone. But I had no problems with my iPhone. If Android could update the software to where my phone is considered a phone instead of an audio device, that would be amazing & solve the whole problem!

Please tell me I’m not the only one having this irritating problem. Please help! — Kirstin

Troubleshooting: Hi Kirstin. We know where you are coming from but Samsung’s Car Mode is supposed to let you do simple networking via Bluetooth so you can do what we usually do in our car–listen to music, make and receive a call, send a text message, navigate thru GPS, etc. By design, Car Mode is slightly different from its counterpart from Apple and we know that both do not share the same features. If you have consulted Samsung about the issue, then most probably Car Mode is essentially lacking the things you’ve been used to while you were using the iPhone 4. If this is the case, then there’s nothing much that we can do about your problem although you can raise this issue to Samsung as a feedback so they can improve their current product offerings. If we are not mistaken, the limitations that you are encountering right now springs from the fact that Samsung provides a different set of features while still allowing users to continue doing the usual activities in their car. This may seem unacceptable for you and some others but it’s not a technical issue that we can try to resolve here.


Samsung Galaxy S5 Messages app lagging, keyboard lag

Problem: Hi. My question is regarding the Messages app.  I have an S5 with T Mobile and whenever I use the stock Messages app, it is very sluggish, the keyboard has delayed response and would not keep up with my key strokes.

I have since started using Textra but the problem is it won’t send/receive MMS or group messages unlike Messages.

I’ve already tried whatever I read in discussion forums, from uninstall/reinstall, clear cache, use a third party UI I am currently using Google), and ultimately I’ve had to resrt using a third party messaging app (Textra).

Sometimes I re-install Messages to see if it has magically been fixed it only to be disappointed by its delayed responsiveness.

Another cpresint (complaint), totally unrelated (maybe) is my keyboard. Whenever I place the cursor in the middle of a text to edit it, when I press backspace, it randomly jumps somewhere else in the text body and deletes that instead. The typos you see here are a demo of what happens.  Another random thing is the “cpresint.”. It used to read “complaint” until the cursor randomly jumped in the middle of that word after I backspaced.

Maybe it’s time to go back to an iPhone.  Meh.  Blah.  Thanks and take care.Vince (Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device) 

Troubleshooting: Hi Vince. It must be frustrating to experience lag when you are typing, especially if you are in a hurry. We tried to dig deeper into this problem by checking our list of problems submitted by other users but could not find any similar problem on their S5. Also, some of our colleagues have been using their S5 for over 6 months now without encountering any keyboard-related trouble so we believe this problem may be peculiar to your unit. Frankly speaking, we are as perplexed as you are about the problem.

One possible cause for this problem can be your phone’s CPU scaling. Also known as processors, CPUs on smartphones today are designed to minimize heat and conserve battery power whenever there’s a chance. So if a phone is left idle or doing a “lighter” workload, the CPUs run slower resulting to low heat and lesser power consumption. This is a smart design and proves very beneficial in most scenarios. However, this also means that if may take some time for the CPU cores to  run faster, thus processing information and input faster, if prompted to do so.

For processors made by ARM, a feature called big.LITTLE makes this concept happen by designating one set of cores as “fast” and another as “slow”. The former tends to consume a lot of power while the latter performs its job slowly but maintains power efficiency in the process. Whenever you open an app, watch a video, or type an SMS message, there’s a chance that your phone’s CPU fails to ramp up significantly to prevent noticeable lag as both sets of cores pass between themselves the input you are feeding them.

If our hunch is right, your phone’s CPU functions may not be working properly resulting to keyboard lag. This problem may not be evident in other workloads your phone is doing like when you are playing a game or using some apps because they are given “consistent” input as compared to “bursty” keyboard instructions. Typing on your keyboard varies depending on your keystroke. Using Predictive text, auto-correct settings, third-party dictionaries, etc can also potentially add to a “burst” of processing load the CPU receives all the while handling your keystroke. This up and down ramping of instructions may be working against big.LITTLE scheme in your phone.

We admit that we are at purely speculation level at this point and there’s no definite test that we can do to confirm our suspicion. Try doing a factory reset on your phone and see how Messages app behaves. If that will not resolve the problem, try to disable or not use Power Saving mode.

If all else fails, getting a replacement may be your easy way out.


Samsung Galaxy S5 resets randomly

Problem: Hi. I am mailing you because my Samsung Galaxy S5 will randomly reset sometimes. I am wondering why this happens. Please help.The King

Troubleshooting: Hi The King. Based on a number of forums we’ve visited, the issue appears to be more common among T-Mobile users compared to others. Also, there seems to be no single cause for the problem. Our main challenge in resolving this problem lies in the fact that we need to isolate the possible root cause first. To educate other users, we opt to discuss all the potential factors at play here. You may end up trying all of our suggested steps to narrow down the cause on your device. Below are some of the most commonly cited reasons why an S5 randomly reboots.

Full Cache and Data storage. When your phone opens an app, it uses a temporary storage to keep information easily accesible in the future to open the same app faster. This is a power saving feature because it reduces the time your device fires up your apps the next time. However, cache storage, like any other storage, can get full or corrupted. This can result to poor performance or random reboots. It is recommended that you clear your phone’s cache regularly as preventive maintenance. Clearing the cache erases the temporary files your phone has accumulated over time while Clearing Data restores the apps stock state, which is equivalent to re-installing it. The latter also means that you are deleting an application’s settings, databases, etc.

Here’s how to clear the cache:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap Backup and reset
  • Touch Factory Data Reset

Processors frequency set too high. An S5’s Central Processing Unit (CPU) is designed to function within a given frequency. Samsung has played it safe when it comes to Galaxy S5 by setting the default CPU frequency to 2.5 GHz, which is actually still powerful relative to other smartphones of its class. However, there are apps that can even set the CPU’s frequency above the standard manufacturer default. Overclocking the CPU gives it more performance bonuses but it can also lead to crashes and random reboots. If you happen to overclock your CPU, setting it back to its initial state will most likely resolve the problem. Google Play offers a few apps that allow you to lower down CPU frequency although your phone needs to be rooted first. If you don’t want to root your phone, we recommend that you enable Power Saving mode instead . This is the safest way to underclock the CPU as well as extend the phone’s battery life.

Auto Sync or Android Update conflicts. Some forum users in a few sites we visited mentioned that their Samsung Galaxy S5 reboots after it attempts to sync files via apps or when doing over-the-air Android update. Built-in apps and Gmail Updates were tagged in some sites while Auto Sync functions of some were among the others  mentioned. Preset updates appears to be causing some background services and apps currently running to crash and force the phone to reboot. For the sake of isolating the issue, we recommend that you turn off the Auto Sync feature of your commonly used apps and all Google-related Auto update functions. You may have to go over each app to do this. Not exactly an efficient solution but still worth trying.

Problematic carrier-provided ROMs. Almost without exception, each major carrier customizes the stock ROM or operating system that your device is using so they can introduce their own apps, features, and services. While most carrier-customized ROMs work just fine, some may cause conflicts resulting to a few phone hiccups, including random reboots. This is the usual reason why only a certain segment of phone users experience problems while others with the same model do not experience a similar problem at all. If you think that this is the case, try to use a different ROM like Cyanogenmod. Be careful though as some modified ROM being offered may void your phone’s warranty. Also, modifying ROMs may require you to root your phone, which may also void the warranty.

Let us know if nothing works by sending us another email so we can update this post accordingly.


How to enable Flick input in Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: Hi. I’ve had my S5 for 3 months and love it!  One issue I have is while typing text messages, the keyboard will change from the alpha screen to the symbol screen.  This seems to happen most when I type the P or O key but sometimes other keys on the top alphabet row.  Any idea as to what causes this? — Dick H

Troubleshooting: Hi Dick. If you are using the default Samsung keyboard when composing your messages, the only reason why you have the problem is most probably the Flick input feature. When enabled, Flick input allows a user to flick his or her finger upwards on a letter or key to access symbols  and alternate characters faster.

To check if this is the case, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down to Language and input
  • Make sure that Samsung keyboard is the default. You’ll know if that’s the case because Samsung keyboard option will be greyed out and a checkmark appears on the box beside it.
  • Tap the settings icon for Samsung keyboard
  • Scroll down to Keyboard swipe
  • Tap Flick input to enable or disable


Samsung Galaxy S5 taking longer time to send SMS

Problem: Hi,  I just bought this phone only a few months ago,  and I’ve had many problems yet I seem to be the only one with these issues. At first it was my text message lagging.  I was told to download an alternative keyboard. It seems to work great, but only for a little while. Now my phone is taking up to 30 minutes to send a text message. I cannot handle this.  Please help. – Adrianna

Troubleshooting: Hi Adrianna. As mentioned in a similar problem above, there can be a few possible reasons why your phone takes a long time to send a message. If nothing of the above solutions work in your favor, you can also isolate a possible rogue app as the cause by performing Safe Mode. If that will not work either, resetting the phone back to factory defaults should do the trick. Keep in mind to create a copy of your important personal files before resetting the phone.

Let us know by email if the issue remains.


Samsung Galaxy S5 touchscreen stops responding

Problem: Hello. I’ve had my Samsung S5 for about 3-4 months now. I’ve been having issues with my touchscreen and return button. It randomly types on its own and the touchscreen sometimes refuses my commands. And my return button sometimes doesn’t work.

I need help please because every time i need to reboot it i have to take the battery out because my screen won’t work.

Anyway, thank you in advance. — Salma

Troubleshooting: Hi Salma. Do you a screen protector or protective case? There are times that the texture or even thickness of a screen protector on a smartphone reduces the sensitivity of the screen itself. If you have a screen protector installed, try removing it to see if the problem goes away. Keep in mind that once a screen protector has been removed, you may be unable to use again afterwards.

You can also visit one of our posts regarding this issue by following this link.


Multiple Samsung Galaxy S5 sensors failure

Problem: I have no idea why my S5  Accelerometer, Gyro, Gravity, Rotational, Linear Acceleration, Heart rate sensors are not working. Using *#0*#, there is no response from these sensors (Proximity, Light, Barometer, Magnetometer, fingerprint sensors work). When using Sensor Kinetics app only Magnetometer shows data.

Phone also seems warm when using it for a while. Thoughts? — Brian

Troubleshooting: Hi Brian. Looks like you have a general hardware failure here. While these sensors are not considered “essentials” to have a functioning phone, it can become annoying when you want to use apps that rely on them. For example, if you want to gauge your pulse in a daily basis using your S5, that may no longer be possible because the Heart rate sensor is failing. Other games that rely on the phone’s internal Gyroscope will not also function. And because hardware failures can not be resolved by users (unless they know advanced electronics and have access to smartphone components), we recommend that you pay your carrier or Samsung a visit. For us, the best solution is to get the phone replaced. There’s no argument about that.

Samsung Galaxy S5 not getting good signal

Problem: Running 4.4.4 and ever since I updated the Galaxy S5, it stopped getting a good signal. Any idea on why? — Grumpy

Troubleshooting: Hi Grumpy. Have you reported this problem to your service provider? We can try to identify the possible causes on your end but the most important first step should be to ensure that there is no on-going network outage or problem in your area. If you are in the U.S., major providers like Verizon and AT&T have built-in apps installed on the phone to help users check any existing signal coverage problems. This should simplify the things that you’re supposed to be doing on your end.

Another good step to try next is to make sure that the SIM card is not dirty and working properly. Try removing the SIM card wipe the metal connectors to remove possible dust and dirt causing loose connection.

If the SIM card looks clean and in place, try changing your network modes to see if one mode prevents another from working properly. Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap More networks
  • Touch Mobile networks
  • Select your preferred Network mode

Simply cycle through any network and see what works best for you.

If these steps won’t work, try performing Safe Mode and Factory reset.


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  1. I have a Samsung galaxy S5 and a 2011 Toyota Rav4. My phone pairs with my car and the Bluetooth works without issues. However, I recently setup Car Mode and even though the settings seem correct the app “ignores” the Bluetooth connection. It only uses the phone microphone and speaker for messages and navigation will are played via the phone speaker only. Once a phone call is started or I receive a call Bluetooth kicks in. Any ideas?

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