Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems, Issues, Glitches, Errors and Their Solutions [Part 50]


Welcome to the 50th part of our Samsung Galaxy S3 problems and troubleshooting series. There are more ten problems I cited in this post so make sure you check them out as one of them may be related to the one you’re currently experiencing. To make it even easier for you to know if your problem is among the ones I included here, I made a short list of issues and link each one to their respective sections. In case your issue wasn’t addressed here, visit our Galaxy S3 Troubleshooting page as we created an index for all problems we addressed since 2012.

We urge you to try the troubleshooting procedures or solutions we provided and if they don’t work for you, then email us at [email protected] and rest assured we will look into your concerns. Please note that we may not be able to respond to your message because posts like this is our way in replying to our readers issues. We make our solutions public for the benefit of other users who may also have the same problems as yours. And for those who want to be helped via social media, we have our Facebook and Google+ that we also use for this purpose.

The following are the issues I’ve addressed in this post, click on the link to just to the problem and its solution:

Galaxy S3 Keeps Downloading Device Management

Question: What is this device management downloading on my machine every night and day? I am with straight talk but I have a AT&T galaxy s3. Is the Galaxy Android S3 operating system so week that it needs constant upgrades similar to Windows? I’ve only had this phone just under a week and its been running this program every night. Some reassurance would be appreciated. Thanks, Craig.

Answer: Hey Craig. It’s probably just an update for the firmware. Updates are pushed out every now and then to address some issues with the phone or fix bugs that may have been reported by users. If you got your phone from a provider, there are times when updates came from Samsung itself and there are also times when it’s just your provider pushing out an update for its apps and services. Generally, updates are good for your phone but there are times when they can mess up with the normal operation of the device. You don’t have a choice but to allow them to be downloaded to your phone unless your device is rooted.

You said the phone is still less than a week with you, I would assume it’s brand new and may have missed several updates already that’s why it’s trying to download them all at once. But if you need more information about it, your provider may be able to answer some of your questions. As for us, well, we don’t know your provider, the model number of the phone and the version and baseband of the firmware that currently runs on it. So, we can’t tell for sure what the issue is.

Galaxy S3 Slows Down Randomly

Problem: Hi there, I found your email on drippler and decided to contact you. My S3 slows down when I’m typing and just when I’m generally using it. It comes and goes but its annoying. I tried to delete some pictures and music but to no avail. I also tried taking out the battery and restarting it. My apps crash also. I don’t know what the problem is and how to fix it. Can you help?! From Bowale.

Troubleshooting: Hi Bowale. Performance-related issues are often caused by apps or services; the more apps run in the background, the slower the phone becomes. But of course, you need to confirm that and one way to go about it is to boot the phone in safe mode and observe its performance. If the phone works well in safe mode, then your third-party apps are the culprits. It can help if you uninstall some of them especially those you don’t use anymore. However, if the phone’s performance is still poor, then it’s time you reset it to its factory defaults to give it a fresh start.

Of course, I’m assuming that the phone didn’t suffer from liquid or physical damage because if it did, then you need to have a technician take a look at it as it may be a hardware issue.

Galaxy S3 Doesn’t Show Battery Percentage Anymore

Problem: Any time I would plug in my charger to my phone on my screen it would come up and say charging and showing what percentage my battery was at, but just recently when I plug my charger in it no longer shows on my screen that I am charging my battery or the percentage it just disappeared what can I do to get it back on my screen I know it shows at the top but this was always in the center if my screen. I have had my phone for approx 1 year now and I love it. Can you help me get it back on my screen? Thank you, Ann.

Troubleshooting: Hi Ann. Before I answer your question, I have a question of my own; does the phone charge normally even if the charging icon doesn’t show? By default, the battery percentage will be displayed on the screen when you hit the Power key while the phone is off. It will also be displayed on the lock screen which can be shown if you, too, would hit the Power button. If the answer to the question is yes, then there’s a possibility that the USB charging port is busted or it’s just a minor firmware glitch. But, at least, the phone still charges and you can display the battery percentage on the notification bar.

However, if the phone doesn’t charge, then there’s a chance the charger is busted and that could be the reason why the battery percentage doesn’t show because the phone doesn’t charge at all. I suggest you try a new charger and see if that works, if not then the USB charging port may be the issue here. In this case, all you can do is bring the phone to a technician and have it checked.

Galaxy S3 Won’t Boot Up After An Update

Problem: Hi, I have been having issues with my Samsung Galaxy S3 for about a year now. It won’t a hold a charge AT ALL. I had to buy this certain phone charger for it, where I take my battery out to charge it. I woke up this morning and my device said it needed a system update. I started the update and about several minutes into the update my phone shuts off!! Several seconds later it just shows the logo. It has been showing nothing but the logo for an hour and some now. I really need my phone fixed ASAP what do I do? Please respond as soon as you get this. — Amanda

Troubleshooting: Amanda, as for you charging issue, try a new charger because that might be the problem based on your description. I’m not sure what interrupted the update but it happened and the new problem may have already corrupted some of the data or files in your phone. The first thing you should try is wipe the cache partition as there is a chance the update corrupted some caches that prevented the phone from booting up normally. If wiping the cache partition couldn’t fix the problem or make the phone boot up, there’s no other option but to perform factory reset via recovery mode. In case the phone couldn’t boot in recovery, you need to bring the phone to your provider and have their tech re-install the firmware.

Galaxy S3 Can’t Send / Receive Picture Messages

Problem: Hey! I have a Galaxy S3 that’s AT&T but I have it on Straight Talk. I’ve been able to send and receive pictures ever since I’ve been on straight talk. However, recently I haven’t been able to send nor receive any pictures. When I try to download a picture, something pops up that says “check connection.” I have 4G and all bars but still won’t send or download. This problem won’t even let me send emojis now either. I’ve tried apps like Handset and still doesn’t work. If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks! — Courtney

Solution: Hi Courtney. The most logical thing for you to do is call Straight Talk’s hotline. I am certain this has something to do with the APN settings in your phone and while you can fix this problem without calling the hotline by logging on to their website, it won’t hurt if you check your account for any cap or restrictions.

Galaxy S3 Keeps Cycling Through Open Apps

Problem: Since I have exhausted two replacements already on my Samsung s3, I want to fix this problem as I don’t have an upgrade in my plan for quite some time. The home button (bottom center) stopped working some time ago. Not been an issue. I installed a button savior (not root). I think some slight water damage causes that as it was timed after a few sprinkles fell on it before I brought it out of the rain.

But now, phone is unusable. It cycles through all the open apps all the time. If no apps or only one app is open, it cycles between Task Manager and the app or home screen. I am fairly technical (network eng) and have troubleshot everything I can think of on it. This didn’t start when a slight crack in the screen appeared, but there is a slight crack but nothing touch screen wise tells the phone to switch between apps (I have removed the side bar soft button for home so don’t believe this is a touch screen issue triggering the cycling through of apps). If I use an app and I am not swyping or on the phone it will switch in the middle of what I am doing. Extremely annoying, unusable. If listening to a lecture via YouTube, it will just turn it off as it starts cycling through the other open apps. Crazy! I keep searching for someone else who had this issue with no luck. — Audrey

Troubleshooting: Audrey, I’m sure already did several troubleshooting procedures just to fix or know what the problem is. You know your phone more than I do and you know its setup more than anyone else. But as for me, I like to keep things really simple even when troubleshooting phone problems. Find out if the current behavior of your phone is caused by a hardware issue or third-party apps. To do that, boot the S3 in safe mode and observe. If the phone still cycles through open apps, then it is more likely it’s a hardware issue. However, if the problem is fixed in safe mode, then the culprit is one of your third-party or downloaded apps. If you don’t know which one, it’s wise to just backup all your data and perform factory reset to give your phone a fresh start.

Galaxy S3 Can’t Connect To Mobile Data After Update

Problem: Droid Guy, I should have never updated my phone! This happened to me the last time as well. After the update, my phone will not connect to the internet unless I am in a Wi-Fi area. It will not connect with 3g or 4lte. My local store helped me with it the last time but I need to figure this out now. Can you please help? Thank you, Shadeana.

Solution: Shadeana, it’s clear that updates will delete or reset your phone’s APN settings. I don’t know what your service provider is but the best thing to do is log on to your provider’s website and find information about APN settings for Android. If you can’t find that information online, it’s best you call the tech support hotline and ask for it. Once you have all APN information, jot it down so that the next your phone updates, you will be able to fix the problem without the help of your provider.

Galaxy S3 Factory Reset Question

Question: Hello, I have a question, I gave my S3 to one of my friend to use it since I am using new cell phone. I have deleted my accounts though factory settings before giving the phone. Is it still possible for the other person to retrieve all my data. For Eg: whatsapp messages, text messages. If yes then please give me a solution where I can delete them permanently. Thanks! — Josna

Answer: Hi Josna. If the factory reset was successful, there’s nothing to worry about. Unless the person you gave the phone to knows your Google account and credentials for other services, he or she can’t access any of them. For average users, factory reset is more than enough to make sure your privacy is protected. Only people or firms with very advanced knowledge with the system can retrieve data even after factory reset. But if you think one of your accounts is compromised, change the password immediately.

Galaxy S3 Shuts Down Automatically With Vibration

Problem: I just got a used s3 from someone, when I plug it in the battery bar is 1 inch from being fully charged. I think the battery icon bars suppose to go up and down before being charged. An when I try to turn it on the Galaxy S3 logo comes up and then the phone shutdown automatically with a vibration. I’m really hoping that it can be solved. I used the usb to charge something else also so I don’t think that’s the prob. — TC

Troubleshooting: Okay, so the phone shuts down then vibrates, which means it shut down completely. However, if it comes back on without your intervention, then shut down again, it means the Power key is stuck. But since you didn’t mention the phone restarting on its own, I would assume it just shuts down completely until you turn it back on and it does its thing again. My suggestion, try to boot the phone in safe mode to find out it can, somehow, boot up completely without third-party apps running in the background. If it boots up successfully and stays on after several minutes or few hours, then we can conclude at this point that the problem was caused by a third-party app. Find that app and uninstall or disable it.

However, if the phone still shuts down automatically even in safe mode, try booting it in recovery mode and observe again. Leave the phone in that state, given that it can boot up in that mode successfully, to find out if it shuts down on its own. If it does, then we’re looking at a possible battery problem. In case, the phone stays on in recovery mode, try performing factory reset as the problem may be caused by some glitches in the firmware.

Galaxy S3 Can’t Connect To Home WiFi

Problem: Hi sir, good day! I’m having a problem with my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. I can’t seem to connect to Wi-fi at home when I’m in my room which isn’t far from the living room where the router is. I also can’t connect to other wi-fi networks which has security passwords (though I’m pretty sure I typed the passwords correctly). I tried rebooting the device, also tried turning off the power saver in the *#001# but still the wifi problem occurs. Is there something I can do to fix this? Please help. Thanks a lot. — Justin

Troubleshooting: Hey Justin. I understand you already restarted your network equipment but please try to verify using other devices if they can connect to the network and browse the web without a problem. Once you have verified that the problem isn’t with your home network, try to boot the phone in safe mode and attempt to connect to your WiFi. If the phone can connect to the network without a problem, then there is an app that’s causing this inconvenience. Find it and uninstall it. However, if the problem persists even in safe mode, then the problem can be with the firmware or the hardware itself. Perform factory reset and if it makes no difference, send the phone in for repair. The tech may start by re-flashing the firmware as there is also a possibility that it’s just a modem issue.

Galaxy S3 Automatically Turns Off and On

Problem: Hello my phone is having rebooting issues, it seems to me the power button is stuck on it, i can still push it on and off, but it also shuts on and off by itself as well. and sometime when it shut off and i can finally get it turned back on after 10 mins my wallpaper is also completely different. but that’s not much of issue i can change that. im more concerned of my phone shutting on and off. — Sabrina

Troubleshooting: Hi Sabrina. For stuck Power button, it is recommended you remove the battery first, then press the button repeatedly. Eventually, it will become free of being stuck and would function normally. However, after several presses and the button is still stuck, there’s a chance it’s damaged already. Send the phone in for repair so that the Power button will be replaced. Other issues may also be fixed once this problem is fixed, so prioritize it. There’s nothing much we can do about it that’s why you need the help of a technician. If, however, you are confident you can open the phone up without tripping other circuits or causing more damages during the process, then proceed at your own risk.

Galaxy S3 Emails Not Syncing Automatically

Problem: Hi, I found you on the web and had a question. I’ve had the problem before and someone fixed it for me but I don’t know how they did it. Here’s the problem: even though I have set to get notified of incoming emails I am not notified. I have to refresh my email screen in order to receive my emails on my phone. How can I fix this problem? Thanks. — Metrice

Solution: Hi Metrice. The problem can be solved by simply enabling syncs for your email account. If they’re already enabled, then the master sync may have been turned off. Please follow this link so you’ll be guided how to enable email syncs on your Galaxy S3.

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