Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Problems, Errors, Glitches and Solutions [Part 44]


Hey guys, welcome to the 44th part of our Samsung Galaxy Note 3 troubleshooter series. At least, ten problems were addressed in this post and majority of them are common that any user may be able to encounter them. The first issue concerns Verizon subscribers who may be experiencing WiFi connectivity issues. The second question is about how to make Note 3 access contents from a thumb drive while being charged. If you often travel, it might be useful for you.

For our readers whose problems weren’t addressed in this post, visit our Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Troubleshooting page as we compiled all issues we previously addressed in one page to make it easier for you to find ones that are related to yours. I suggest you try the troubleshooting procedures or solutions we provided first, if they don’t work for you then feel free to email us at [email protected] and provide as much details as possible. You may also post on our Facebook wall or Google+ page.

The following are problems addressed in this post, click on a link to jump to a problem:

  1. Galaxy Note 3 Sudden WiFi Connectivity Issue
  2. How To Use OTG While Charging On Note 3
  3. New Galaxy Note 3 Keeps Restarting
  4. Settings Can’t Be Accessed In Galaxy Note 3
  5. Download Facebook Videos On Note 3
  6. Galaxy Note 3 Play Store Has Stopped Error
  7. Galaxy Note 3 Won’t Shut Down Completely
  8. Galaxy Note 3 Couldn’t Send Attachment
  9. Galaxy Note 3 Screen Dims Or Brightens Automatically
  10. Galaxy Note 3 Shows “Custom” With Padlock Icon
  11. Galaxy Note 3 LTE Network Mode Issue

Galaxy Note 3 Sudden WiFi Connectivity Issue

One of our readers shared how he fixed the sudden WiFi connectivity issue with his Note 3. It seems that the security suite that came pre-installed with the phone is causing the problem. To know more about the details, read the actual email below:

Just resolved a problem that I see alot of other people struggling with on the forums and google searches, and thought I would share it with you. My Galaxy Note 3 would start to connect by wifi on booting, and stay connected for about 30 secs, then would lose the connection. It didn’t matter if I deleted and re-set the connection, it would do it all over again. Any future attempts to force a connection resulted in a connection being made, the disconnected in less than 5 secs.

I booted into Safe Mode and had no problem staying connected. My carrier (Verizon) said it had to be caused by a recent app or update, so I began to delete recently updated apps trying to find the culprit, I finally found an app that I could not delete: McAfee Mobile Security provided gratis by Verizon. They recently updated to add a Web Security feature, which allows you to turn on Wifi Security. Once I TURNED OFF Wifi Security, my problem with connecting to Wifi disappeared.

This will likely be of great help to other Verizon users with McAfee Mobile Security on their devices. — Chuck

Thanks, Chuck!

How To Use OTG While Charging On Note 3

Question: We are getting ready to fly to the US from Croatia and really want to have our Galaxy Note 3 available for movies and music. So we bought a ipower 10000mah to recharge our note 3 while traveling. We are also planning to purchase a 128GB sandisk cruzer glide USB 2.0 flash drive to hold the movies.

Now here is the question… How can we connect the flash drive to the note 3 & watch the movies on the flash drive while using the backup power at the same time. Another way of asking is: if we connect the flash drive to the note 3 with a USB OTG cable and watch a movie from the flash drive, then how do we keep watching the movie when the note 3 goes dead and we want to continue watching using the backup power from the ipower? — John and Pat

Answer: Hi John and Pat! It is almost impossible to use the OTG feature of Galaxy Note 3 while charging, but thanks to some manufacturers that already anticipated it, there are now special cables that will let you do that. Just log on to eBay and search using this keyword “note 3 otg power” and the first to appear is all you need. This is how it looks like and I assume I don’t have to explain how to use it.


New Galaxy Note 3 Keeps Restarting

Problem: Hello. I have a 3 day old Note 3 from Verizon. Just over night it keeps restarting when your calling someone. Also when you make or receive a call you can’t hear or be heard during the call. You can hear keyboard sounds, pandora, phone messages and more…Any ideas? I took it to best buy and the put it on a computer and did a massive reboot and flash. Have watched Verizon store try everything too. Thanks, Mike.

Solution: Hi Mike. Let’s say techs from Best Buy and Verizon were able to fix the problem eventually after doing procedures you don’t even understand. As a user who expects top-notch performance from such a high-end phone, would you be satisfied that just three days out of the box it already gave you some trouble?

My point is, you are still within the “replacement period” so have the unit replaced with a new unit that don’t have issues. I’m sure you understand that there will always be defective units among mass-produced devices and the one you got may be one of them. You don’t want that, do you?

Settings Can’t Be Accessed In Galaxy Note 3

Problem: Please I have an issue here with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Suddenly just yesterday, my phone’s WiFi and data turns on and I tried putting them off but it won’t work and I don’t even have access to the Settings of the phone. Please I need your help. — Isioma

Solution: Hi Isioma. I’m a little confused with “don’t have access to the Settings” and I don’t know if the phone freezes when you access Settings or you’re getting an error message. But anyway, the first logical troubleshooting procedure you should try is soft reset.

  1. While the phone is on, remove the back cover and pull the battery out.
  2. Without the battery, press and hold the Power key of the phone for a minute.
  3. Place the battery back in and secure it with back cover.
  4. Now, turn the phone on.

Try to access Settings again and if the same problem happens, then you need to boot the Note 3 in recovery mode and wipe its cache partition. Please note that it is more important to fix the Settings issue because the WiFi and data problems may just be the result of the real problem. In case wiping the cache partition won’t fix the problem, backup all your data and proceed with factory reset. That sure will bring the phone back to its “working” state.

Download Facebook Videos On Note 3

Problem: Hello this is Tamim from Afghanistan. I use note 3 and I am completely satisfied from my Note 3. I am thankful from Samsung company that they made such a great phone for our usages. I have problem with downloading videos from face book the sample of downloading video which you explained through share tap in scrap book it’s being working from YouTube however still I can not download video directly from Facebook. Hope you will find a solution to this problem and let me know about. Waiting for your reply and instruction. Regards, Tamim.

Solution: Hey Tamim. Let’s be practical. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of app that offer the same service as the one we pointed out in our previous post and that’s one of the things you can enjoy for free if you are an Android user–you can choose which app works best for your needs. So, why stick with an app that doesn’t the way you want it?

One of the apps I’ve used to download Facebook videos is MyVideoDownloader for Facebook. It’s free and easy to use; you just need to login using your FB account and download any uploaded, shared or tagged videos.

Disclosure: is not, in any way, associated with the developer of the app mentioned above. It just happened that I personally used this app before and in my own personal point of view, it does the job well.

Galaxy Note 3 Play Store Has Stopped Error

Problem: Hello, I was looking through some websites and found your email listed on I have been encountering problems with the Galaxy Note 3 that my dad gave me when he got a new phone. It keeps freezing and then rebooting by itself randomly. It’s been somewhat worse lately, happening 3-10 times an hour, and I keep getting error messages such as “Unfortunately, Google Pay has stopped working” for various apps I have open and also for ones running in the background that aren’t actively being used.

I looked up your tutorial How to Solve Common Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Problems. However, my phone froze and rebooted while in safe mode, so I do not think it is a third-party app that is causing problems. Do you have any advice for me on how to fix these issues? It’s frustrating because it’s a new phone that hasn’t been used that much by my dad. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Sung.

Troubleshooting: Hi Sung. There is a lot of reasons why the Play Store crashes and that’s what we need to look at to be able to solve this problem, or at least, have a hint what’s happening with your Note 3. The real problem here is that the Play Store crashes and both freezes and reboots are just results of this problem. If we can get rid of the error message, those behaviors will disappear as well.

Since it is a new phone I want to know if this problem occurred during the first use. If it did, then there’s no point in troubleshooting considering the phone has issues out of the box. In this case, the best thing to do is have the phone replaced as soon as possible.

In case the problem started to happen while you were trying to install some apps, then it may still be related to third-party apps that caused Play Store to crash and may have affected the normal operation of Android system, thus, resulting to freezes or reboots. I understand you already booted the device in safe mode but then again, Play Store’s functions may have already been affected. The best thing to do is clear its cache first. Follow this link to know how to clear cache on Galaxy Note 3. If clearing the cache didn’t make a difference, then try deleting the data. You may have to login with your Google account and lose all your settings and preferences but this is the step you can’t afford to skip.

Again, if this problem happened while you were trying to install an app and clearing both cache and data didn’t work, try logging on to the Play Store using a browser in your computer or laptop and check if the app was successfully installed. If there is a trace of app but wasn’t installed, try installing the app from your browser because your previous installation may have been stuck.

In case this problem occurred after installing an update, then it is possible the recent Google update may have messed some of the settings or corrupted some files. Try to uninstall Play Store updates to see if it makes a difference. Follow the steps below:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Apps
  2. Choose Settings, and tap General
  3. Scroll down to Device manager section and tap Application manager.
  4. Scroll to the right to display contents of ALL
  5. Scroll down to find the app and tap on it.
  6. Now tap the Uninstall Updates

If all these procedures failed, then there’s more to this issue that just corrupt data and files. Considering the phone is new and might not have that much data stored in it yet, try to reset it to its original settings.

Galaxy Note 3 Won’t Shut Down Completely

Problem: Hi, I have problem turning off my Note 3. It seems that even after an hour my phone still failed to shut down. It still shows “Shutting down…” even after an hour. Every time i want to turn off my phone I need to take out the battery. Can you help me figure out what is the problem behind this? Thanks. — Hafiz

Related Problem: Hi droid guy, recently my Galaxy Note 3 won’t shut off. When I power it off, it will go through the normal process but just when I thought it would shut down completely, it won’t as the blank screen remained lit. I tried leaving it that way for more than 30 minutes and I’m pretty sure shutting down won’t take that long. Consequently, I can’t turn the phone on with normal operation because, in the first place, the phone didn’t shut down completely. Do you know how to fix this? Help me please. — Carl

Solution: While this problem isn’t common, it could happen to any device running Android. I encountered a few cases with this specific issue and the procedure that works every time is wiping the cache partition. It seems that some apps, regardless whether they are third-party or pre-installed, have corrupt caches but since you can’t pinpoint which apps has corrupt caches, you will be obliged to do a general troubleshooting procedure. Follow this link to know how to wipe the cache partition on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Galaxy Note 3 Couldn’t Send Attachment

Problem: Hello, I am using Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo phone since last 2 months. It was working fine but now when I am sending mail through Gmail with attachment as doc file I am getting error as below “Couldn’t send attachment” and mail is sent successfully. Can you please help me out. Thanks & Regards, Varsha.

Related Problem: Hi Harold. Please help me with my problem. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and I’m trying to send a video clip to my company email address, I use my Gmail address while trying to do so. The video clip was recorded using my phone’s camera and it’s about 15 seconds of play time. When I try to send it, I’m getting the error “Couldn’t send attachment.” What can I do to send this to my other email and why is this happening in the first place? — Kate

Solution: Hi Varsha and Kate. You know, size matters. There are two things that are common here, first is that both of you are using Gmail and second, the one thing you forgot to include, the size of the document or video clip you’re trying to send.

If you use Gmail on a web browser, you can easily see that Google only allows files below 25MB to be sent via its servers but when you’re using the official Gmail app, you won’t know about it. When you upload a file over 25MB, the app will allow and try to send it, however, if the app could detect that it has sent 25MB, the email will not be sent successfully and you’ll get that error message. Of course, the only solution to this problem is to cut down the size of the file you’re trying to send but if it’s not possible, then, for Varsha, upload the document to free cloud storage and let the recipient download it. For Kate, upload the video clip on YouTube, set it to private if you don’t want others to view it, so that you can view it anywhere or download it whenever you like.

Galaxy Note 3 Screen Dims Or Brightens Automatically

Problem: Hi, just found your website when googling for a problem that just started with my Note 3 Samsung. I bought it refurbished on Amazon about 3 months ago and I had no problems until today. The display light is dim when I waken and unlock the phone by swiping it. Sometimes the screen gets brighter on its own in about 15 seconds, other times not. I have the display set at its top setting +5. I have followed the instructions on you site #38 for no light, but it remains the same. I hope you can help me. Thank you so much. — Dr. Janet

Suggestion: Hi Doc. I don’t know the setup of your phone but it seems to me that automatic brightness is enabled. The phone will automatically dims or brightens the screen depending on the amount of light its sensor receives. The screen brightness will also change depending on how dark or bright the environment you’re in. To disable auto brightness, follow this link to go to the tutorial.

After disabling the auto brightness feature and the problem still persists, launch phone dialer and dial *#0*# and touch sensor to see if the light sensor is still functioning normally. If it shows the sensor works normally, then the problem has something to with the phone’s stock brightness manager. You may reset the phone to factory defaults (but there’s no guarantee the issue will be fixed), or use a third-party app Lux Auto Brightness to manage the brightness of your phone’s screen.

Disclosure: is not, in any way, associated with the developer of the app mentioned above. It just happened that I personally used this app before and in my own personal point of view, it does the job well.

Galaxy Note 3 Shows “Custom” With Padlock Icon

Problem: Hi I am having a problem with my phone. It is kicking me out of all my apps, saying that unfortunately they have stopped. My lock button doesn’t work half of the time, it either doesn’t unlock my phone or it won’t lock it. And when I turn it off and back on, the very first screen that comes on (the one that says Samsung Galaxy Note 3) at the bottom it says custom with a little lock thing. I talked to the at&t lady and she said It was a custom rom, and I don’t know what that is let alone how to make it custom. They sent me a replacement and it did the exact same thing. Is there something I can do to fix it? — Dakota

Suggestion: Dakota, obviously something in your firmware is not right and AT&T should have already done something with it. But you know what, if there’s a party that could fix this problem, it’s your provider. So, spend time with its representatives or techs to figure out workarounds to this problem. If they can’t fix it, ask them to install the previous version of the firmware. Or, find someone who knows how to root it. Once rooted, you can install Xposed Framework [more info here] and then Wanam Xposed from the Play Store to get rid of that dreaded “custom” padlock icon.

Galaxy Note 3 LTE Network Mode Issue

Problem: Dear Sir, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 LTE (Gulf Version) from Pakistan to use it in Pakistan. When I tried to use LTE, there’s no option as LTE available in mobile networks in NOTE 3. It’s an LTE version as LTE is written on the box and at the back of mobile as well. You are requested to please what’s wrong with it and how to solve that problem. — Sheraz

Suggestion: Hey Sheraz. The N9005 model is, indeed, an LTE-capable variant so if you don’t have an LTE option under Network mode, then it’s one reason to have the phone replaced. But before that, try to double-check if there isn’t really an LTE option. Follow the steps from this tutorial to switch networks. The first option must have LTE, if you can’t find any option with LTE, then return the phone.

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  1. hello i have Samsung galaxy note 3 Lte 4G . last week i downloaded an application now my phone show this message” your internal memory damage” and reset your device but didn’t reset by hand or computer because after several restart my phone now didn’t start

  2. Hello I have a note three AT&T FACTORY unlocked 32 gig and I love my phone, I have been using go launcher ex and go SMS pro on my phones sense I got my first smartphone. I was wondering if this is the reason I can’t get the 4.4 update? I have cricket wireless as my carrier and sense AT&T bought them out we can use unlocked AT&T phones. I like go launcher and go SMS because of their awesome themes, but is this stopping me from my phone being100% of what it’s supposed to be??

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