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The Samsung Galaxy Alpha will be the first smartphone to pack Gorilla Glass 4

Galaxy Alpha - Gorilla Glass 4

Maker of the popular Gorilla Glass display, Corning, has just announced that the Samsung Galaxy Alpha will be the first smartphone to pack the recently announced Gorilla Glass 4 display. Although the Galaxy Alpha has been around for quite a while, this partnership will only be effective for future iterations of the smartphone. So if you recently purchased the Galaxy Alpha, you probably won’t find this display.

The Galaxy Alpha was launched long before the Gorilla Glass 4 was even shown off, so this has certainly taken everybody by surprise and also led to some confusion as to why Samsung is using the panel on an already available handset. One possible theory is that the company wants to reinforce its premium branding by packing the superior grade glass for its display.

Corning suggests that Gorilla Glass 4 is up to two times more durable than competitive display panels, giving it a significant edge over the (virtually non existent) competition. Here’s a demonstration of the display to give you a better idea of its performance.

Via: Android Authority

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