Qualcomm teases the launch of a new Snapdragon 800 powered device

Snapdragon 800

Chip maker Qualcomm has just posted a teaser on Twitter, mentioning the arrival of a new Snapdragon 800 running device. Although the company doesn’t clarify what this is, it’s most likely a smartphone, going by the corresponding image. It is also likely that this is an LG made smartphone as we can clearly see the company’s iconic rear facing action keys.

This device will reportedly be shown off at next week’s CES 2015 event, so we don’t have to wait long to figure out what the mystery is all about. Given how quiet LG has been in the midst of several flagship announcements, it is likely that the Korean manufacturer has something to show us during the event.

Perhaps we’ll get a look of the rumored G Flex 2 smartphone, which has been expected to launch during CES 2015. This is clearly not a flagship smartphone though as it’s running Snapdragon 800, which is pretty outdated.

What do you think this device could be? Any guesses?

Source: Qualcomm – Twitter