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OnePlus responds to reports of shipping refurbished handsets to customers

OnePlus Two

Over the past few months, reports in the internet have alleged OnePlus of shipping out used units of the OnePlus One to customers. And while the complaints piled to seven, the company was relatively quiet until now. The Chinese manufacturer has finally broken the silence to provide clarification to users about the allegations leveled against them.

The first case which alleges that the smartphone had an image in the photo gallery app when it was unboxed, implying that it had been used beforehand. After investigating this, OnePlus concludes that the picture wasn’t taken from the smartphone and was captured somewhere in France. So the only way an image could have gotten there is if the user himself put it there. Further, the device was apparently manufactured on July 14 2014 and shipped out to the customer by July 20, thus proving that it could not have been a refurbished unit.

The second of the cases speaks of having two screen guards on the display of the device. OnePlus rubbished these claims by mentioning that additional film of screen protectors were added on some units to protect them while shipping. This was reportedly done only on a few batches of the handset. Other cases were pretty menial and didn’t take long for OnePlus to clarify. So if you’re looking to purchase a OnePlus One sometime in the future, quality concerns shouldn’t come in the way.

Source: OnePlus

Via: Talk Android

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