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OnePlus One ban temporarily lifted in India

OnePlus One

The OnePlus One smartphone was banned from selling in India after Cyanogen signed a backdoor deal with local manufacturer Micromax, offering them exclusivity on the Cyanogen OS ROM. An Indian court has now lifted the ban on the One, allowing the company to finish the stocks of the smartphone until then. OnePlus’ argument that the Micromax smartphone does not necessarily compete with the One could have swayed the court in their favor.

So while this is a minor victory for OnePlus, the company will have to start selling newer stocks without any Cyanogen branding and a custom OnePlus OS. OnePlus has mentioned that its first official Android 5.0 ROM for the One smartphone will be ready by January, so we might not have to wait long to see it in action.

As it stands, the OnePlus One is certainly one of the best value for money smartphones money can buy. And the company will be relieved to have the opportunity to finish off the existing stocks of the smartphone in India.

Source: The Economic Times

Via: Engadget

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