Nexus 9 Magic Cover Now Available From HTC

nexus 9 magic cover

With the Nexus 9 now available from both T-Mobile and Google Play, more accessories are available to go with your new tablet. Besides the Folio Keyboard, the “Magic Cover” is also available.

The Magic Cover, for those unfamiliar, is a 2-in-1 stand that’s magnetic and lets users prop up the tablet in order to, say, watch a video without having to hold it. So far, the only color the Magic Cover is in is Coral Amethyst, but more will probably be coming soon.

For $40, it’s a pretty good accessory, especially considering it also covers the Nexus 9’s screen when not in use. If you’re buying the Nexus 9, does this accessory look interesting as well?

Source: HTC via Droid Life