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Nexus 4 apparently has issues with the dialer after the Android 5.0 update

LG Nexus 4

The LG Nexus 4 was launched two years ago by Google and is fortunate enough to still software support from the company. However, it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing for the handset after the Android 5.0 update according to some users. These unfortunate users are apparently seeing a substantial lag, specifically in the dialer app of the smartphone. It is said that the lag is as much as 3-4 seconds in some cases, while the call refuses to go through in some isolated incidents.

Clearly, it hasn’t been a smooth transition to Android 5.0 for some of the users. It is hoped that Android 5.0.1 will fix most of these issues. As of now, Google has only rolled out the update to the Nexus 7, Nexus 9 and the Nexus 10, with cellular devices expected to get it shortly. The complaints in Google’s support forums are increasing by the day, so this is clearly a widespread issue.

Are you facing any trouble with the Nexus 4? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Google

Via: Talk Android

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