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Next-gen Google Glass launching in 2015 with better battery life

Google Glass

A report suggests that Google and Intel have joined forces to develop a new low energy chipset made specifically for the next generation Google Glass wearable. This new chip would reportedly allow for better battery backup from the wearable, which is one of the primary concern for Glass wearers. Google only recently upgraded Glass with 2GB of RAM for better handling of apps which would in turn provide decent battery backup.

Intel has a wearable of its own known as Mica, which uses its custom made chipset. The current iteration of Glass uses a Texas Instruments chipset, which has almost reached end of life status, so it’s only natural for Google to look elsewhere. Intel is reportedly looking to build new apps using the Glass at Work protocol, although Google has made it very clear that Glass is going to be a consumer oriented product.

We’re hoping Google will have some sort of an upgrade program for those using the current iteration of Glass. We’re still some distance from this idea coming to fruition, but we’ll be eager to learn more about this new upgrade in the coming months.

Source: WSJ

Via: 9to5Google

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