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New version of Google Glass spotted in patent listing with a sleeker design

Google Glass - New

Google Glass in its current form is pretty slick and offers a wide range of features for the users. However, it’s still not a consumer product and aimed solely towards developers (or “explorers”). A new patent filing over at the USPTO has now revealed a sleeker version of Glass, carrying an all new touch pad and a thinner profile. The patent image depicts Glass to be a lot lighter than its current form as well, which is certainly a welcome addition.

There’s no word on when we can expect the mass produced version of Glass to launch in the world markets, but Google has put out a tentative “sometime in 2015” date. This after the device was initially expected to arrive in early 2014. We recently heard that Intel would be producing chips for the redesigned version of Glass, which could make sense given the slimmer profile. The current version of Google Glass utilizes a Texas Instruments chipset which doesn’t enjoy the support it once used to.

There’s very little information to go with apart from the patent listing and the corresponding image, but it seems like Google might have a winner on its hands if it brings this device to the market soon and with an affordable price tag.

Source: USPTO

Via: 9to5Google

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