Material Design update of Google Hangouts leaks out

Hangouts - Screenshot

While most of Google’s stock apps have received a Material Design makeover with Android 5.0 in mind, the company had kept the Hangouts app the same. But that could be changing soon, according to a new revelation made by Android Police. This leak reveals the latest iteration of Hangouts in its entirety, including the UI elements and the layout of the settings menu. Although there are some changes on board, some of the pertinent issues of the app haven’t been rectified by Google, which we’re guessing will be part of future updates.

The icon of Hangouts has now taken a darker color, in line with the Hangouts Dialer app. This was expected as Google likes to maintain uniformity with its apps. The apk wasn’t provided by the source, but the official update should start hitting devices sometime soon. At this point, these screenshots are all the data we have on this new update, but we’ll make sure you’re the first to know when more info is revealed.

Do you like what Google has done with the new Hangouts?

Via: Android Police

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