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Makers of Blackphone to launch a privacy oriented app hub


The makers of privacy centric Blackphone have announced plans to launch a dedicated app store which will only offer secure and privacy friendly applications. This will make its way to the Blackphone in the form of PrivatOS 1.1 which will start rolling out in early 2015.

The inclusion of the app store is a welcome feature as the device lacks an app store at this point and it would help greatly to give users access to some much needed apps. The manufacturer hasn’t divulged details on what apps will be available on the device.

PrivatOS 1.1 will also introduce a new feature called Spaces, which will let you have multiple user accounts on the device. There’s not enough clarity on what else this new update will bring, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

The Blackphone retails for north of $600, which is quite expensive for a device lacking essential services. Perhaps the makers hoped to leverage security concerns raised by multiple security agencies, but sadly, that ploy hasn’t worked for them.

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Via: The Next Web

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