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LG G3 spontaneously catches fire while being charged

LG G3 Fire

A post on Reddit claims that a LG G3 smartphone spontaneously caught fire while being charged on the bed. The device apparently belonged to the poster’s sister and fortunately, she wasn’t around when this incident occurred. The victim has clarified that the device was running on the stock battery and using the original charger as well, so it seems like LG is at fault, although it’s too early to jump to conclusions.

Either way, something like this isn’t supposed to happen on a consumer electronics product, even more so if it’s a smartphone. LG is yet to comment on this incident, but we can expect a word or two from the company very soon.

As you can see from the images below, the phone has left a hole on the mattress, showing the severity of the burn. We’ve come across cases of iPhones and Samsung devices burning, so this isn’t exactly new. But in most of those cases, users were found to be using third party chargers or batteries. Since that’s apparently not the case here, LG will have to take the affected product to its labs and find out what caused this.

LG G3 Fire

Source: Reddit

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