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Google Glass Is Going To The International Space Station

International Space Station

While the next version of Google Glass might be coming soon, that hasn’t stopped many companies from picking up the existing model for use. And now, Glass will be used in space.

Kentucky Space, a research company, will be launching a mission with Google Glass next week, on December 16th. A team from Tufts Center for Regenerative and Developmental Biology (in partnership with Kentucky Space), will be using Google Glass to “analyze the regeneration mechanisms of planarian flatworms in the microgravity environment of space.”

They are also working with Interapt for this project as well. Interapt is one of Google’s “Glass At Work” partners and joined the program this past October. Besides studying flatworms, Glass will also be used for other purposes.

“In addition, as part of this mission Kentucky Space will be testing Google Glass as an augmented reality tool in the preflight integration and post-flight operations. This is part of a process leading to the of utilization Google Glass as a human interface with KS technology and experiments on the ISS in 2015.”

Based on the wording, it sounds like Google Glass will be more of an augmented reality assistant, rather than being used specifically to study the flatworms. This particular project is set to wrap up in mid-January, but Kentucky Space hopes to continue using Glass next year.

Source: Kentucky Space via 9to5Google

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