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Google confirms that the production of the Nexus 5 has stopped

Nexus 5

Just as we realized yesterday that certain models of the Nexus 5 were quietly being removed from the Play Store, Google has now reportedly confirmed that the production of the smartphone has been halted permanently. And although only the Red and White models were removed from the Play Store, an unnamed Google source has apparently mentioned that the Black model will fade away when the existing stocks are depleted.

This could mean that the Nexus 5 could vanish completely from the Play Store in the weeks to come, depending on the stocks Google has in its warehouses. Keeping this in mind, the official urged customers to get the Nexus 5 while they still can. This has come as quite a surprise for us considering that the Nexus 5 is only a little over a year old in the markets.

With the launch of the Nexus 6, it was believed that Google is looking to keep the Nexus 5 in the Play Store as an alternative to the large screen device, but this latest revelation makes it clear that customers will have very limited choice in the future with regards to Nexus smartphones.

Maybe Google can launch a regular sized Nexus phone next year, but it’s a long shot at this point. We must point out that the Black variant of the Nexus 5 is already listed as out of stock in the Play Store, so there’s no word on when or if the device will ever be back in stock again.

Via: TechRadar

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