How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S2 Problems, Errors and Glitches [Part 31]


Hey guys, welcome to the 31st part of our Galaxy S2 troubleshooter series. When I started this series, I never thought it would go this far. I was thinking I would publish less than ten support posts but apparently I was wrong. We are still receiving hundreds of emails each week from S2 owners, so we can’t stop support this device.

That said, we already addressed more than 300 problems or questions regarding this phone and we made an index of all those issues. If your phone has hiccups, visit our Galaxy S2 Troubleshooting page to find out if your issues are among the ones we’ve already addressed in the past. If so, please try the troubleshooting procedures and solutions we provided first and if they don’t work for you, email us at [email protected] and reset assured we will look into it. If you want to be helped through social media, post your concerns on our Facebook or Google+ page.

The following are problems I addressed in this post. Click on a link to jump to the problem:

Galaxy S2 Charges Very Slowly

Problem: Hi, I have a problem with my Samsung Galaxy S2. I’ve had it for about 2 years, and in January 2014 sent it away to get fixed because it had some sort of software bug which seemed to be ruining the battery. It would frequently turn itself off, and the only way to turn it on again was to take the battery out and put it back in again.

I got the phone back after repair, and the battery life has gotten progressively worse since. It couldn’t really last more than a few hours, even with screen brightness turned down, wifi off etc.

Over the last few weeks the phone’s performance has gotten even worse. Things are generally slow and jerky: If I type a word, nothing will appear, then the whole word will appear at once.

I plugged it into Samsung Kies, and it didn’t need a software update, so I bought a brand new battery, and the problems are just as bad. And the phone can’t seem to stay on more than a few hours, and even when plugged in it charges very, very slowly.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas? I’m seriously struggling here! Thanks, Max.

Troubleshooting: Hey Max, your phone is suffering from really serious performance-related problem. Issues like this may be caused by a third-party or pre-installed app. To narrow it down, try to boot the phone in safe mode and observe if it would still randomly turn off. It is imperative you try this procedure because it temporarily disables all third-party apps. If the problem was caused by one of them, then the phone should perform normally in that state.

However, if the device still performs poorly and randomly reboots while in safe mode, then there’s a big chance it’s a firmware issue, or at least, one of the pre-installed apps is causing the problem. There’s no easy way to tell which app or service is the culprit, so I suggest you backup all your data especially those that are saved in your phone’s memory and reset the phone to its factory settings. I assume you haven’t tried this yet since you didn’t mention it.

Galaxy S2 Camera Not Working

Problem: Hi. I have an issue with my camera. It’s doesn’t work, I tried all the alternatives that I fount on the internet. But, my flash doesn’t work as well, I tried to install different app to make my flash work but unsuccessful job. May my camera isn’t working because of the flash?

O cleaned cache. I went to the safe mode and cleaned again. I did a backup, and nothing… My flash and camera still not working. Please, help me. Thanks. Sincerely, Marcelo.

Troubleshooting: The flash has nothing to do with the sensor as it functions independently. The Camera app is what synchronizes the flash with snapping of pictures. If it doesn’t work, then that’s a different problem. I’m sure already did a lot of troubleshooting procedures to fix this problem but have you tried resetting the phone to factory defaults? I understand the procedure is some kind of “general” troubleshooting but we’re actually looking at a possible hardware issue and what we’re trying to accomplish here is to rule out the possibility that it’s just a firmware problem. After the master reset and the problem still persists, then bring the phone to a technician and have it checked.

Galaxy S2 Can’t Receive Picture Messages

Problem: I have a Samsung S2 Skyrocket and it’s just started not receiving photos via text. At least one of the phones texting me a photo is an iphone. Instead of the photo, I receive an icon. The icon is a photo icon with an exclamation point in a triangle. I don’t know what this means.

Suggestion: I think it doesn’t have to do with the fact that the sender uses an iPhone. Instead, it may be because the priority was set too high. Open your messaging app and chance the MMS priority settings from High to Normal. After that, try to send yourself a picture message to know if you can send and receive it. If the problem’s still the same, then call your provider and ask for the correct APN for your device.

Galaxy S2 Stuck On Tracfone Page

Problem: My phone has a new battery and made sure today it is the correct battery. When turned on I get my blue background white lettered “A service of TracFone Wireless, Inc. “ screen and then it phases off and does this over and over or stays on this blue screen and gets very hot. Any clues how I can get beyond this or reset phone?? I am a Straight Talk phone user. Thanks, Brent.

Troubleshooting: We really can’t tell what’s wrong with the phone as we don’t know in the first place why it’s stuck on that page. There’s a few troubleshooting procedures we can try, though. The first thing is to boot the phone in safe mode to see if it can. If the phone boots up successfully, it could be that one of the third-party or Straight Talk apps is causing the problem. Backup your data and perform factory reset via settings.

If the phone cannot boot in safe mode, try booting it in recovery mode. While in recovery, try wiping the cache partition first and then reboot to know if the phone can boot up successfully once all caches are gone. If not, then boot in recovery mode again and master reset the phone. If all else failed, then contact Straight Talk and seek for their advice.

Galaxy S2 Won’t Turn On, Keeps Vibrating

Problem: I have Samsung S2 . I had it for 2 years. Everything was good. One day when I was on call it suddenly switch off. When I try to switch it on it stop working. I then plug a charger to it for battery charging but it is not even charging , besides the phone is keep vibrating when I plug a charger. And most of it when I remove the battery from phone and plug the charger , it also start vibrating. So it is neither charging the battery nor it a turning on but keep vibrating when plug into charger and when battery a inside . Not turning on. Waiting for the best solution.

Related Problem: Hello. I have problem with my Samsung Galaxy S2. It won`t turn on. I tried volume up, power, menu button, but nothing happened. Also I tried volume down, power, menu button, but nothing. Can you help me and sorry for my English.

Troubleshooting: It is an indication that the Power button is stuck and/or damaged. Unfortunately, you cannot examine it without opening the phone and risking the warranty. But if the phone is already out of warranty and you’re confident enough to open it up, then proceed at your own risk. Otherwise, I suggest you let the technician check it for you. Sorry, I cannot provide you with any troubleshooting procedures because I’ve encountered issues like this before and they turned out to be just stuck buttons.

For the other problem, I think there’s not enough battery to power the phone up even in recovery mode. Try charging the phone first. If it won’t charge or won’t show the charging icon, leave it plugged in for 30 minutes and attempt to turn it on again. If still nothing, then have the phone checked by a technician as it could be a more serious hardware issue.

Galaxy S2 Shuts Off While In Use

Problem: Hi there! just came across your articles and browsing through to see if anything might help my issue. Yesterday my phone started shutting off randomly, during a call, or just sitting there plugged up to the charger after a facebook ding would come in… unplug from the charger and it shuts off too. the first five or so times Id just reboot, and it would come back up, refresh, all would seem good and Id actually be able to talk on it for about 5 minutes then it would cut off again. When it cuts off and its plugged into the charger(switched to wall charger) the green battery charge light comes on and its nearly 90 percent, then when I press the side button to reboot, the battery logo shows empty, then when I press it again it shows full. Sometimes it will come on, then restart 5 mins later, sometimes it just has the Samsung words on the screen glowing a little then just holds like that and I have to manually reset. Any ideas? Thanks! — Ralena

Troubleshooting: Ralena, it sounds like the battery needs replacement. The phone may indicate the battery’s full but in fact there’s not enough power to sustain the phones components and its processes. The troubleshooting should begin with a new or different battery. If you know someone who has the same phone, try borrowing the battery to put it on your phone. Otherwise, you’re obliged to buy a new one just to have a shot in fixing this problem.

Another thing I want you to try is soft reset:

  1. While the phone is on, remove the back cover and pull the battery out.
  2. Press and hold the Power key for a minute.
  3. Place the battery back in and the back cover.
  4. Turn the phone on.

Galaxy S2 Keeps Speaking About Notifications

Problem: My moms phone keeps notifying (speaking) to her when she gets a text or a call, because it is quite annoying. Please help. Thanks. — Dana

Solution: Hey Dana, it’s the Voice Talk talking. Unfortunately, there’s no way to get rid of it so the workaround here is to turn off the Driving Mode.

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
  2. Scroll to the right and touch Settings.
  3. Select Voice input and output.
  4. Choose Text-to-speech.
  5. Uncheck Driving mode.

Galaxy S2 Stuck On Download MMS

Problem: Hi! I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 and I cant receive multimedia messages by text message. Every time I press “download” it says “downloading” and never ends up downloading. I’m not sure why this is or how to fix it, is there a way to fix this?

Troubleshooting: First off, enable mobile data because it is necessary to be able to send and receive picture messages or MMS.

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
  2. Scroll to the right and touch Settings.
  3. Tap Data usage.
  4. Tap the toggle switch next to Mobile data to turn it on.

If it’s already on, then try turning on packet data:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
  2. Scroll to the right and touch Settings.
  3. Tap More…
  4. Scroll down and tap Mobile networks.
  5. Check Use packet data.

Try to send a picture message to your own number to verify if you can send and receive MMS. If still not, then call your provider and ask for correct APN settings for your phone.

Galaxy S2 Stuck On Boot Loop

Problem: Hello, I found your site by looking for a workaround for my phone’s problem. I’ve a Samsung Galaxy S2 that’s in a reboot loop. If I access into the Recovery Mode the following message appears:

Successfully applied multi-CSC

E:Error in /data/log/recovery_log.txt

(No space left on the device)

I tried to Wipe cache partition: Cache wipe complete. Before applying the wipe data/factory reset (and loosing some data), is there any other thing to try? Thanks in advance. Regards, Javier.

Suggestion: Yes, there is. Try booting in safe mode and backup all your data, then proceed with master reset. Apparently, there’s nothing much we can do to fix the problem because as what the phone said “No space left on the device.” So, what you need to do is make your important data safe and wipe the phone’s storage and reset it to factory defaults via recovery mode.

Dropped Galaxy S2 Won’t Turn On

Problem: Hi i stumbled upon your website while searching for solution about my phone. So i was wondering if you guys can help me out with it. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE. And I’ve dropped it a couple of times before, and nothing major really happened (but I’m guessing it was because it had a rubber casing).

But last Monday, (i’ve already changed the casing into a plastic one) I dropped it while walking and it was still fine. But then i dropped it a second time, and i mind it at all, i could still use my phone with emails and stuff, but when closed it(cuz i wasn’t using it)(lock screen) and tried opening it again it wouldn’t work anymore. I tried restarting it, hoping that it would work, but all i got was the Samsung logo appearing and then after that is just a black screen. And it would always have these constant vibrations after 1 second.

I don’t know what to do, I already went to get it fixed(not in the main Samsung branch) but they said it was already an old model. So they didn’t have any parts. I actually lost hope, but I found your website. Hopefully there is still hope for my phone? — Chelsea

Suggestion: It’s Samsung’s way of saying “Hey, your phone is old and broken. Why don’t you buy a new one?” But you know what, your description is suggesting the problem may be just a stuck Power button. If Samsung techs couldn’t fix their “old” phone, then go to any local mobile phone techs. If I’m correct with my suspicion that it’s just a stuck power button, then it can easily be solved because even if it’s still damaged, Galaxy S2 uses a universal power switch, which can be bought at a very cheap price. But there’s no certainty about my statement because I haven’t physically checked your phone.

Galaxy S2 Turns On But Immediately Turns Off

Problem: My Galaxy S2 is acting weird…it turns on then it vibrates then it like goes dark and goes to the screen where it says Samsung Galaxy S2 then turns off again…what do you think it might be? My family was thinking it is the battery. — Brookee

Troubleshooting: Hey Brookee. If it were a battery issue, the phone would simply turn off without vibrating. I think the problem is with the Power button–it’s either stuck or totally damaged. I suggest you remove the battery first and then press the Power button many times. If it were just stuck, pressing it multiple times may loosen it and eventually fix the problem. But if it persists, then have a tech take a look at it.

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  1. My galaxy S2 only turns on the blue light up in the top right corner…That’s it basically just the blue light in the corner. No vibration, no boot screen or lock screen. Oh and the beautiful black blank screen. (This could be my problem) I had recently bought a battery wall charger where you just put it in there. I have been using that for quite a while and i tried to turn it on and all I got was the Blue light in the top right corner.

  2. I have a Galaxy SII that seems to function normally but vibrates steadily when the battery is installed until it is removed

  3. Ok i have a samsung tracefone wireless and my phone keeps cutting off everytime like when i press an app its froze on me or either its say unfortunalty and apps has stopped and cut off so what can i do.

  4. what do I do when my sansung phone keeps putting the android download don’t turn off off there, when my phone is turned off, I have to always take out the battery.

  5. Hi, I have a Samsung S2 LTE, when I turn on the cellphone it attempts to load the system and a few minutes later the cellphone shut down but never turn off, so I have to take off the battery. Is there any way to access the internal memory to recover photos and data? Thanks in advance.

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