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Carrier branded Galaxy Note 4 will not work with the Gear VR without a software patch

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung introduced the Gear VR wearable a couple of days ago with an asking price of $200. This head mounted virtual reality headset was also launched by AT&T simultaneously through its online store. However, Samsung and AT&T seem to have completely overlooked one major problem – the device won’t work on carrier branded Galaxy Note 4 units without a software patch.

The Gear VR is already quite limited in its approach as far as compatible devices are concerned and this makes it even tougher for Samsung to sell the device in the U.S. At this point, we’re not sure if unlocked models of the Galaxy Note 4 carry this update, so you might be better off waiting to get Samsung’s latest wearable.

Gear VR Note 4

We can’t blame Samsung here as it has clearly mentioned this particular limitation in the product page. But at the same time, the company didn’t make it obvious to potential customers that it won’t work without an update to the carrier branded Galaxy Note 4. If you’ve already purchased the Gear VR and are seeing the aforementioned error message, make sure you let us know.

Via: Android Central

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