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Android M to bring deeper Android functionality to your car: Report

Android Auto - Android M

According to a report from Reuters, Google is lobbying car makers to bring a new specialized version of Android directly to vehicles. This will differ from Android Auto in that it will completely replace the stock operating system running on the car. Manufacturers like BMW and Ford have their own customized operating systems and it seems like Google is trying to replace that with this new offering.

While it’s impractical to expect car manufacturers to completely ditch their own OS which has probably taken a lot of effort and research to develop, it goes without saying that some manufacturers will be keen to give Google a try.

It is also likely that these units will come with built in cellular support to decrease reliance on mobile devices. It is said that Google plans to bring this to cars sometime in 2015. Android Auto is expected to launch around the same time, but considering that it’s a companion service, the arrival of Android M shouldn’t clash with it. What do you think of having Android run by default on your car?

Source: Reuters

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