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Amazon to bring more Fire Phones in the future

Amazon Fire Phone

It’s no secret that the Amazon Fire Phone is a massive failure for the company. So much so, that the company had to slash the off contract pricing by $450 to move units of the device. But despite the failure of the smartphone, the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos is still hopeful for a future in the smartphone industry.

He looked back at the company’s own history and mentioned the importance of experimenting in the field in order to succeed and come out on top. However, we’re not sure how long Amazon can experiment with a device like the Fire Phone.

Bezos reportedly hinted that it will take at least a few more models of the Fire Phone to better understand what the consumers need. But if the first generation model is anything to go by, Amazon will have to change quite a few things to have some impact on the industry. While the smartphone’s pricing could have been holding it back a little, the lack of a “true” Android experience on the device has certainly hurt Amazon’s cause.

Due to its reliance on Amazon’s own services rather than Google Play services which is a widely approved standard for Android, the Fire Phone was targeted specifically towards the Amazon consumer base. We hope Amazon recognizes these shortcomings and rectifies them accordingly.

What would you like to see changed with future iterations of the Fire Phone? Let us know below.

Source: Re/Code

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