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Alcatel One Touch could bring Palm smartphones to the market again

Palm webOS

According to entries made on the USPTO website, trademarks for Palm have been transferred to a company called Wide Progress Global Limited. While this usually won’t make for exciting news, the fact that the VP of this company is also the President of Alcatel One Touch Americas and Pacific, makes for some interesting speculation. This coupled by the fact that has the phrase “Smart Move” mentioned (which is the slogan used by Alcatel One Touch), it’s pretty obvious what we’re looking at here.

Given the evidence on offer, it won’t be far fetched to assume that Alcatel One Touch will soon launch Palm branded smartphones in the market, possibly with even webOS on board. But we’re not too firm on this given that the reins of webOS have been handed over to Korean manufacturer LG.

All that’s left now is for Alcatel to make the announcement and save us the trouble of speculating further. Could there be an Android powered Palm device? Or will this see the rebirth of Palm with webOS? What do you think?

Source: USPTO

Via: Android Central

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