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6 reasons why the Moto X is the best gift this holiday season

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The Moto X was released in last August, and I finally got my hands on one this past February. And no way was I getting the classic black or white, with the phenomenal design tools they offer for you to create your own. Since February, I have fallen in love with this phone! I can’t think of a better gift this Christmas season for your techno-savvy friends and family. Here’s six reasons why.

1. The amazing custom-designing capablilties

On, you can create your own phone, personalized for your business, personal, and gifting technology needs.


You can tailor the colors to mimic your favorite sports teams, charities, or personal preferences. For example, you can pick out some crazy combination like pink and silver or turquoise and black!  For the classy one in the family, you can also choose from a variety of amazing wood and leather backs. This, of course, adds to the price a little more than the regular design options, but well worth the small increase, in my opinion.

The customization does not end there, though! You can choose to grab a clear-back case to show off your design to the world, and you can choose your memory between the standard 16 GB or 32 GB. To top it all off, you can get it engraved–with no extra charge–for that special someone, and create a phrase to pop up whenever the recipient powers up their phone. However, just be careful in your spelling, because as far as I know, there is no possible way to change it on your own.

Do not tell me I am the only one who gets a gift for someone else and then ends up getting one for me. This is perfect for that! With this diverse set of design tools, your recipient will be none the wiser.

2. Gorilla Glass

Let me start out by being honest and saying that, folks, I have eaten the cookies and have drank the koolaid on both sides: Apple and Android. I’m not against cases like the OtterBox, but I never seem to have one in use when I drop my phone. I cannot even tell you how many times I dropped my Apple device, but without fail, each time, the screen shattered and cracked into 5,000 little pieces. They may be all the rage. They may be the “best gift of the year.” They may be exactly what your twelve-year-old has been begging you for over the past year, but they are not worth it.

My Moto X has slipped from my fingers far more than I care to admit, and not on carpeted flooring. Never once has the screen cracked, and even the color-coated backing has no blatantly noticeable scratches. The Moto X is durable! If your wife is in need of a phone that she will feel safe with the 3-year-old playing on, or if you’re just looking for a heavy-duty phone for yourself, look no further. Whether you are out plowing a field in Alabama, managing a business from the towers of New York City, or trying to get your little one to sit still for more than twenty seconds, your Moto X is going to make it out alive without more than a scratch.

3. The Camera


We all have that one friend who is obsessed with taking food pictures, selfies, and not losing a single memory by fail of not pulling out the camera. I was blown away with the camera features when I received my Moto X. This phone is perfect for family life and famous Instagrammers alike. Let me tell you why.

  • The flip-to-camera technology.

You’re at the ballet recital and the room is dark. The stage is lit. Your daughter is about to gracefully fly through the air, and your camera is taking forever to boot up. Moto X in hand, flip your wrist twice, and it’s ready for memory-capturing action. This camera removes the hurdle standing between memories and capturing them. In a matter of two seconds, you twist your wrist, tap the screen, and you’ve captured the ballet recital to send to all your friends and family who weren’t able to be there. If you’re gifting yourself a Moto X for Christmas, your parents in Florida won’t have to miss their grandkids’ joy of ripping open their gifts.

  • Tap the screen anywhere.

I cannot stand it when I have my phone in the perfect position and then I can’t reach the dang button. Tap your finger anywhere on this screen, and your moment is captured. Like I said, it eats up the time between the memories and capturing them.

  • HDR, Flash, Touch Control & Exposure, HD & SloMo Video, Panoramic, Timer, and Location, all at your fingertips.


This wheel? It spins. And whatever you tap on, it explains to you how it works. Never heard of HDR in your entire life? It’ll tell you. The Moto X makes getting adapted to a new phone an absolute breeze with tutorials for everything, which makes it perfect for gifting. I’ll never forget the time I got my great-grandpa to play Angry Birds on my phone. Talk about memories! Maybe you want to introduce your grandpa to new technology this holiday season. If so, this is the phone for him! It doesn’t get easier than this.

4. The perfect stocking stuffer

I received my Moto X around Valentines day. So what did they send me along with my customized product? A valentine!


How awesome is that?!



The box is the perfect size for a stocking, and it’s super festive. I haven’t received a device with better presentation. Everything you or the gift recipient needs is tucked into this adorable little box, ready for them to explore.

5. Active Display

I think I said it before, but I’ll say it again. This phone is family-friendly. I’m an introvert. I don’t like feeling over-connected, but I like to have my notes, photos, and reminders all organized in one spot on my phone. I like to have time for my family without notification’s constantly beeping at me. The active display allows me to simply pick up my phone, without touching a button, and it shows me the time before fading away again. Any notifications will pop up under the time, so if it’s not the someone-texted-me icon, I know it’s not important right now. No one’s dying, so checking my Facebook isn’t necessary. This phone is perfect for your teenager, grandpa, friend, or yourself because it just works for anyone. It’s easy to use at school or when you’re making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. When you’re giving a presentation at work or having a business lunch. Visiting Disney World or at your brother’s wedding, this phone will help you focus on the more important things in life.

6. Motorola Assist


Again, this phone aids you in putting away the distractions.

  • I absolutely love the built-in Assist app.

    • Assist Sleeping: Set up a group of hours at night where you will be entirely unbothered by notifications while you sleep.

    • Assist Driving: Your phone will detect when you’re in the car. If you get a text or a call, it will read it aloud or put it on speaker. That way, you have hands-free voice control to eliminate the problem of texting while driving (this is great for new drivers). You also have the option here to play music whenever you are in the car.

    • Assist Meeting: You can set up a down-time for work or meetings. This is great for me, because no one can get ahold of me at work except for a select couple of numbers–and they have to call twice in a matter of five minutes in order for my phone to ring. I’m free from distractions at work, but If it’s a life-or-death situation, my Moto X will make sure people can get ahold of me.

    • My favorite one. Assist Home: Set up hours at home, for holidays, Birthdays, or simply for daily family time. Your phone will leave you to relax while you sit back and enjoy life with those you love.

If you’re planning on gifting a Moto X this Christmas, I have a few handy tips for you!

  • Gift it with a Google Play gift card. It doesn’t have to be big. $10 will do. It shows that even though you spent a decent amount of money on them already, you still cared about giving them a great start with their Moto X.

  • Grab a case. Again, you spent some money on them already, but offer a couple of things to go the extra mile. If you’re buying them a Moto X, they must be worth it!

  • Wrap it up. Some like to just give things to people… but anticipation is key! I recommend the “Binary” wrapping paper from ThinkGeek.

  • Engrave it. There’s no extra charge to engrave a personal message or monogram on the back of your Moto X. Take advantage of that! Nothing’s better than someone completely customized for your recipient.

Where can you find the Moto X?

Ideally, the best place to pickup Motorola’s Moto X is straight from the MotoMaker website, There, you will be able to customize your Moto X in anyway you want. In buying it from somewhere else, you will usually end up with a pre-designed Moto X, and most of the time these are your standard white and black colors. However, most other retailers offer deals on the Moto X, whereas you won’t find them as often directly from Motorola. So, for started, you can grab it straight from the MotoMaker website for $99, on a new two year contract, and that does not include taxes or shipping costs.

If you’re looking to get a real steal on the Moto X, and do not mind missing out on all of the different customization options, there are some sweet deals out on the Internet, starting with Amazon. On an all new two year contract with AT&T, you can get the new and revised version of the Moto X that just recently launched for a mere penny. You can check it out here.

If you would rather stick with the first generation, you can get a similar deal on Amazon, but only through Verizon. A mere cent will get you a first generation Motorola Moto X through Verizon on a new two year contract–you can check out that deal here. This deal is only for black and white versions of the smartphone–Amazon does not have any other customization options available, unfortunately.

Another great place to keep an eye out is While smartphones are not always available from them, they change up their selection every few days or so. Chances are, you will be able to find one of Motorola’s Moto X’s there off-contract on the cheap.


And that wraps up our top six reasons on why the Moto X is the perfect gift for that special person in your life this holiday season! The Motorola Moto X is a wonderful device, and whether you get the first or second generation, you or the recipient of such a gift will love what they have in their hands! Of course, if you cannot afford a Moto X, Motorola has a lot of cheaper options available, such as the Moto G. Just keep an eye out on The Droid Guy, as we will have plenty of posts on discounts and deals on all sorts of smartphones this holiday season!

I hope I helped to persuade you in gifting a Moto X this year, for a friend or for yourself. You won’t regret it! Do you have a Motorola Moto X? Is it the first or second generation model? If you have one, be sure to tell us all about it in the comments below. In fact, we would love to hear your favorite feature on the device. Let us know!

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