Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Problems, Errors, Questions and Solutions [Part 2]

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Hey guys, welcome to the second part of our troubleshooter series for Verizon Galaxy Note 3. I addressed a few problems in this post and answered questions and errors. Feel free to skim through the page to find out if I’ve included your concern. This post is apparently intended for Verizon subscribers but it doesn’t mean that the troubleshooting procedures or solutions I cited here won’t work with other models of Note 3. So, even if you’re not under VZW’s network as long as you have a Note 3, you can try these fixes.

For our readers whose problems aren’t included here, don’t worry as we already addressed hundreds of Note 3 problems, glitches, and errors. I suggest you visit our Galaxy Note 3 Troubleshooting page as we’ve made an indexed of the concerns we already addressed in the past. Or, you can just drop us an email at [email protected] and we may include your email in our posts in the future. We also have our Facebook wall and Google+ page that we use to help our readers, feel free to post your concerns there, too.

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  1. Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Can’t Send / Receive MMS
  2. Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Charges Slow Or Not At All
  3. Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Settings Has Stopped
  4. Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Randomly Freezes
  5. Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Turns Off And Doesn’t Restart
  6. Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Can’t Be Recognized By PC
  7. Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Slow Data Speed Question
  8. Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Can’t Download Apps
  9. Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Gallery Has Stopped
  10. Facebook App Crashed On Verizon Galaxy Note 3

Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Can’t Send / Receive MMS

Problem: Hi Harold. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and I get my service from Verizon Wireless. Everything is working in my phone except sending and receiving picture messages. Text messaging works without any problems, I can make outgoing calls and take incoming ones, the internet is perfectly fast the way I like it but pictures just won’t go through. What is the problem with my phone? Do you have any idea how to make it transmit and receive pictures sent through text messaging? Thanks in advance! I enjoyed reading your posts about Note 3. — Jasmen

Related Problem: I bought a phone off Amazon and about 3 days ago I activated it on Verizon. After just a few hours I was able to use the phone core functions like phone calls and text messaging. I have a WiFi at home so I didn’t bother signing up for unlimited data plan, although I have consumable data per billing cycle. Anyway, one feature that I haven’t made to work is the MMS. I sure know how to use my phone but I just can’t understand how MMS works. I mean, I know how to send one but it’s not sending and I asked my daughter to send me a picture through text and it didn’t go through. So, something’s not right with my phone. Can you help? Tried calling Verizon already but I have been on the line for more than 10 minutes already and haven’t got a live representative. So, I’m thinking may be you guys can help me out. Thanks a lot. — Tom

Solution: Jasmen and Jerry, during activation, your phone should have already been set to work seamlessly with Verizon network. In fact, you guys can now use the company’s text and call services, which means the phones are now connected to the network. One thing you should know about sending/receiving picture messages or MMS is that, it uses mobile data.

That said, the first thing you should verify is whether mobile data is on while you were trying to send or receive MMS messages. Now, if it was already turned on and the phone still refuses to transmit text messages with attached pictures, then you need to set the phone to be to connect to mobile data that allows MMS. What you need is the correct APN from your provider. While there are information online that may give you the correct APN, I recommend you call Verizon and ask for it to be sure.

Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Charges Slow Or Not At All

Problem: Hi guys, I want to say thanks first for offering this service. I’m sure you can help millions of people by doing this. I have a problem with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and I hope you guys can help me or, at least, shed some light to what the problem is because I couldn’t figure out what it is. The problem is that the phone charges very slowly and overnight charging cannot fully-charge the battery. Before, I would only have to plug the phone in to charge for a couple of hours and it’s full. Do I have to change the battery? Or, does my phone have a more serious issue? Hoping for your response on this. By the way, my provider is Verizon if that matters. — Simon

Related Problem: I found your post via Drippler. Nice app, by the way! Guys, I got a minor problem with my phone…well, I hope it’s minor. My Galaxy Note 3 is a little over 1 year old. It’s doing tasks I wanted it to do just fine but the problem is it doesn’t charge as fast as before and there are times when it just won’t at all. Verizon reps advised me to do factory reset but I haven’t done it yet cause I have a lot of important data in my phone. I’m also hoping you can provide a solution for my problem. — Ben

Troubleshooting: Simon and Ben, charging problems are among the complicated issues any smartphone owners may face sooner or later. It is difficult to know where the problem is if proper troubleshooting isn’t performed. But basically, there are three things you need to check and one of them is the possible culprit. Please follow the simple troubleshooting guide I prepared for you two:

  1. Boot the phone in safe mode and plug the charger in. In safe mode, all third-party apps and services are temporarily disabled. With pre-installed apps and core functions running, the phone should be able to charge properly (and even faster) provided that the cause of the problem was app- or firmware-related. Booting in safe mode is more than enough to determine if the phone could charge faster but to even quicken the charging process, enable Flight Mode so that all wireless connectivity functions are also disabled. I know you already have an idea how quick the phone can charge so compare that with the current charging pace. If the phone charges quicker in this state, so it’s apparently an issue with third-party apps. If you’ve noticed that the screen turns on randomly without your intervention, wakelocks may also be the cause of the battery drain. Download and install Wakelock Detector from the Play Store.
  2. Make sure the charger is functioning well. In case the phone still charges slow or doesn’t charge at all in safe mode, then turn your eyes on your charger. If you have access to a new charger, then use it just to find out if the phone charges faster. It is necessary you try this procedure to rule out the possibility that it is indeed a charger issue.
  3. Check the battery to see if it can still hold a charge. The battery is among the components that would deteriorate over time. The easiest way to rule out the possibility of a damaged battery is to try a new one. You may borrow from someone who also have a Note 3 or you can buy a spare, although I strongly suggest you just borrow because there’s no guarantee buying a new one would solve the problem. Of course, if the phone charges fine with a new battery, then you already know what the problem and solution is.
  4. Have the phone fixed by an authorized technician. If it’s neither the charger nor the battery that has a problem, there is a big chance it’s the USB charging port. It is a component that bridges electricity from the charger to the battery and from the battery to the motherboard. Of course, further checking will be done by the technician so the problem will eventually be found.

Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Settings Has Stopped

Problem: Hi guys, I have a problem with my Galaxy Note 3. It’s a Verizon model and it has been working fine for more than a year until two days ago when it started popping up the error message “Unfortunately, Settings has stopped.” All I know is that there was an update about 4 days ago and I have no choice but to download it. After that, the phone started to act crazy like it hangs and freezes randomly. It also became very slow that opening the Messaging app would take more than 5 seconds. Of course, heavy apps like games would take longer than that… way longer. Already called Verizon tech support and they advised me to master reset my phone, which I am planning to do on the weekend. But since I found your email online while researching on this problem, I tried emailing you to see what you have to say about it. Thanks in advance. — KC

Related Problem: Hello. My phone is Galaxy Note 3 and it’s barely six months old. Bought it brand new but starting last week, the phone has become really slow. There are times when it freezes and won’t respond anymore and all I have to do is pull the battery out to turn it off then place it back in and turn it on. It will work for several minutes but then an error message will pop up saying, “Unfortunately, Settings has stopped” and the only option is to touch OK. What’s the cause of this error and how do I fix it? Thanks! — Carla

Potential Solution: Settings is a service that handles all settings in your phone including those for third-party apps. If this service crashes, it may be caused by one of the third-party apps that gone rogue, some caches or data may have been corrupted due to recent update or a plain firmware issue that caused other functions to crash. There could be a whole lot of other reasons why Settings would crash so there’s no way you can pinpoint the cause and fix it right on. But by isolating the problem, you will have a good chance you can solve the problem.

Boot the phone in safe mode and observe if the error still pops up and the phone slows down. If so, the problem isn’t with the third-party apps but with pre-installed ones or the firmware itself. You need to boot in recovery mode and wipe the cache partition–this procedure usually solves this problem.

If, however, the phone performs normally in safe mode and the error message didn’t pop up, you need to find the third-party app that has rogue.

Now, in case you have a lot of apps you don’t know which one causes the problem, or if wiping the cache partition didn’t fix the problem, then it’s time you performed factory reset via recovery mode. Reset is kind of general troubleshooting procedure but it covers almost everything in your phone and fixes almost any problems that may arise, so it’s worth the hassle of backing up your data, contacts, messages, etc.

Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Randomly Freezes

Problem: I signed up with Verizon and I got the Galaxy Note 3 for a phone. It’s a pretty good phone, way better than my old one but I noticed that at times while I’m using it, the screen would freeze and won’t respond to my touches. Either it will become active again or I would have to pull the battery out and replace it before I can use it again. I’m not sure what the cause is because there wasn’t any unusual activity that I know of that may have triggered it. But as far as I know, it started about a week or so. By then, the phone would freeze once or twice a day now it will freeze up to five times and it’s random. I cannot predict when it will happen again. So guys, I really need your help. Going to a Verizon store is something I cannot do for now because I’m kinda busy, really busy. Any suggestion or solution will surely be appreciated. Thanks in advance, guys! — Jermaine

Related Problem: Hi, you guys are doing great! You already solved two of the problems I had with my phone in the past but I’m emailing to you again because I have a problem that I can’t figure out what the cause is. Randomly, my phone freezes or hangs and will not respond to touch commands. When this happens, the phone heat up like crazy to the point that it will become uncomfortable to touch. What I will do is to remove the battery, let it cool down for several minutes and put the battery back in then turn the phone on again. Can you guys please tell me how to fix this problem? — Blake

Troubleshooting: Freezing problems can be caused by third-party applications and there is a whole lot of reasons why so let’s not delve into that. Rather, let’s try to isolate the problem immediate. Boot the phone in safe mode just to disable all third parties leaving only the necessary functions and pre-installed apps to use the phone’s CPU and RAM.

While in safe mode, closely monitor the performance of the phone to know whether it would still freeze or hang. If one of the third-party apps is causing the problem, then the phone should not freeze while in that state. You must find this app and just uninstall or disable it. However, if it still does it, then it means that either one of the core functions or pre-installed apps is causing the problem. In this case, it is necessary to proceed with factory reset. Don’t forget to backup all your data first.

Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Turns Off And Doesn’t Restart

Problem: Hey guys, if you have addressed my problem before, please point me to the page. If not, well, here it is; my phone, which is a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 under Verizon, just turned off this morning and won’t restart. It won’t even charge when I plug it in. It didn’t heat up and I was try to send a text message when it happened. I take care of my phone, which means it has never made contact with any liquid, it never fell and I didn’t install any games on it just useful apps that I use everyday. What could be the problem with it? What should I do? — Carol

Related Problem: My Note 3 just turned off all of the sudden and won’t power back on when I hit the power button. I have no idea what really happened because the phone is just 7 months old and was functioning fine when it shut down. This is the first time this problem happened so I’m quite stunned right now thinking what’s wrong with it. Please, if you know how to fix this, send me the solution. Thanks. — Melissa

Troubleshooting: The primary suspect should be the battery. Why? It’s the source of power, so that’s the first thing you should check. Remove the back cover and pull the battery out and spin it (check both sides) on a level surface to see if it has developed some kind of a bump or any deformities. If the battery spins several times, then it has a bump. You MUST not continue using it because it may explore or heat up when you charge it.

If the battery won’t spin, then check for liquid that may come from the inside. If the battery swell, BUY a new one immediately. The next thing you should check are the contacts–they must be complete and clean. Once you’re sure there’s nothing wrong with the battery (at least, physically), push it back in tightly. Now, try to check if it’s kind of loose because if it is, insert a small piece of paper so that it will be pushed towards the connector of the phone. If the battery is properly tact in already, attempt to turn the phone back on. In case it won’t respond, plug the charger and see if the usual charging icon appears or if the LED notification shows red light. If it won’t charge, then it’s time you use a different battery. I suggest you borrow from someone who has the same phone as you because there’s no guarantee it’s the problem.

Of course, if you phone turns on with a different battery, then you know what the problem is and what to do about it. But if it still refused to turn on, then have the technician take a look at it or bring it to a Verizon store and have your provider’s tech check on it as it is apparently a hardware issue.

Helpful Post: How To Troubleshoot / Fix A Galaxy Note 3 That Won’t Turn On [Troubleshooting Guide]

Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Can’t Be Recognized By PC

Problem: Hello. My name is Renee and I’m a teacher by profession so I’m not really a tech person. I’m contacting regarding my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which my new laptop computer (Dell) can’t recognize. I just got my laptop last week so I’m not really sure what the problem is. I still have my old laptop with me and every time I connect my phone to it, it immediately detects it and I can transfer files to and fro without any issues. If you could help me with it, I will be very grateful to your kindness. Thanks a lot! — Renee

Solution: Hi Renee, I’m not sure what operating system your computer runs but I’m sure it’s all about the drivers. Drivers and small programs you install on your PC so that third-party devices, like your phone, can be recognized when you connect them via a USB port. Samsung made it very easy for its consumers to download drivers for their devices so you can just log on to and search for “note 3 drivers” and I’m sure you will be brought to the appropriate page. But I suggest, you download Samsung KIES and install it on your PC. It brings with it all necessary drivers for your phone and you can use the software to backup all your data without a hassle. This is the most recommended procedure for non-techie users. In other words, it will make your life easier than finding the right driver for your computer’s OS and phone.

Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Slow Data Speed Question

Question: Hi droid guy, my problem is minor but I just can’t understand why it happens. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and everything is working fine with it. I can browse the web, send / receive text messages and calls, emails are working, streaming videos is never better. The problem is the month is about to end, my connection turns very slow that streaming videos from YouTube will result to buffers. The first two weeks, however, is good and the connection is fast. Why is this happening to my phone. I already called Verizon about this and we did troubleshooting with my internet connection as well as my phone and I already did factory reset four times before I emailed and still the same. Can you shed light to this mystery? I don’t know what to do anymore. Help please. — Marco

Answer: Hey Marco. It seems like your internet connection or data usage is capped. Meaning, your provider may have set a limit that when you go beyond that threshold, your internet speed will be throttled down. This is very common to providers that offer unlimited plans. Sure, your plan is unlimited and you can still use the internet even after you’ve gone beyond the cap, however, you will be enjoying the same speed. Please call your provider again and instead of complaining about slow browsing issues with your phone, ask if you’ve reach the cap for your data usage. Why? Because if you told the rep you’re experiencing slow browsing issues, they will be required to do basic troubleshooting before exhausting other procedures that might fix the issue. If I’m right about my suspicion that your account is capped, then there’s no troubleshooting procedure that could fix the issue. You will have to wait until your current billing cycle ends.

That’s what I can see based on your description but please double check it with Verizon. I am certain it’s not an issue with your phone because it has fast internet connectivity during the first two weeks of the month…and you mentioned you always stream videos. That might be the reason why your connection is throttled two weeks before the billing cycle ends.

Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Can’t Download Apps

Error: Hello. My phone is Note 3 and recently, I keep getting an error while trying to download an app from the Play Store. The error says that the app I’m trying to install cannot be download and it’s giving error 403. How do I fix this problem?

Solution: No you can’t! The problem is with Google’s servers and while there are a lot of people or users who are suggestion different procedures online, they won’t work. The best thing to do is wait it out as it will be fixed soon. I encountered this problem back in February and it was fixed after 12 hours…others said theirs was fixed after a day or two.

Error 2: Hi. Just today I keep getting the error 921 when I’m trying to download an app from the Play Store. What is the cause of this and how can I fix it?

Solution: It’s a cache problem and you can fix it by going to Application Manager under Settings, find Play Store and tap the Clear Cache button. That should do it. It’s not necessary to tap Clear Data or Uninstall Updates button…just the cache.

Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Gallery Has Stopped

Error: How are you guys? Please help me with my problem. Every time I take a picture, the error message will pop up “Unfortunately, Gallery has stopped” and the only button I could hit is the OK button. Also, when I open the gallery, the many of my pictures cannot be found. Do you know what the problem is? My phone is a Note 3 and I’m with Verizon. I haven’t called tech support yet. — Mary

Solution: Hello Mary. Are the missing pictures saved in the microSD card? It seems like the Gallery app is functioning just fine based on your description. It’s your microSD card that may have a problem. I believe your phone is set to save pictures taken by the Camera app to the microSD card and since the phone cannot access it, the Gallery, which manages all pictures, cannot save the picture and thus will result to an error. I suggest you unmount the microSD card, let your computer or laptop read it and salvage all data saved in it if you can. However, if the computer prompts right on that the card needs to be formatted, there’s a very slim chance you can recover the data saved in it.

But let’s say the computer can read the card and you’ve copied everything already, reformat the microSD card using FAT32 format. Mount it back on your phone and I’m almost certain the phone can read it. But I warn you, when the microSD card starts to fail, it’s a sign it’s about to get damaged.

Facebook App Crashed On Verizon Galaxy Note 3

Error: Hi. My problem happened today. I have a Note 3 and this morning it popped up and error message saying “Unfortunately, Facebook has stopped.” It happened when I tried to post a status or respond to comments on my wall. My phone is just a couple of months old but I’ve already received tons of error messages. How to fix this?

Solution: It’s apparently a Facebook app issue. Try clearing the cache and data first as this procedure often fixes problems related to app crashes and freezes. If it doesn’t work, well, uninstall Facebook and download a fresh copy from Play Store and install it. That works every time but in case it doesn’t, it’s your firmware that may have a problem. I don’t know what because there isn’t much details but factory reset may fix it for you.

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