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T-Mobile to launch LTE Nexus 9 in early December

Nexus 9 Colors

With T-Mobile bringing the Nexus 6 today, the carrier also announced plans to launch the 4G LTE model of the HTC Nexus 9. According to a statement issued by the carrier, the tablet will be launched sometime in early December with no specific details provided. The pricing for the tablet has been set at $24.99 per month for a period of two years with $0 down payment.

The LTE model is absent from the Google Play Store as only the WiFi models are available for sale at this point. We can expect other carriers like Verizon, AT&T and Sprint to announce availability of the tablet sometime soon. While the time frame of early December is very vague, we’re bound to believe that the Nexus 9 will hit T-Mobile stores by the first or second week of December.

Since the tablet doesn’t suffer from supply issues like the Nexus 6 did, launching the device on time should not be a problem for the carrier. Would you be willing to pick up the Nexus 9 from T-Mobile this December?

Source: T-Mobile

Via: Droid Life

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