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T-Mobile clarifies that its Nexus 6 is free from bloatware and carrier branding

Nexus 6

AT&T received a lot of flak from its customers for having branded its Nexus 6 with a variety of customizations ranging from logos on the device to bloatware apps. And T-Mobile has decided to make full use of this particular disadvantage by posting a detailed statement on Google+ explaining how their variant of the Nexus 6 comes with no such painful additions.

T-Mobile’s trusted official and senior product manager, Des Smith had the following to say –

No Corporate Logo, No Bloatware, no crap you don’t want on the #Nexus6 from+T-Mobile​:

That’s Un-carrier – listening to our customers and giving them what they want, not sticking a stupid corporate logo and a bunch of crap software I know you guys don’t want on your #Nexus device.

We know you guys buy a #Nexus6 to avoid that kind of thing!

Google did want to highlight the Virtual Preload (VPL) capabilities on Lollipop, so we made MyAccount available if you want it… But you can totally delete it. That’s what we do.

Hope you like what we’ve chosen to do there (or more importantly, what we’ve chosen not to do).

T-Mobile has long marketed itself as a customer friendly network and this new revelation only cements its position further. It will be interesting to say what the likes of Sprint and Verizon have to say in this regard.

Source: Des Smith – Google+

Via: Phandroid

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