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Sony Xperia L gets its own AOSP based Android 5.0 ROM

Xperia L

We’ve seen a multitude of devices getting support for Android 5.0 firmware unofficially over the past few days. We can now add the Sony Xperia L to the list as developers over at the XDA Forums have managed to port an AOSP based Lollipop ROM on the smartphone. Although it is advised to be not used for a daily driver, most Android 5.0 features are believed to be functional, so it should work just fine.

It’s good to see that the developer community is right behind a midrange device like the Xperia L which hasn’t made much noise as Sony’s flagship offerings usually take all the attention. There’s no word on whether Sony will officially issue the Android 5.0 update to the device, so this might remain your best bet of getting the latest version of Android if you own the Xperia L.

Make sure you’re aware of all the risks involved with flashing third party ROMs. As a prerequisite, the smartphone will need to have an unlocked boot loader with fastboot access.

Source: XDA

Via: 9to5Google

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