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Select movies on Google Play to get a 75% price reduction until Black Friday

Play Movies

As we approach Black Friday, we’re seeing deals and price reductions increasing in frequency. And what better company to offer deals for its customers than Google. Just as we heard of the $50 Play Store credit with the purchase of the Sprint Nexus 6, we’re now coming across a new deal from Google. On Black Friday, users will be able to buy/rent movies from the Play Store with discounts of up to 75%.

Available movies include The Amazing Spider-Man 2, 300: Rise Of An Empire as well as Divergent. Cult favorite titles like Fight Club, Pulp Fiction and several others can be yours for $3.99, so there’s plenty of money to be saved until Black Friday if you’re in the mood for movies.

It is possible that some of these titles are region restricted, which is rather disappointing. But if you can find these deals on Play Movies, make sure you hop on board right away. Hit the link below for more details on available movies.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Android Central

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