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Samsung’s ChatOn app could be axed soon


Samsung introduced the ChatOn app a few years ago which came pre-loaded with Galaxy devices at first, but was also made available through major mobile platforms. And given the ever increasing popularity of IM giants like WhatsApp, Line, WeChat etc, Samsung could be looking to permanently shut down ChatOn.

This is not unexpected given the rising popularity of third party IM apps in the global market. This report originates from South Korea where a Samsung official is believed to have predicted that ChatOn didn’t look like showing growth in the foreseeable future.

To make this a little easier on the users, Samsung will discontinue the app in some regions and not everywhere simultaneously. There’s no word on when the official phasing out will begin, but it’s clear that the end is nigh for Samsung’s beloved IM app.

While ChatOn comes pre-loaded on Samsung devices, users of non-Samsung smartphones simply don’t have the motivation or the incentive to download the app voluntarily. This explains why the Korean company has decided to pull the plug from the service.

Source: The Korea Times

Via: Android and Me

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