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Samsung to cut down smartphone models in 2015

Samsung CSC

Samsung has been renowned for bringing a multitude of smartphones to the market, catering to various segments of the industry. However, the Korean manufacturer could change its strategy next year as a company official is now hinting at reducing the amount of phones it launches next year.

According to the head of investor relations, Robert Yi, Samsung will cut down its smartphones by up to 25-30% next year. This makes financial sense considering that the company has been losing profits over the past few quarters, mainly due to the advent of other global players. The failure of its own flagship smartphones have also had a part to play in the company’s shrinking profits.

This move should help Samsung get back in the game to some extent and regain some of those lost profits from this year. The company hasn’t specified as to which series of smartphones will get the boot, but our guess is that Samsung will look to take midrange devices out of rotation.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Via: Android and Me

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