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Samsung Proximity is an Apple iBeacon competitor

Samsung Proximity

Samsung has just launched its very own iBeacon competitor known as Samsung Proximity. This works exactly like the iBeacon, but with some added functionality. For those unaware of iBeacon, it is essentially a Bluetooth enabled patch which can be attached at convenient locations around the house or a store. Users will then be notified on their smartphones when they’re within proximity of this sensor. This works well for businesses where they want customers to know about their products when they’re browsing through a particular section of the store.

While iBeacon only allows customers to get alerts and notifications if they have an app from the retailer installed, Samsung Proximity will let just about anybody get alerts when they’re within proximity of the sensor. This includes directions at the stadiums, museums and other public places. So this means that customers don’t need a dedicated app to get alerts, although there’s no mention of whether users will get to control what alerts they get to see. Samsung will also allow retailers to launch their apps in order to be used with these sensors.

The company hasn’t specified a release time frame for Proximity, but it should hit retail outlets and businesses sometime soon. We’re awaiting further word from Samsung on Proximity, but it surely has the chops to take on Apple’s iBeacon.

Source: Samsung

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