Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems, Glitches, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 8]

The eight installment of our S5 troubleshooting guide is here.


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S5 does not power on

Problem: I stumbled upon your site as I was looking for a way to fix this problem.

So I just got home today from a vacation and I noticed that my Galaxy S5 is not responding at all. At first I thought the battery has run out so I plugged it the charger for an hour but when I try to power it on, it simply does not power on. I have no idea what happened to it but the last thing I remember was me handing it to my son so he could play on the way home. I don’t think I have done something to it that might have caused the problem. As far as I know, I take care of this phone and I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary. I’m not good with phones and electronics and fixing this thing is beyond me. Can you help me restore it to its previous state?

Please help me. — Corazon

Troubleshooting: Hi Corazon. We encountered some readers reporting the same problem that you have. Although this is a rare problem for this phone, an S5 refusing to boot is a known issue so there are ways to try to fix it without resorting to the last step of having to request for a replacement, which can become potentially tiresome for most users.

We recommend that you try the steps below as they are proven to be effective in most cases. Be warned though, that replacement may still be the only option for you if all other potential solutions fail.

  1. Check the battery. This should be the first logical step to do. Try pressing the back part of the phone to ensure that the pins are making contact with the phone.
  2. Remove the case. Check if the protective case is putting excess pressure on the phone. You want to remove the case and put it back on, making sure that everything looks normal on the back.
  3. Perform Safe Mode.  Rogue apps can do a variety of negative things to a smartphone nowadays, including something that prevents it from booting up. By forcing your phone to go on Safe Mode, you can isolate the issue better. Once in safe mode, you want to uninstall the most recent app first, especially the ones you installed before the problem happened. However, this step assumes that you have managed to allow your phone to boot up in the first place.
  4. Get a replacement. The final step. There’s no better fix than having a new Samsung Galaxy S5. if your phone is still under warranty, all you have to do is to call your carrier or Samsung. If the warranty has already ended, you may have to still call your carrier or Samsung but you must work your negotiation skills to probably get a free or discounted repair/replacement price.


S5 lockscreen while watching videos

Problem: I have a Galaxy S5 from Verizon. I used to have an AT&T One but when we switched to Verizon they made me change to their S5. On my old S5 I could play a video and hit the power button and it would black out the screen to save battery but still play the video. On my Verizon one it won’t do that. If I black out the screen the video stops so I have to set the screen timeout for 30 min. Is it possible to get the old way back? — Rebecca

Troubleshooting: Hi Rebecca. As far as we know, this feature should be working for Samsung Galaxy S5 that runs on Android 4.4 (KitKat). Pressing the power button while watching videos should lock the screen, disable the touchscreen function, and prevent the screen from turning off like it normally does.

However, this feature only works when you are playing video files stored on your phone and not on other apps like YouTube as well as websites.


S5 shows lockscreen and notification panel glitches

Problem: Hello. I have found a few glitches with my Samsung S5 that are not very big, but bothersome nonetheless.

First, I’ve found that the lockscreen will sometimes rotate to landscape mode and will prevent me from unlocking it. I will have to press the power button twice (sleep and wake back up) in order to get it to function.

Second, the notification panel sometimes stops around halfway, but then continues about a second. Again, it’s not a huge problem, but it’s annoying when you’re trying to get things done quickly.

Thanks, I appreciate your help. — Matt

Troubleshooting: Hi Matt. Sometimes, software issues start with mundane indicators like the ones you mentioned. Users will usually dismiss seemingly out-of-normal things like slow response time, tiny delays in pulling up an app, etc. while not desirable, it’s good that you noticed these behaviors on your phone. The two things you observed can be a precursor of an impending software issue. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to identify what the issue is given the vagueness of the symptom themselves.

The potential solution that we can suggest at this point is to try to restore your phone to perform safe mode procedure so you’ll know if an app (rogue or not) is causing them.

The second step that you can try is to restore the phone to its factory settings. This one will give you an assurance that no new software other than the factory-tested ones are installed.

If any of these steps fail, you may consider getting a replacement, especially if the glitches will get more annoying.


S5 gets scratchy speakers after water damaged

Problem: Dear Android Guy. Supposedly, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is waterproof, but when I dropped it in only half an inch of water, the speakers sounded very scratchy after I tried playing music. Please help! Thank you. — Emily 

Troubleshooting: Hi Emily. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is IP67 certified, which means that the unit is dust and water resistant up to 1 meter and 30 minutes. This however, does not mean that the phone is waterproof. Dustproof design is meant to minimize damage from accidental water exposure, provided that the protective cover seals are properly in place during the incident.

It is advised that once the phone has been submerged in water as specified, the user must not power it on for at least 24 hours to let the phone shed whatever liquid is left inside. There is always a chance that some liquid may get inside despite the water-resistant design.

Since your phone has already displayed some hardware symptoms, you want to have it checked by a certified technician to prevent further damage.

We’ve also read in some other forums that Samsung may replace a water-soaked phone as long as it’s still under warranty so you may also want to check on that. — Emily


S5 showing “Unfortunately Music has stopped” error

Problem: When I launch the pre-installed music player on my Galaxy S5 it opens threw Playlist menu. When I select any of the tabs  (tracks , artists, albums, etc. ) I receive an error message saying “Unfortunately Music has stopped” and the app closes. I have tried restating the phone as well as clearing the apps data and cache. Can you help? — Heather 

Troubleshooting: Hi Heather. Looks like your music player app has encountered a known issue. Any app that fails to load usually results to the error you’re getting. Don’t worry though, we have a set of troubleshooting steps that you can try so you can narrow down the root cause of the problem.

  1. Minimize background processes. This step aims to lessen the load of your phone’s processing unit so that enough resources can be provided to your music player. Fortunately, you can also manually select what apps to allow in the background so you’ll not exactly be looking at firing up all your apps the next time you want to use them. To limit the background processes, you must make sure to enable the developer mode of your phone first. Just go to Settings>System>About Phone and tap the Build Number entry 7 times. After unlocking developer mode, back to System settings tab and look for the option Limit background processes. Doing this step will not only resolve the issue but will also give your battery more juice to extend your usage meter.
  2. Uninstall recently installed and/or unused apps. Depending on your phone, it may come with lots of bloatware from your carrier and Samsung. Disabling or even uninstalling them may resolve the issue, especially if the problem is tied to any of these apps.
  3. Delete cache. Cache a term that is used to refer to the temporary storage in your phone that stores data needed to enable apps to load faster. As all types of apps use this temporary storage, it may easily get corrupted causing one or more apps to behave erratically. Deleting the cache can be an effective step to make your music player app run smoothly the next time you open it. To delete the cache just go to Apps>Settings>Privacy>Delete Personal Data>Cache and Cookies>Delete.
  4. Reinstall. We are not sure what music player app you are using but if this is a third party application, reinstalling it will not hurt. This ensures that your phone will begin working with the app for the first time again.
  5. Factory reset. We don’t recommend this step unless it’s really necessary because it entails a lot of work. Performing a factory reset will delete everything on your phone so once it is finished, you will have to redownload all your apps again manually as well as re-customize your phone according to your taste. The good thing about it though is that this step is almost a 100% guarantee to fix the problem. So it’s really up to you how bad you want your music player to be working fine again if all the steps above fail.


Multiple Samsung S5 issues

Problem: I’m currently have a lot of issues with my Galaxy S5 SM-G900M phone. Problems range from network issues (not getting on to a network), can’t download anything via mobile network only Wi-Fi (not even media and apps), speaker playing low etc. I’m losing my sanity. — Peter

Troubleshooting: Hi Peter. Have you talked to your carrier or Samsung about these problems on your S5? As you may have noticed, the help that we provide here are purely recommendations and suggestions in nature. Even though we think we can give you our expert advice on some technical matters, it appears that the best way to fix everything without wasting your time is by requesting for a replacement phone. We don’t know what other problems you may have in your phone right now so the best thing to do is to try to secure a replacement unit to clear all issues.


S5 picture contrast/saturation problem

Problem: Good Evening! I just recently received my Galaxy S5 and I noticed that after clicking on a picture ( that I had either taken with the Camera or from the SD Card of my old phone)  from the Gallery to view it, the picture, once blown up to fit the entire screen, decreased in contrast a tad bit. The tiny Gallery preview of the picture remained to have the same contrast and looked more vibrant ,but as soon as I clicked on the pictures, it decreased in the contrast/saturation and once I clicked out of the picture, the vibrancy of the colors returned as it went to the tiny preview. This occurs on my sister’s phone as well and she also just received the S5. Those very same pictures, when viewed on a computer or on our older phones, do not drop in contrast/saturation when clicked on to blow up the image.

So, what I’m asking is, is there a way to fix this so that the Galaxy S5 does not change the contrast and also why is it doing this in the first place? I can take screenshots to show you as well if you guys would like!

Thank you very much for your time! — Corey

Troubleshooting: Hi Corey. We think that the issue you are having right now springs from the phone’s  selected screen mode, which automatically adjusts a picture’s saturation, colors, contrasts, etc.

Samsung has empowered the users of their phones to pick their preferred screen quality especially the display’s contrast and color. Your choice depends on your preference when making adjustments so we discuss each one of them for you below to help you make adjustments on your phone’s settings. These modes are tucked under Settings>Display>Screen Mode. They are Adapt Display, Dynamic, Standard, Professional Photo, and Cinema.

Adapt Display. This screen mode is the default setting when you first use your S5. Although Samsung has issued a warning that this type of screen mode may not be ideal for some third party apps, it supposedly gives the best output by combining the optimized elements like the saturation, color range, and sharpness of the display while viewing pictures within the camera app, web browser, gallery, Smart Remote, and video apps. It is advisable to use Adapt Display when there’s ambient light like when you are outdoors. This mode usually minimizes the glare that negatively affects the colors in a picture, giving it higher color saturation.

Professional Photo. If you want a more accurate color representation of your photos, try using Professional Photo mode. This mode is the perfect choice if you want to view your photos to look like high-end Adobe RGB-standard photos like the ones taken be a DSLR camera.

Cinema mode. Although Professional Photo mode renders pictures really well, Cinema mode is still the undisputed option because of its ability to give the most accurate colors and saturation in an image. This makes it an ideal mode to view family pictures, TV shows, videos, and even shopping online products. It’s recommended to use this mode when in low light condition for optimum effect.

Dynamic and Standard. These two modes are more or less similar to each other, with Dynamic offering richer saturation over Standard. Using any of them also gives you stronger colors when viewing pictures so if you are the type who delights in bold colors, they are your best picks.

Again, everything boils down to preference. Try each of these modes and pick what suits you best.


S5 scans and connects to networks even if Wi-Fi is off

Problem: My Samsung S5 often scans for Wi-Fi and connects to Wi-Fi even though I’ve unchecked the “Always allow scanning” and “Smart network switch” options. Are there any other settings I should check to get it to stop scanning and connecting? Thanks. — Meredith

Troubleshooting: Hello Meredith. The best way for you to not allow the phone to connect to any network is to make sure that the Wi-Fi app is off and the “Always allow scanning” is not checked. If you enable “Always allow scanning” option, your phone will continue to scan for available networks even if you already disabled Wi-Fi. There are no other settings that you can change to have this effect. We don’t know how you determined that the phone is connected to a network even if Wi-Fi is disabled and “Always allow scanning” option is unchecked, but if you suspect that there’s a hardware issue, try having resetting the phone to factory defaults. Better still, get a replacement phone from your carrier, retailer, or Samsung.


S5 Fingerprint scanner won’t work with Microsoft Exchange Server

Problem: Hi, I’ve been using my S5 for about 3 months now. For the most part I love it. I just have a few problems. Why can’t I use the fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone when I have a Microsoft Exchange Server email account setup? Is there any way to change this? I’m using the phone’s email app.

I also enabled the developer options and changed the runtime to ART. Some programs have been unresponsive and do not work properly. Like WhatsApp messages do not come through straight away,  S Health doesn’t work at all, the built in PDF reader doesn’t work, Polaris Office Viewer and my Gallery and My Files regularly crashes.

Also with the regular Android updates, my network keeps dropping. I’m running 4.4.2 KitKat. I live in South Africa.

I cannot root my device cause I will forfeit the manufacturer’s warranty and service providers warranty. Could you advise me on any of the above issues?

Thanks. — Arran

Troubleshooting: Hi Arran. You’re our first reader to report this trouble to us. It looks like this is actually a known issue months back and based on our research, effective workarounds and solutions are still wanting as of this writing. To put it simply, there appears to be a conflict with Microsoft’s Exchange Server’s security set-up and Samsung’s fingerprint scanner security feature that are beyond our knowledge as of now. The main reason, it looks like, has something to do with Microsoft Exchange Server’s “Require password” policy, that, when enabled, results to the Fingerprint Swipe feature to be blocked. We don’t know if you’re open to the idea of disabling “Require password” policy so the fingerprint function will be enabled but you can definitely give it a try. Bear in mind that disabling “Require password” means you are removing a layer of security for your email account making it less secure. But don’t worry as we will update this post if we will find a solution in the future. If you need your emails badly though, try using a third party app instead as suggested by a majority of users with a similar problem.  This email app (CloudMagic) should take care of the issue temporarily while we’re waiting for a solution.


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  1. When i played music it stops autmatically when pressed back button(sometimes) and many times after opens many apps.this problem starts after latest update.please solve my issue as i am a music lover.

  2. This entire article is a bunch of bull. For example, the one with the music app, they clearly said they used the PRE INSTALLED music app, yet the author didn’t even know what they were talking about and told them to reinstall it. How can you reinstall a stock application?

    Then they even said they deleted their caChe and they still have the problem. Clearly the author can’t read because they told them to delete it to fix it. THEY ALREADY DID.

    I swear to god, idiots keep getting jobs and I don’t know how.

  3. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5. I’ve never had any wi-fi problems. Now I cannot turn on wi-fi??? It’s not allowing me to enable wi-fi at all. Not a router problem just the phone will not turn the wi-fi on.

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