Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems, Glitches, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 6]

We are now at the sixth part of our S5 troubleshooter guide, a good indicator that we are receiving lots of questions and problems from our readers.


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How to unroot a Samsung Galaxy S5

Problems: Hi Droidguy. I have won a neighborhood lottery a few months back in the form of a Samsung Galaxy S5. I have never used Android before as I’ve been an iPhone user most of my smartphone life. I love the S5 because of its big screen and it’s way better for viewing movies because of that. However, lately I noticed that the screen looks cracked as I can see like distortion on the screen. I think one of my boys dropped it or something. I want to get a replacement phone from my local Samsung store but a friend told me that I have to unroot it first. As you can see, one of my boys who now works for the navy rooted the phone using Towelroot and he shipped out weeks ago. I tried to get him to tell me how to unroot it but he’s too busy right now.

Anyways, can you tell me how to bring my phone back to factory settings so I can get a replacement?

Your help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance. — Melinda

Troubleshooting: Hi Melinda. We are not sure if we can still bring your phone back to its stock state as any rooting procedure has an inherent chance of tripping Samsung’s security features in place. The good news is Towelroot is reputed to be so subtle that even Samsung’s Knox security solution remains untouched. This means that most probably the phone’s warranty is still intact as unrooting it will bring it back to its original state.

We have published a separate post on how to unroot a Samsung Galaxy S5. Please visit this page for help. Let us know if you have further questions regarding rooting or unrooting your phone.


S5 ringtone set up

Problem: I think I’m losing my mind.  I downloaded a ringtone from Verizon on my S5 (the Good, the Bad and the Ugly themesong… awesone), and I cannot set it as a ringtone.  When I go to settings to change, it gives me the option to select a song from the sound picker, however the ringtone is not there, it’s in my play music.  How do I fix this?

Thanks. — Chris

Troubleshooting: Hi Chris. If the downloaded song is detected by your phone as a valid music file (like an MP3), just go back to your Music app, locate the song, and long press it until these three options are displayed — phone ringtone, caller ringtone, and alarm tone.

When you select the option phone ringtone, the song will be added as a usable ringtone but it still doesn’t change the default ringtone of your phone. You must then go to Settings>Sound>Ringtones and set the song as the default ringtone.

If you want to make a song a caller ringtone, the same process as making a phone ringtone applies. However, once a song has been assigned as a phone ringtone, you will have another option to make it as a caller ringtone associated to a particular contact so you’ll know who is calling.

The third option is to make a song as an alarm tone. This basically just assigns it as a sound to your alarm clock.

Any of the three options should help you but if you need more assistance, please let us know by sending us an email.


S5 Towelroot process

Problem: Hi i have a Galaxy S5 version G900A running on Android 4.4.2.I’m trying to root my device with Towelroot but it’s not supported. Any other ideas on how I can do this? — Nicholas

Troubleshooting: Hi Nicholas. As far as we know, Samsung Galaxy S5s from AT&T (model SM-G900A) can be rooted by Geohot’s Towelroot exploit. It would have been more helpful if you included the exact error you are getting in this email. In the meantime, please visit our page on how to root a Galaxy S5 and shoot us an email if it still doesn’t work. Make sure to include as many information as you can especially the error message/s and others.


S5 takes time to load apps

Problem: Hi guys. Love the page and all the info. I’ve been a fan for a long while and recommend it to other Android users. With that being said, I hope you can help me out. I recently bought, within the last 45 days, a new Samsung Galaxy S5. It didn’t take me long to add several apps I used on my old Galaxy S3 (that did not have this issue I might add). I’ve noticed that more and more I find myself having to go to the task manager and close all open apps. A couple times a week I will open Google Chrome or Facebook, the apps open, but nothing loads. Closing all open apps fixes the issue for a day or two. However, I don’t feel this should be a necessary step for such a powerful phone. Any suggestions? Thanks. — Doug

Troubleshooting: Hello Doug. Thank you for liking our support site. We definitely agree with you that your new S5 should not give you a problem like the one you described as it packs one of the best hardware technology the industry has to offer right now.

Assuming there is no hardware issue involved (which unfortunately cannot be fixed by users), our best bet is either your phone’s RAM or temporary storage is unable to cope up (for unknown reasons), or that the CPU is being used by a lot of apps and processes that the phone’s resources are running out most of the time.

Kindly check our list of possible resolutions below and see which one can bring the performance of your phone to its normal state. The steps are in not listed in order so you want to just pick any of them.

  1. Restrict Background Processes. While your S5 is equipped to handle simultaneously, actively running apps it can only work so much, especially if there are also many apps running in the background. We suggest that you check your phone’s settings and see if selecting Limit Background Processes can help.
    • Tap on a blank space on your Home Screen and go to Home Screen Settings.
    • Go to Transition Effect and tap None
    • Go to Settings
    • Go to Lock Screen
    • Unlock Effect and select None.
    • Go to Settings again
    • Go to Developer Options
    • Windows/Transition Animation Scale and select Off.
    • If your phone’s developer options is not yet enabled, please check this tutorial on how to enable it.
  2. Turn off animations. With Samsung S5’s power come lots of animations being offered. However, it’s a known issue that some of these animations can dramatically affect the overall performance of an S5 over time. You want to turn off the animations on your phone (assuming that you enabled them) to enhance its performance.
  3. Disable S Voice Double Tap. If you experience delay in your phone’s response when tapping the screen, it’s most probably because it expects you to tap it again to pull up S Voice. You can disable S Voice by going to Settings and making sure that Open via Home Key is not enabled.


S5 takes too long to send MMS

Problem: Hi Droidguy! Last week I purchased the Samsung Galaxy S5 and I love it much more than my old iPhone and it functions much better. However, I have encountered the same problem several times. Whenever I want to send a picture to a friend via text message, it goes through but takes about 10 or 15 minutes to do so whereas with my old iPhone 4S, it sent in seconds. It gets even worse when I send multiple pictures in one message or a picture with a message attached. Last night I send a picture with a text in one message and it took approximately 40 minutes to go through. Is there anything that may be causing this problem? Thank you! — Danielle

Troubleshooting: We consider this as a strange issue and most probably isolated to Samsung Galaxy S5. Other handset models seem immune to the problem based on the research that we’ve done. But we also think that checking the network side of the problem can be worth doing in your case so we have a logical starting point to begin isolating the cause. Let’s go over the list of steps we have prepared for you.

  1. Enable mobile data. Make sure that your data connection is on when sending MMS or text messages with pictures. Your phone still needs mobile data if it tries to send an MMS.
  2. Check the phone’s APN settings. This is the usual cause of any MMS-related issue. If the phone was provided by your provider, most probably it already has the correct APN settings. There’s no harm in making sure this is the case by simply resetting APN settings to its default values.
    • Go to Settings
    • Tap Wireless and Networks
    • Go to More settings
    • Tap Mobile networks
    • Tap Access Point Names
    • Go to Menu key
    • Tap Reset to default.
  3. Ask assistance from your provider. If after resetting the APN setting the issue remains, call your carrier or Samsung and check with them what the correct APN settings should be. This is to make sure that you have all the correct values.
  4. Perform a factory reset. This step will bring your phone to its original factory state so you may want to create copies of your data. Please visit our post on how to reset your phone here.
  5. Secure a replacement. If all else fails, getting a replacement phone may not hurt at all. As we are still in the process of monitoring this issue ourselves to see if this is Samsung related only, getting a new phone may be the best resolution that we can do at this point.


S5 normal CPU temperature

Problem: Hello sir. I read your posts on Drippler. I have been using galaxy s5 since 5 months but after 5 days from purchase, it started freezing and hanging. The Samsung authorized service center replaced the touch and the problem is resolved. But it often gets terribly hot that I can’t hold the phone with my hand.

I checked the temperature by sensors test ( *#0*# ) and would sometimes show 43°C. The service center people says it is normal temperature. But my friend’s galaxy S5  never exceeds 38°C.

What is the normal temperature for galaxy S5? Please help me sir. — Ravi

Troubleshooting: Hi Ravi. There’s no definite hard stop on heat tolerance level of an S5 as long as it doesn’t go above 70°C. anything above 70 degrees is no longer normal and may suggest a hardware issue.

The normal heat temperature range for a device should be between 38-45 degrees under normal operations. Heat levels may spike depending on length of usage and what apps are running. Playing a graphics-heavy game may easily bring a phone to high heat level but, again, it should not go beyond 70 degrees (which is already rare, mind you).

If you are the type of user that doesn’t open several apps at the same time and keeps your activities only to browsing most of the time, your phone should not become uncomfortably hot.

If you keep experiencing overheating on your phone, it’s a good indication that something’s wrong with the hardware. Frequent overheating can eventually damage other components and shorten the life of your battery. Try to secure a replacement if you still can.

Sometimes, rogue apps may also cause overheating so it’s best if you can try to run the phone in Safe Mode first. Try to remove apps that you installed prior to noticing the problem while in Safe Mode. If you’re lucky, you may be able to isolate the issue to a certain app only, which can really save you from doing lots of things ranging from doing further troubleshooting steps to waiting for a replacement unit.


S5 not charging properly

Problem: Hi. My phone won’t charge properly and I’ve tried different sockets. I’ve also tried another Samsung S5 charger and it still won’t charge properly. Can you please help. — Ati

Troubleshooting: Hi Ati. The usual rsasons why an S5 fails to charge properly can vary. The most common problems include but are not limited to faulty charger, defective cables, non-working charging ports, fast-draining battery, and problematic phone.

Any of these items can be the cause of your problem right now and it’s best way to narrow it down.

We have another post that tackles charging issues on an S5 so I suggest that you visit it and see if you can find anything helpful.

Otherwise, please get a replacement phone.


S5 wake up lag

Problem: I have the Galaxy S5 Active and I have been experiencing some issues with the phone ever since I bought it. The phone has a very slow response when it has been sitting un-active, and I do not mean for long periods of time either. It will only be 1 minute and it will have the same issue. I will push the home key or the side button, just to simply check the time or if I have received any messages and the phone will take a good 10 seconds before it even lights up in response! Now I have messed with it & have figured that after it’s unlocked and open then there aren’t any issues, but as soon as I lock it and leave it idle for a few moments I have to play with it to get it “back to life”.

Is this a common issue with this phone, or should I bring it in to be replaced? Thank you for your time–Marquialla Trump

Troubleshooting: Hi Maquialla. It took us some time to figure out the cause of your problem as it appears to be not that “known” among Android users. The problem appears to be caused by a non-compatible microSD card you may have inserted on the phone. Are you using an old microSD card or the one from another phone? If you are, try to eject it and see how the phone behaves. Make sure to turn off your phone before ejecting the SD card.

A corrupted or non-compatible microSD card can cause infinite loop once the phone tries to access it, resulting to slow response time when you try to wake it up.

You can get a new microSD card to resolve the issue as well.


 S5 email signature

Problem: Can you customize the email signature? When trying to create a signature the S5 will give me option to type it using only one font. When trying to copy and paste the signature I want to use, there are only fonts and no pictures available. It gives me an error everytime. Seems that it can’t be how S5 wants it. — Anna

Troubleshooting: Hi Anna. We’re afraid your Samsung S5 cannot yet provide what you’re looking for. We know how good an email signature looks if you can include your image stamp on it. However, the current format that users can use for now when customizing their email signatures is quite limited in scope. Pictures are not yet supported at this time and Samsung has not given any hints when this will become available on an S5.

The current signature format only allows so much so you may want to be more creative with the things being offered right now. You may want to add your personal touch to it by including short but inspiring quotes, your phone number, or even the URL of your blog if you have.


S5 microSD card problem

Problem: Hi there. I recently bought a 32GB SD card SanDisk for my Galaxy Ss5, and after several months without issues, it stops working suddenly. I have not dropped it recently, but my Phone says “SD card is damaged. Try reformatting it”. This is the second card that has the same issue. Is the problem with my phone or SD card. What do I do? Thanks. — Pooyan

Troubleshooting: Hi Pooyan. If you have encountered the same SD card problem on the same phone, there’s a big chance that it is the phone causing it or may have contributed to it. Unfortunately, a damaged SD card, as you may have known by now, is already useless as there is just no know to recover your stuff from it. What we can do here for you is to give tips on how to avoid this problem again in the future.

  1. Never remove the microSD card while active. This simply means that you are not supposed to eject the card while the phone is trying to access it or saving something to it. Also, you must turn off the phone before attempting to eject the card.
  2. Use proven MicroSD cards. We are not promoting any particular brand here but we have identified some of them with a really  proven reputation.  You can use Sony, Kingston, Lexar, Olympus, SanDisk, and Panasonic. They may also be a bit pricier than their rivals but it’s always good to know that your data and photos are being kept in reliably good storage.
  3. Reformat an SD card often. Now, this may seem tiresome as you will definitely invest some time moving your data back and forth between devices to accomplish this but this is one of our proven tips. Reformatting a memory card often dramatically decreases the chance of it getting corrupted. Doing this ensures that keep the data and the structure of the files in good order.

So unless you have dollars to burn and can afford to waste your data everytime an SD card crashes, you may want to do this. SD cards are not designed to work forever and a typical memory storage has an average 10,000 write/erase operations life span. The closer an SD card gets to this figure, the higher the chances of encountering problems.


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  1. Hello. I’ve had my s5 for 5 months and all of a sudden, as I was playing candy soda crush ,I noticed the sound was distorting. Then later when I played my music the voices were really low but music was ok. Then it sounded like it was shorting out. I was charging it at the tune in was playing and that’s when it started. Any suggestions

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