Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems, Glitches, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 5]

Readers, welcome to our fifth installment for Samsung Galaxy S5 troubleshooting guide. This post covers more issues that readers like you encounter on their Samsung Galaxy S5.


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S5 hotspot connection uses 1GB in 10  minutes

Problem: Hi there. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and I used my hotspot to connect to my laptop to check my Hotmail. I had no other programs or sites open on the laptop or the phone and somehow after literally around 10 minutes my phone said I had used 1GB of data. I have my mobile data switched off a majority of the time as I’m connected to Wi-Fi at home so had not used it really for anything else.

When I checked my setting under data usage it said 1.22GB used on hotspot so when I clicked into it, it said 0.0m used in foreground and 1.22GB used in background. How is this possible and what does it mean background? Why did it use so much data for 1 site for 10 minutes?

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks in advance. — Desiree

Troubleshooting: Hi Desiree. We can only think of two things that may have contributed to such big data consumption in such a short span of time. The first one can be the laptop that you’re connecting to your phone’s hotspot. If that computer is set to receive software updates automatically, it may be the main reason why your phone registered so much data usage in only a few minutes of use. Just like any computer or device that has their auto-update features enabled, your laptop may have been downloading stuff while it was tethered to your phone. Some of the common programs that have default auto-update features include antivirus software, Windows Update, etc. If you enabled your email client like Outlook to download emails and files automatically, there’s a chance that it may have added to the total usage during that time.

The second reason that we can think of is the possibility that your phone may have auto-downloaded an update at that time.

To answer your question, background data refers to the amount of data your device has used because of demands of apps running in the background. Foreground data, on the other hand, refers to the data consumption the apps you are actively activating is using. If you want to see a more detailed breakdown of which app is using more data while running in the background, just put a check on the box for “Restrict background data” option.

To prevent this event from happening again, we have included important tips that you can do starting today.

  1. Use Data Usage App to your advantage. Data Usage can give you three options to suit your need: Mobile data, Limit mobile data usage, and Alert me about data usage. We recommend that you use them aggressively.
  2. Utilize other data alerts and limiters. Unlimited data plan has vanished from the data plans being offered by providers today so Samsung realized the need for consumers being able to control their data consumption. Setting the proper warning level on your mobile data usage can dramatically help you in effectively managing your internet usage. Simply go to settings and data usage section to set your desired option.
  3. Load data-intensive contents in advance. As consumers become more particular on their data consumption, may apps are offering caching that allows one to download heavy contents over Wi-Fi at an earlier time so you don’t need to download them again when you connect to mobile data later. This also means that you can access those contents later even if you are offline. YouTube and Spotify are two examples of such apps offering caching so users can watch videos or playlists later.
  4. Set Account Sync Settings to off. This option can be app-specific so you may want to check every app you have if you have an option to turn off Auto-Sync. Google+, Facebook, and most email apps have auto-sync feature so you want to revisit them.


S5 text message scheduler set-up

Problem: I need to know how to make my Samsung S5 set my text message on schedule as I tend to forget to do it most of the time. I have this weakness to easily forget what I needed to do so one of the reasons why I get a new S5 is to do this.

I know it’s possible because this is also what a friend is using to remind his son everyday.

I appreciate the help in advance. — Kent

Troubleshooting: Hi Kent. You’re right! Samsung’s S5 has an effective SMS scheduler for the same exact reason that you have. We have the steps below on how to set it up easily.

  1. Open the Messages app on your phone. Pick a recipient and type your message.
  2. Tap the three dots in the top right-hand corner and pick Schedule message.
  3. Pick your time and date for the message to send.

A small clock icon will be shown in place of the send button indicating that you have successfully set the scheduler up. Pressing and holding the button will give you the following options: Send it now, Cancel, and Edit.

We hope this will help you.


S5 low-memory issue

Problem: Hi. Thanks for your daily “Drips”.  They are interesting and informative. My problem with my S5 is lack of memory space.  I keep getting notices that my phone can’t update apps due to lack of space.  What can I do to fix that problem? Thanks! — Larry Kenney

Troubleshooting: Hi Larry. Thank you for your finding our posts interesting. Please continue to visit our site for more up-to-date articles on all things Android.

As regards your low memory problem, it’s always a good practice to get rid of unused apps to free up some space. If you have lots of apps that you’ve hardly used for over a month, that’s a good indicator that they don’t deserve to be in your phone. Uninstall them and you’ll resolve the issue. This is probably the first thing that came to your mind when you started getting the notice that your phone is low on memory.

Now, there is another less obvious way to resolve this issue. This solution rests on the assumption that you have many graphics heavy games on your phone. If you play games on your phone, there is a big chance that high-end graphics games are eating a big chunk of precious memory. Basically, what we want to do is still to free up your phone’s internal memory by moving the OBB files of your games to a microSD card as they will use GBs of space there. OBB is a particular data file system used by game developers that contains videos, music, and other large files. However, this solution also needs your phone to be rooted in order to work.

As of this writing, we are still working on our updated list of rooting tutorials and are yet to publish it. In the meantime, kindly find a way to root your device before heading to our post on how to install Xposed Framework.

After installing Xposed Framework, just go over the steps below so you can start moving OBB files to your microSD card.

  1. Enable the module named ‘KitKat SD Card Full Access’. You must do this from your Xposed Installer app by going to Download section. From there, look for KitKat SD Card Full Access developed by Murlan Nuhanov, then tap the results on the top. Go to the Versions tab then press Download button located next to the most recent entry. Once Android’s installer menu pops up, tap Install on the next screen and hit Done when finished.
  2. Install OBB on SD module. Go back to Download section inside Xposed app and search for OBB on SD developed by Marcel Dopita. This installation will ensure that your phone will start looking for your SD card when it tries to search for your games’ OBB files next time. Select the first result of your search options, then go to Settings tab by swiping over to times. Tap Version to be shown and select Experimental on the list. Go back to Versions again, tap Download button, hit Install when prompted, and finally Done when finished.
  3. Activate KitKat SD Card Full Access and Obb on SD modules. Head back to Xposed app and activate the two modules so the installation changes will take effect once you reboot the phone. Tap the drop menu on Xposed app and put tickmarks on both modules, then tap drop menu one more time to go back to the Framework section. To reboot, simply tap the option to do so and press OK.
  4. Manually copy OBB files to SD card. The installation of the two modules does not automatically copy your OBB files to your microSD card. However, the new modules should now give you an option to copy and paste the OBB files to your SD card. Just look for the Android folder under the Main Storage menu then just cut the large OBB files from there and move them to the SD card.


S5 freezing issue when sending a text message

Problem: Hello. My Samsung Galaxy S5 froze as I was composing a text message. It will not allow me to turn it off. It is absolutely frozen. Should I pop the battery? If I do that, will  I lose all my current settings? What is the danger of popping the battery when the phone is not turned off? Thank you for any help you can provide! — Heather

Troubleshooting: Hi Heather. It’s normal for a phone to sometimes freeze, especially if it has been up for a long period of time so you can definitely just pop the battery to restart it. You should be concerned though if this has been happening often. While removing the battery because the phone froze cannot cause issues, doing it several times in a week suggests that something is wrong with the phone. Bear in mind that  a phone freezing randomly despite being used only normally is an indicator of a problem. It’s normally difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of freezing but it clearly is a manifestation of a system not working properly.

So, again, popping out the battery will not change any of your phone settings but it must not be done often. Let us know if you’ll notice anything wrong with your phone by sending us another email.


S5 stops working when left idle overnight

Problem: Hi. I have noticed a problem with my S5 and hope that you may offer a fix.

The phone works great throughout the day, but at night when the phone is not in use it stops working. So when I go to use it in the morning after it was inactive overnight it becomes completely unresponsive. The only way i am able to power it back is by removing the battery and turning it back on. The battery shows a charge so it is not drained.

Any suggestions on the fix?

Thanks. — Dennis

Troubleshooting: Hi Dennis. We can’t see any reason for a powerful smartphone like an S5 to just stop working when left idle overnight. Does this problem happen every night? If this is a daily or nightly occurrence, this can be a good indicator that the phone’s system is failing although we can only speculate about it. Anything can be the cause at this point but we can try some things to narrow down the contributing factors.

The first step that you can try is to perform a Safe Mode on your S5 and letting the phone stay on that mode for an entire night. This will help us identify if this problem is being caused by third party apps. Putting the phone on Safe Mode forces it to run factory provided apps only, thus eliminating a good number of apps that may be causing the issue from the picture. If your phone works normally while in Safe Mode overnight, you want to uninstall the most recent app you’ve installed first and then observe your phone again. Do the same step on all your apps until you removed the troublesome app.

However, if doing Safe Mode won’t resolve it, you can always go directly to resetting the phone to its factory defaults. This ensures that your phone only runs the tested and stable out-of-the-box operating system.


S5 stuck at Samsung logo after rooting

Problem: Hi guys. I had tried to hard reset my phone (galaxy s5) to start fresh again but then it asked for a account I had forgotten and then I tried to reset my device using boot strap because my device had been rooted and on there I had the option to wipe the cache system data and I clicked yes on them but after that the device won’t boot up at all it’s just stuck on the Samsung logo and doesn’t pass from there what do I do and thanks to take the time to read this if you do. — Mario

Troubleshooting: Hello Mario. The solution to your problem can range from doing simple button combinations to restoring back the phone to its original firmware which demands more advanced set of things to do.

Ideally, in order to effectively resolve your case, we’re supposed to know when and how you reached the state of your phone right now. We think that the reason why your phone is stuck at the Samsung logo is because you may have selected the wrong root file during the rooting process. It is also extremely important that you know the right firmware of your phone’s model number because every provider has its own unique set of files for a particular model. For example, if you used the root file of Sprint’s SM-G900P for your SM-G900V which is from Verizon, this can surely backfire.

As you have not given complete details on the entire rooting procedure, we suggest that you revisit the entire process again and see if we are right about our assumption. Kindly email us right away so we can help as soon as we can.


S5 cannot download text messages

Problem: When someone sends me a text and copies other people on the same text, I will receive a blank text or the text will have a balloon saying “Download”.  When I click on “Download,” I get another message saying “Downloading,” but it doesn’t.  Sometimes the original text (I will get the responses from other people but not the original text) will appear HOURS later.  I just had this happen last night, and as of this morning, I still have not received the original text.  My brother has a Samsung Note and has the same problem.  I asked the Samsung “expert” at Best Buy about this, and she told me that it was a carrier problem.  Is there any way to fix this?  It is extremely annoying, and I am considering returning the phone for an iPhone 6 instead. — Sharon

Troubleshooting: Hi Sharon. The Best Buy guy you consulted about this problem is definitely correct. The problem is carrier specific and not Samsung’s fault. It appears that the messages reaching your phone are encountering some delays, which can only happen if there’s a network interference on your carrier’s side.

We recommend that you contact them about this. We’re not sure how long this problem has been going on but it doesn’t hurt to let your carrier know that their service is not at its best.

This may also help them identify something, especially if other users in your area are having the same problem.


Tips on how to extend S5 battery

Problem: Hello. I’ve been using the Galaxy S5 for a while now. Initially the battery backup was incredibly good. If I leave my device at 60%, it used to stay at 60% hours. But now I notice battery drain. There is battery drain even when on power saver or Ultra Power Saver mode. I lose 8-10% in a period of 12 hours when the device is idle. Any tips?

Thanks in advance. — Hanniel

Troubleshooting: Faster battery drain can be expected as time goes by, and especially if you are a heavy user. There is no exact science (as far as we know) what’s the rate of power drain for a specific device because every phone user has different usage habit.

We know that you may have noticed the difference of battery drain rate because, obviously, you are using the phone everyday. But you may also want to consider the apps installed on the phone regardless of how much time and when you use them. Some apps can run in the background without a user’s knowledge and can contribute to faster battery drain.

We have a post that gives some tips on how to extend a battery life of an S5. We recommend that you go over it and see if any of our suggestions can help.


How to turn off Google Now on an S5

Problem: Recently, pressing the button for a normal amount of time brings up search. Is there a way to that off? I know a long press brings up search. Is there a way to turn it off?

I’ve had my S5 since Memorial weekend. I just added the zero lemon 8500 mAh battery pack case. It does make the phone more brick like, but oh man, the battery life is worth the extra weight. I am in my third day without a recharge. The standard battery was giving me 9 to 10 hours before needing a recharge, especially if I had a meeting or was going it that night. If I was staying in, I’d put it on the charger by the bed.

I use the S5 for work, being in constant contact with my clients thru calls, texting and email. The only game I play is words with friends.

Overall, my experience with the S5 is excellent. I’ve always been an Android guy and prior phones have all been Motorola. But this phone is so much better.

I bought a Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 tablet recently.

Anyways, thank you. — Larry

Troubleshooting: Hi Larry. We’re glad that you find the Samsung Galaxy S5 interesting. Well, we can’t agree more. We believe it’s the best Android phone there is at this time and it packs an amazing array of advantages over other Android phones. It’s definitely THE phone right now.

As regards your concern, we assume that when you say “search” you are referring to the Google Now app, which you can pull up after holding the Home button. To turn it off, just follow the steps below:

  1. Open Google App .
  2. Touch Menu Menu > Settings.
  3. Go to Google Now and select OFF.
  4. Choose whether or not you also want to turn off Location History. Turning off Location History doesn’t delete existing history or turn off Location Reporting.
  5. Touch Turn off.


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  1. My issue seems to be that my messages icon is frozen on 1 new message… and that won’t go away. I do not have a new message that I can see, and I would rather not have to delete all of my history. What can I do? I have already turned my phone on and off, and taken the battery out, and the problem persists.

  2. When I send a text message the people on the other end state they only receive 2 lines at a time – therefore they receive several text messages from me for one discussion. Can you help me remedy this? It drives me crazy!

  3. Hi my problem is when sending a text message it says sending but takes for ever to go thru. What is the problem?

  4. Hi I was wondering if any one could tell me why when I send long text messages to other people thay don’t recieve them they just come through as a blank text to the other people ? Thanks in advance

  5. I’m having Larry’s problem when trying to shut off Google Now, I’ve been hotting the home button just like normal after this recent update and it takes me straight there four out of five times, and then it usually won’t let me get out the first four tries when I hit home button again. Can anyone supply a link or image to what this Google App is? Because I have no idea which one he’s referring to and in all honesty this is getting on my last nerves.

    I just want the search turned off, I don’t want to lose being able to talk to text if I can help it, since it comes in handy.

  6. Can you make a galaxy s5 tell you when a sent message is read? I’ve been very curious about this lately and think it’s a nice feature on Apple iphones.

  7. I may be wrong but couldn’t another option for Sharon be to make sure her mobile data is on? It wasn’t all that long ago that I had the same problem. I realized after some time that those messages were not SMS messages but MMS & that data needed to be on for me to see what was under that “download bubble “. 🙂

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