Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems, Issues, Errors, Glitches and Solutions [Part 50]

Hey guys, this is the 50th part of our Samsung Galaxy S4 troubleshooter series and we still have thousands of emails to answer. For those who emailed us, try browsing this post to see if I included your concerns here. If not, I suggest you visit our Galaxy S4 Troubleshooting page as we made an index of all problems we addressed in the past.

If you can find issues related to yours, try to follow the troubleshooting procedures or fixes we provided. If they don’t work for you, then shoot us an email at or you can post your concerns on our Facebook wall or Google+ page.

The following are problems I addressed in this post. Click on a link to go to that specific problem:

  1. People Can’t Hear Owner While On Call With Galaxy S4
  2. Deleted Pictures Reappear On Galaxy S4
  3. Contacts Service Crashes On Galaxy S4
  4. Hacked Galaxy S4
  5. Can’t Turn Off Mobile Data On Galaxy S4
  6. Galaxy S4 Can’t Send/Receive Emails
  7. Mobile Data Not Working On Galaxy S4
  8. Galaxy S4 Screen Goes Black When Opening Apps
  9. Galaxy S4 Won’t Stay Connected To WiFi Network
  10. Galaxy S4 Active Screen Keeps Glitching
  11. Galaxy S4 WiFi Stopped Working

People Can’t Hear Owner While On Call With Galaxy S4

Problem: Hi I’m not sure if you have answered this before. But I have a galaxy s4 and when someone calls me or vise versa I can’t hear anything. They can hear me though. When I call or all I hear is the connect sound but no ringing. Do you have any clue what this is? I’ve restarted it , took the battery out, I even rebooted my system. Thanks. — Mhegan

Related Problem: Hi Harold and team. I have a recent problem with my Samsung Galaxy S4. Whenever I make a call to anybody or they call me, they can’t hear me when I’m not in speakerphone. If speakerphone is on, however, they can hear me well. But that’s not what I want with my phone. I used to putting my phone to my ear when I’m on call (old school) and not use headsets or speakerphone. Please help me if you can. The phone is more than a year old already but it has been cared properly. — Johnny

Potential Solutions: It’s a minor issue but there are many possible causes. Start the troubleshooting by looking at the status bar to see if there is a headphone icon displayed even if no headset is plugged in. If there is, then there could be something inside the headphone jack. Just insert the headset plug and unplug it after a few seconds to see if the headphone icon disappears.

The second thing I want you to check is Bluetooth. If there is a device currently paired and connected, unpair it just to rule out the possibility that the voice from the call is streaming through a Bluetooth device.

To continue our troubleshooting, connect your headset to your phone and make a call to any of your friends to know if they can hear you. If yes, then the problem is minor. In fact, the problem may be caused by a simple corrosion in the microphone hole. A blast of canned air may be able to get the dirt out of the hole and that can be the end of the problem.

However, if you people can’t hear you even if you’re using a (working) headset, then there’s a more serious problem with the hardware. I suggest you have the phone checked by a technician to have it fixed.

Deleted Pictures Reappear On Galaxy S4

Problem: Hello TDG team, I’m so glad I found your site. I have a minor and annoying issue with my Galaxy S4. Pictures I already have deleted will reappear in the gallery, then I will delete them again and after a few hours, they will be there again. I can’t understand why my phone is doing this or why it’s restoring those pictures. I will be very thankful if you guys can help me. Thanks a lot. — Maggie

Related Problem: Hi. I have a bunch of pictures that I deleted for quite some time now but they reappeared, so I deleted them again and still they show in the gallery regardless how many times I clear them. Is this problem something to do with the firmware because this started shortly after I upgraded Android on my phone. I have a Galaxy S4 and never had any issues with it in the past so it’s very disappointing it cannot do a simple task of deleting unwanted pictures and keeping them clear off my phone’s memory for good. Any advice would surely be appreciated. — Gilman

Solution: Maggie and Gilman, the first thing I want you guys to do is view those pictures that reappeared. If they appear to be pixelated and almost indistinguishable, then you’re viewing not the actual picture but a thumbnail or a cropped version of the original. The Gallery app, which comes pre-installed on your phone, is a multimedia manager and works side-by-side the Camera app. It creates thumbnails of pictures and videos and most of the time those thumbnails remain in the phone’s memory even after you deleted the original images.

The best thing to do to delete those images for good is to clear the cache and data of the Gallery app. As I said, Gallery is a manager so it isn’t actually responsible in storing your pictures. It is safe to just go ahead and clear the cache and data.

If deleted images still appear in the gallery even after its cache and data were cleared, then try to disconnect your phone from the internet and clear its cache and data again. There is a big chance that those deleted pictures have backups in one of the accounts you synced with your phone. If they don’t reappear while the phone isn’t connected to the internet, then our suspicion is confirmed. The next thing you should do is log in to your cloud accounts and delete those pictures from there.

However, if pictures reappear even if the device isn’t connected to the internet, it is obvious that there are still copies of those images left in your phone’s memory or microSD card. Find them using a file manager and delete them so they will not be detected by the Gallery app.

Contacts Service Crashes On Galaxy S4

Problem: Hi, today as i was using my galaxy S4 , all of a sudden has stopped working. Now none of my contacts are being shown. I only get contacts from gmail and whatsapp ,still none with a contact number. I have tried rebooting clear phone and contacts cache also tried some weird stuff which i read in some forums which was changing the time zone still the problem persists. I cant loose my contacts as its about like 800 or so. So its a bit important for me.

Android Version : 4.4.2

Kernel Version : 3.4.0-2309103

Thanks and Regards,


Troubleshooting: Contacts is one of the core services that can only be used when the owner makes a phone call or sends messages. So, I’m quite interested to know why it crashes or how it started. Apparently, the reason why you can view your contacts anymore is because the service that handles them crashed. Let’s begin our troubleshooting by booting the phone in safe mode to temporarily disable all third-party apps. Then, try to view your contacts to see if the service still crashes. If not, then one of the apps is messing with the Contacts app. You need to find which one of the apps you downloaded is causing this and uninstall it.

Also, you can get to display all your contacts while in safe mode, back them up so that nothing will be deleted. I suggest you do the same thing with your important data as well because if this problem couldn’t be fixed by simple troubleshooting procedures, you’re going to have to do factory reset.

After you’ve backed up all your contacts. Disable all syncs and disconnect your phone from the internet and try clearing the cache and data of Contacts and Contacts Storage services. I am almost certain this procedure will fix this problem but clearing the data of Contacts Storage will delete all contacts that are locally saved in your phone. But no worries, you still have a backup. Now, if this fixes nothing, it’s time you go a little too far–Factory reset.

Hacked Galaxy S4

Problem: There some stupid neighborhood kids that thinks it’s funny to hack my galaxy s4 and they have adults which have joined in this stupidity. The authorities need to be alerted because its 2 phones now and they’re wasting my time. — Max

Suggestion: Max, it is difficult to prove to the authorities that your phone was hacked by some showoff punks especially when you don’t know what they’re doing with your phone. Based on your description, I can clearly see you don’t have a single clue what they’re doing with your phone and how they were able to access it. So, here’s my suggestion on how to stop them:

  1. Using a computer, login to your Google account you used in your phone. Once in, change your password and enable 2-step verification. Once enabled, Google will send a PIN to your mobile every time you or someone else attempt to login.
  • Disable Bluetooth and clear all devices that are paired with your phone. If they’re using Bluetooth to access your phone, then this will stop them.
  1. Now, login to your router settings and change the password as well. Do not allow other devices to connect to your network.
  2. Back to your phone, turn off WiFi so the phone will be disconnected from the internet. If they were able to access your phone through your WiFi network, then doing this will stop them temporarily.
  3. We don’t know how these punks were able to access your phone but if they installed something in it, you need to get rid of it and the only way to do that is Factory Reset. So, backup all your data and reset your phone to factory defaults.

Can’t Turn Off Mobile Data On Galaxy S4

Problem: Dear Customer Care, I am having Samsung S4 from yesterday my balance is deducted and balance is now zero. I am disabling mobile data but automatically its getting enabled. Please help me what to do? — Dr. Pooja

Solution: Hey Doc, first off, we’re not Samsung’s Customer Care and we are not, in any way, associated with the company. We are a third-party entity that provides free online support to our readers.

Now, about your problem, I believe your phone was set to automatically switch between WiFi and mobile data networks. Please follow the steps below to fix this problem:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings then touch the Connections tab.
  3. Tap WiFi, then tap the Menu key again.
  4. Touch Advanced.
  5. Un-tick the option Auto Connect.

That’s it!

Galaxy S4 Can’t Send/Receive Emails

Problem: Hello, 2 emails were setup when I got this phone and worked fine. My yahoo email works fine but Outlook email stopped since 11/07/14. I keep seeing message “sign in fail to [email protected] email”. I didn’t change password lately. And, I sync few times. I tried to add email, but it keep saying ” this email address is already added”. How can I solve this problem? Thank you. — Mikyong

Troubleshooting: If the sign in failed error just popped up one day without apparent reason, then the problem could be in the settings. I would assume the email address we’re talking about is one that is also setup on your computer’s Microsoft Outlook client, and either it’s provided by your company or you purchased a domain and use its email service.

If it were provided by your company, then I suggest you ask the IT department if some settings were changed lately. In case you purchased a domain, then contact your registrar to verify some settings.

Now, about the “email address already added” error, it pops up because obviously the email is already setup on your phone. To get rid of this error means you would have to get rid of the email address first and that also means deleting all previously downloaded messages. Don’t do this until you’ve verified all settings are correct.

The easiest way to re-setup your Outlook email is to clear the cache and data of the Email app. Again, all messages that were download to your phone will be deleted, so proceed at your own risk. Once you’ve done that, you can freely setup the same email address.

Mobile Data Not Working On Galaxy S4

Problem: Hi, having problems with my s4. Mobile data not working (it used to) for several months and so can’t use for example S voice (keeps telling me it can’t find a network connection, please connect and try again). Also can’t use Google to search anything unless near my wifi connection at home and other features requiring to use mobile data also not working. I have tried numerous obvious things including a factory reset. Still not happening and driving me nuts. Phone only 6 months old. Help! — Carla

Related Problem: Hi guys. My Galaxy S4 cannot connect to mobile data network anymore. Whenever I’m away from my WiFi and try to use mobile data, I can’t browse, can’t download apps, can’t do Facebook, Twitter, etc. So, basically, it doesn’t work. But just last month, I was traveling interstate and mostly used mobile data, it was working fine. How come it doesn’t work now? Can you help me please? — Mitch

Solution: Hey Carla and Mitch. It sounds like your provider may have recently changed APN settings unless, of course, you changed the one that’s in your phone. The APN is just a set of information that allows the phone to connect to the network it’s getting service from so it can use data for download and upload. So, if this problem occurred without apparent reason, then I suggest you call your service provider and ask for correct APN for your phone.

Galaxy S4 Screen Goes Black When Opening Apps

Problem: Hi, I have an issue with my cellphone. My screen blacks out on me when i try to open up any apps. The screen is fine on the lock and home screen but when i try to open my facebook, gmail, or any other apps my screen just goes black. it takes me a few times to keep pressing on the lock button to get out of the app back to home screen. i recently got my screen repaired because the screen was pretty much shattered.

Since then my screen also has a bunch on lines going across my screen all the time. sometimes it look worse sometimes not so much. i tried taking the battery out and holding the power button for a minute then i put my battery back in then turned on my phone, but once i tried to go on any app the screen just blacks out on me. do i have to do a factory reset on my phone to get it back to normal? Thanks, Shelby.

Troubleshooting: Hi Shelby. It seems like the new display panel hasn’t been properly connected to the motherboard; the connection may be loose. That is the reason why you’re seeing lines from time to time. Unless the tech will make sure the display panel is properly connected, this problem will never be fixed. Now, about the screen going black whenever you open an app, that could be a firmware issue. However, I want you to first resolve the hardware issue by bringing the phone back to the tech who installed the display panel. It’s a back-job so I don’t think you’ll have to pay for the minor repair but it depends. Once you’ve solved the other, backup your data and perform factory reset to give the phone a fresh start.

Galaxy S4 Won’t Stay Connected To WiFi Network

Problem: I just received a warranty replacement S4 from AT&T and my new phone will not stay connected to my wiFi… When I turn on WiFi it will sometimes connect then disconnect from my WiFi or will list my WiFi as not being in range. I can be within 10′ or less to the router and have this happen consistently. It happens both to my home WiFi as well as to my work WiFi, so I am pretty confident it is not my wireless router causing the problem (but I have rebooted the router trying to trouble shoot just in case).

Any help is greatly appreciated! Respectfully, Pete.

Solution: Replacement phones are refurbished units, not brand new. So, there is always a possibility they have defects of some sort. What we can do is troubleshoot to prove it’s not about the settings. After that, feel free to request another replacement unit. Please follow these steps:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings then touch the Connections tab.
  3. Tap WiFi, then tap the Menu key again.
  4. Touch Advanced.
  5. Choose Keep WiFi On During Sleep, and tap Always.
  6. Tick the option Auto Connect.

After this if the problem still persists, perform factory reset on your phone. I think you don’t have much data saved in it yet as it is a replacement unit. But still, backup all data you don’t want to lose. After the factory reset and the problem remained, then request another replacement unit.

Galaxy S4 Active Screen Keeps Glitching

Problem: My phone screen for the past 5 days has been glitching with blue lines making the screen turn blue. When I remove the battery and place back in it always fixes it but tonight it’s done it three times and I can’t find anything any where on the internet with anyone ever having the same problem as me. Can you help? — Kalee

Suggestion: Hi Kalee, it sounds like the connection of the phone’s display panel to the motherboard is loose. I, of course, assume the phone didn’t suffer from liquid or physical damage. There’s nothing much you can do about it especially if the phone is under warranty. So, I suggest you bring the phone to a technician and have it checked.

Galaxy S4 WiFi Stopped Working

Problem: I have a Samsung Galaxy S4. Last night my wifi stopped working, I went into the settings to switch it back on but the button went dark green, instead of light green, and switched itself back off after a couple of seconds. I tried restarting the phone it didn’t solve the problem so I tried again but took the battery out and re-inserted it. Still nothing. I even went into the service menu to switch it off and on again but that didn’t work either.

So today I was looking at an android help forum which said that the problem could be fixed by doing a factory reset. So I backed up my data and reset it. However it still didn’t solve the problem and the wifi button still switches itself to off and shows as having no IP address. Because I need a wifi connection to restore my samsung account, I am now left without a phone and only able to communicate via my email address. Is there a way to fix this problem? Many thanks. — Natasha

Troubleshooting: Natasha, I don’t know what happened to your phone before the problem occurred so I really can’t pinpoint what the issue is. I did, however, encounter this problem before but it was caused by a glitch. All I did was boot the phone in safe mode and turned the WiFi there. When I rebooted the phone I could turn WiFi on and off at will. Your case, however, is more complicated and you already did the mater reset to no avail. If you don’t know how to flash the firmware in your phone, then I suggest you bring it to a tech. I’m pretty sure reflashing the firmware will fix this issue but it’s more complicated than it sounds not to mention the risk during the process. So, have a professional take a look at it.

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