Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems, Errors, Questions, Solutions and Workarounds [Part 48]

This is the 48th part of our troubleshooter series for Samsung Galaxy S4 and at least, ten problems were addressed in this post. To our readers who emailed us about their problems and those that are currently bugged by an issue or two, browse through this page to find out if your concerns are among the ones I cited. You may also visit our Galaxy S4 Troubleshooting page as it contains all of the problems we addressed since the first part of this series.

As usual, we are open to your emails so feel free to contact us via and provide as much details as possible. We cannot properly asses your problem if there isn’t enough information so make sure to include error messages if you get some as well as the behavior of the phone if the problem happens. We also have our Facebook and Google+ pages that we use to help our readers so don’t hesitate to post your concerns there, too.

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  1. Galaxy S4 Can’t Save Words To Dictionary
  2. Galaxy S4 Messaging Issues
  3. Galaxy S4 Lags / Freezes When Typing
  4. Galaxy S4 Can’t Send Emails
  5. Intermittent Problem With Galaxy S4 Touchscreen
  6. Galaxy S4 Shuts Off If Not Plugged In
  7. Galaxy S4 Stuck In Boot Loop
  8. Galaxy S4 Can’t Login Using Facebook App
  9. Galaxy S4 Can’t Connect To Data After An Update
  10. Galaxy S4 Lags While Using An App
  11. Can’t Make / Receive Calls On Galaxy S4 After An Update
  12. Galaxy S4 Issues With Spotify, Auto Shutdown

Galaxy S4 Can’t Save Words To Dictionary

Problem: Hi there, many thanks for your forum as it is a great source of help/ support for our Galaxy S4 issues.

I installed multiple keyboards on my device and nerve got stuck to a 3rd party keyboard. So I always uninstall and revert back to original Samsung keyboard.

Recently I installed swift keyboard but uninstalled it. As it was taking too much memory and device was slowing down. Since moving back to Samsung keyboard, now I’m unable to safe any words in dictionary and predictive words are only the default ones. I’ve gone through the settings but could not find any relevant tab to check uncheck. How do I enable keyboard to start saving my own words/ names which I most frequently use. Thanks, Mian.

Workarounds: Hi Mian. There are various ways to address this issue. The first thing I want you to try is use the built in Swype keyboard so you’ll have access to the dictionary. Go into Settings > Language and input > Keyboard > Change the default to Swype. Now, you can add words to the dictionary.

I don’t know the setup of your phone but I hope it’s stock. So, without using the Swype keyboard, try this: go into Settings > Language and input > find something that says Personal Dictionary. This will allow you to add words to your own personal dictionary that is usable by the default Samsung keyboard.

Here’s another workaround that will surely work in case the previous two won’t: open the messaging app, tap the Menu key and choose Settings, find text templates and delete all you don’t want to use and replace them with words you want suggested to you when you type. That’s it! Words you enter into text templates will be suggested to you.

Galaxy S4 Messaging Issues

Problem: Hello, my name is Miranda. I’ve been having an issue with my galaxy s4, I’ve had it for 11 months December the 7th will be a year. I’ve started to notice that when I’m in the messaging app and I receive a message or more than one message when I’m replying to a text my screen will freeze and the words I’m typing won’t appear until a few seconds like lagging and all.. is there anyway I can fix this because it’s really starting to annoy me. I’ve tried uninstalling some apps, I’ve cleared my cache, I’ve restarted my phone and everything. Nothing seems to work or help!

Potential Solution: Hello, Miranda. First off, how many messaging apps do you have in your phone? If you have more than one, please install third parties first. If that doesn’t fix the problem, go into Settings and the Application Manager, find the Messaging app. Inside the Messaging app’s settings page there is a button that says “Clear Defaults,” hit that. At this point, the problem could already be fixed, but if not, then there’s no other option but to clear the data.

If you’ve done everything I mentioned here and the problem still persists, it’s time your performed factory reset. Make sure to backup your data first.

Galaxy S4 Lags / Freezes When Typing

Problem: I have recently switched from the iPhone 4s to the Galaxy S4. Everything seems to work great, but for the past few days, the keypad lags or freezes when I am trying to type emails or messages. When it unfreezes, it will add in text that I never typed. Any suggestions? Thank you! — Klaire

Solution: It’s not a common problem but many encountered the same issues like yours. Luckily it’s just a glitch with the Samsung keyboard and can be fixed by simply clearing its cache and data. The compromise is that you will lose all words you added to the dictionary.

If, however, after clearing its cache and data the problem remains, the problem may be firmware-related. A factory reset is necessary but if you don’t want to do that now, try using Swype instead.

Galaxy S4 Can’t Send Emails

Problem: Hi there. just recently, I’ve noticed my email won’t send from my phone (Samsung Galaxy S4). Any ideas? Not sure what happened! Thanks! — Sarah

Troubleshooting: Hi Sarah, first off, make sure the phone has an active internet connection. Open a browser and log on to any websites just to check the connection. If you’re satisfied the phone is connected to the internet, try sending emails again and be observant of the error messages you may get. If there are no errors, check if you can receive email messages just fine, and if so, then the issue is with the settings of your email, specifically the SMTP settings.

However, after double-checking the settings and everything is correct, you have no other option but to setup your email again. It means you will have to remove the account and delete all download messages in your phone. I know the hassle of backing up messages so if you don’t want to do this, seek help from your company’s IT.

Intermittent Problem With Galaxy S4 Touchscreen

Problem: Hello, I recently replaced my screen which worked fine for about a day. Suddenly, the touchscreen on my Galaxy S4 has been responding intermittently. I have to remove the battery for a few minutes and put it back in to work again. Back and menu buttons on screen work though the main screen doesn’t. The phone also seems to be overheating when this happens. Please help! Thanks in advance. — Cass

Suggestion: If you’re the one who replaced the screen, then open the phone again and make sure all connections are tight. However, if you had a tech replaced it for you, then it’s a back job. Let him check on it.

About the overheating issue, please observe the phone closely and find out what’s causing it. If the touchscreen issue happens when the phone overheats, you may be able to fix it by finding the culprit. I suggest you observe the phone while in safe mode.

Galaxy S4 Shuts Off If Not Plugged In

Problem: My Galaxy S4 will be either fully charged or half, my problem is if I’m searching for something the phone shuts off. I’ll turn it back on, and after it does its “thing” it will shut right off again. If I have it plugged in it won’t do that at all. Please help. — Todd

Suggestion: Sir, it seems to me that this problem is due to faulty battery. Based on your description, the phone won’t shut off if plugged in or if there is a steady power source. So please, try to use a new battery and observe if the phone still has the same problem. Feel free to email us back if the problem still happens after getting a new battery. Also include details like the behavior of the phone before it shuts off, or if it’s heating up.

Galaxy S4 Stuck In Boot Loop

Problem: Hey there! It’s been over an year and half with my GS4 and the troubles are showing up already.

Since yesterday my phone went into occasional boot loops. But with a few presses to the Power button and it was normal. Today it got way worse. The opening screen “Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500” was the only thing showing up accompanied with temporary blackout. Stuck in a loop. Forced my way around by arbitrarily holding random buttons and the phone is functioning (in fact I’m using it right now) but the catch is that I can’t use the power button. Or else the boot loop begins all over again. It’s impossible to wipe out everything using the Recovery mode because whenever I access it , the phone forces me to the beginning screen (the boot one). Tried the general factory reset from in-device menu and the issue is still persistent. Help please! — Anuran

Related Problem: Hello I’m having trouble stating up my Samsung Galaxy S4. It has been freezing up lately during certain actions like texting or opening an application as well as from swiping page to page on the home page. The next day the phone refused to turn on completely and was stuck with the Samsung logo flashing. This is the current state of the phone.

I have tried doing a “soft” reset by taking out the battery and putting it back in 30 seconds later. This did not solve the issue. I have tried resetting my phone numerous times and occasionally it will start up and I am able to access the phone for about 30-40 seconds before it freezes again and reverts to the Samsung logo again. I have also tried starting the phone in safe mode but the problem still persists. Once again in safe mode I am able to access the phone for 30-40 seconds before the same sequence of events occurs.

I hope you are able to help me fix this problem.

Thank you, Emilio.

Suggestion: The symptoms of the problem you mentioned here points to the Power button being stuck. Try playing with the power button by pressing it multiple times to see if you can successfully make the phone to boot up. If so, then the button may have just been physically stuck, which is nothing to be worried about. However, if the problem persists after doing that, then the button may have been damaged already. So, I suggest you had the phone checked by a technician. If my suspicion is right, the button will be replaced but don’t worry, it’s very cheap–I mean the button. I’m not sure how much the tech will charge you for it.

Galaxy S4 Can’t Login Using Facebook App

Error: Hi there, my FB app on my Samsung S4 does not want to work. I have cleared data and cache at application manager and uninstalled app and installed it again.

When I try to login is states “Sorry unable to login to Facebook. Please check your network connection or try later (SocketTimeoutExeption: SSL handshake timed out) “. Please help. — Tamaryn

Solution: Hi Tamaryn, this error is often caused by incorrect date and/or time, so check that first and make sure your phone is set to today’s date and correct time. Now, if the problem still persists after that, just clear Facebook app’s cache and data, or you can go ahead and uninstall it and just download a fresh copy from the Play Store and install on your phone. This procedure should work.

Galaxy S4 Can’t Connect To Data After An Update

Problem: I recently received and update to my Verizon galaxy s4 and afterwards can’t connect to data. The data icon is not even shown in the notification bar. I’m international but before the update there was no problem so I’m not sure what caused it. Please help.

Potential Solution: First of all, make sure mobile data is enabled in your device, then reboot the phone. During initialization, the phone will try to reconnect to the network and this procedure alone may be able to fix the problem for you.

However, if the problem persists after you did that, try calling Verizon, check your account and have the rep verify if you have the correct APN in your phone. It may have something to do with data needed to connect to the network.

Galaxy S4 Lags While Using An App

Question: Hey, I’m having some problems with my Samsung Galaxy S4. When I’m using Telegram/Hike messenger, it lags/stucks.. But nothing like that happens with WhatsApp. I’m confused.

Answer: Based on your description, it seems that the application you’re using is the problem. Try to find out by logging in to Play Store if there’s an update available for that app. If many users experienced the same problem as yours then the developer may have already released a fix through update. If, however, there’s no update available, clear it’s cache and data, uninstall it and just install it back. These procedures usually fix app-related problems.

Can’t Make / Receive Calls On Galaxy S4 After An Update

Problem: Hi, my Samsung S4 phone did the latest update automatically. Now I can’t make or receive phone calls. I can’t hear the person I ma calling and they can’t hear me. Help. How do I fix this? — Angie

Potential Solution: I’m not trying to be sarcastic here, but Angie, if you can’t make or receive calls, then there’s no way you can hear someone from the other line. So, I’m confused. Did you mean to tell us that you can make calls but can’t hear the person on the other line?

You stated it very clearly that this problem happened right after an update. In this case, I want you to boot the phone in recovery mode and wipe the cache partition. Some caches may have been corrupted during the update process; they need to be cleared so the phone will be forced to cache newer files.

If wiping the cache partition won’t solve the problem, then backup all your data and perform factory reset.

Galaxy S4 Issues With Spotify, Auto Shutdown

Problem: Hi, I have had my Samsung for over a year now and never experienced any problems, except from a dud battery. The problem has only started recently, I think it was when I updated to the latest software but i can’t be sure.. I started noticing that my phone would randomly turn off in the middle of the day, I would have a decent amount of battery but when I would be able to turn it on again the battery levels would sometimes suddenly drop, I thought it was just the battery again but now it only turns off during the night while I am sleeping, when I wake up i can’t turn it on without holding the power button for a good 20 seconds. I have also been experiencing trouble with apps closing randomly, mainly with Spotify, which I can’t even use now since every time i open the app it comes up with an error message saying that its closed unexpectedly. I finally did a factory reset today to see whether that would get rid of the problem. It hasn’t, well the spotify anyway, I still cannot access my spotify at all, after uninstalling it and reinstalling it multiple times now it continues to come up with the exact same error message. I am not sure whether my phone is still turning off itself but I am pretty sure that the factory reset hasn’t done much help. Please help! Thanks, Sophie.

Troubleshooting: There is a chance that the update messed some data in your phone but there’s no way we can confirm that unless the firmware is re-flashed (or manually re-installed) on your phone. But you never mentioned about other apps being force-closed when you open them so that would leave us to question Spotify.

But if the phone still continues to shut down itself automatically, then it must be a firmware issue. I suggest you bring the phone to your provider and have their tech take a look at it. They would know if the problem is due to a bad update or not.

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