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Samsung discusses some of the hidden features of the Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 4

If you’re on the fence about getting the Galaxy Note 4, Samsung’s new blog post might make it a little easier to convince yourself. The company has detailed some unknown features of the device, most of which are pretty handy during daily usage. So without further wait, here are some of the hidden Galaxy Note 4 features that you might not be aware of.

Link Preview: This lets you use your S Pen stylus to get a brief preview of a webpage by just hovering the stylus over it. You will see a small pop up window with the contents of the webpage which means that you will not have to open a browser to view the link.

S Planner integration with S Pen: This is nothing but handwriting recognition as you can open a specific date on the default planner app and scribble a time and place in your handwriting and it will recognize the input. We’ve seen this in previous Galaxy Note devices as well, so it’s nothing new.

Voice Recorder with Meeting Mode: This essentially lets you gather recordings from up to 8 different angles when you’re in a table. While playing back the file, you can choose to hear from a specific person at the table and mute everyone else.

Selfie using the heart rate monitor: Users can stretch their hands as long as possible and still take a selfie thanks to this feature. When enabled, it lets you take self shot images of yourself when you place a finger over the dedicated heart rate monitor on the back.

Sound detector: You can train your Galaxy Note 4 to hear a particular sound (baby crying, doorbell etc) and let it notify you when any of these sounds are heard. It’s a neat feature to have if you’re using the headphones on your Galaxy Note 4. The smartphone will start vibrating or show alarm signs to notify you of these sounds. Samsung’s Gear smartwatches are also compatible with this feature, so you can be notified even if you’re away from your phone.

One handed operation: If you find it difficult to use the Galaxy Note 4 with both hands in some situations, this feature is certainly a god send. When enabled from the Settings, it lets you shrink the size of the display by stretching your finger from the left edge of the display to the right.

You can catch several other features from your Galaxy Note 4 in the company’s detailed post.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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