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Samsung to bring support for additional themes with future versions of TouchWiz

TouchWiz Samsung

According to a new revelation made by an Italian source, Samsung could be experimenting with new themes for future iterations of the TouchWiz UI found on Galaxy handsets. TouchWiz is Samsung’s stock UI overlay running on top of Android and has often been criticized for having flashy features at the expense of smooth performance.

But the addition of new themes will certainly work in favor of Samsung as users will be able to pick from a variety of fonts and icons provided directly by Samsung. This could serve as a viable alternative to third party offerings available from the Google Play Store. One of the leaked images also shows the addition of the company’s S Finder icon on the top left of the notifications/quick menu tray, thus providing easy access for content on the device.

TouchWiz Samsung

Samsung is yet to confirm this officially, so treat it strictly as an early leak for the time being. But considering how rival manufacturers offer similar features, it was only a matter of time before Samsung followed suit. We haven’t seen much of this in the leaked Android 5.0 builds for the current crop of Samsung flagships, but hope to find it in subsequent iterations of TouchWiz.

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