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Rumor: Samsung planning to launch the Galaxy Note 5 with a 5.9 inch 4K display

Samsung Display - Galaxy Note 5

Even though the Galaxy Note 4 is barely a month old in the market, we’re already hearing about the next generation variant. If rumors coming from suppliers are to be believed, the Korean manufacturer is prepping the manufacturing of a 5.9 inch 4K resolution display for the Galaxy Note 5, making it the most pixel dense smartphone in the market. We’re not sure if that many pixels will be distinguishable to the human eye, but Samsung has always been known as a company which pushes the limits with its devices.

The exact resolution of this display is said to be 3840 x 2160, which when crunched into a 5.9 inch display means a pixel density of 746 ppi. This was revealed in the company’s roadmap earlier this year. It is said that the manufacturer will begin production of this panel in August 2015 to accommodate for a September release of the Galaxy Note 5. We’re yet to come across confirmation of this particular report, so take it with a pinch of salt for the time being. But it does seem plausible given what we’ve seen from Samsung in the past.

Do you think 4K displays on smartphones would be overkill? Sound off below.

Via: Phone Arena

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