Nexus 10 users facing audio loss after the Android 5.0 update

Nexus 10

According to Google’s product forums page, the Nexus 10 is facing an audio related bug after the Android 5.0 update was issued. According to a large number of users, the tablet is failing to output any sort of audio from the speakers or the headphones, be it from apps, media player or the browser. Google’s support staff have been closely monitoring the issue and have acknowledged it in the forums.

Some users have even managed to come up with solutions of their own. Rebooting the device 5-6 times seems to be bringing back audio on some devices, while some users suggest that it is a particular app that is causing the issue. To test this, users will have to open the Nexus 10 in safe mode and see if the audio is working. If there is audio in safe mode, then an app could be causing the issue, so uninstalling it from the recently downloaded list might prove to be a valid solution.

Customers will hope for Google to make a public announcement about this so as to not rely on word of mouth for a fix. Are you facing similar issues with your Nexus 10? Make sure you check out the product forums for possible solutions if the methods mentioned above don’t work for you.

Source: Google Product Forums

Via: Talk Android