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Milk Studios suing Samsung over use of Milk Music and Milk Video monikers

Milk Video

Samsung appears to have a never ending ordeal with the courtrooms as a company has sued the Korean manufacturer over copyright infringement allegations. The company in question is known as Milk Studios and is seeking action against Samsung for its Milk Music and Milk Video services, with the latter breaking cover last week. It is said that Milk Studios has been involved in deliberations with Samsung over the use of the name, but Samsung is believed to have ignored them.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out over the coming months as Samsung has started both its services earlier this year and wouldn’t want to lose the naming rights because of the lawsuit. Perhaps an out of court settlement could be arranged between the two parties, which makes more sense considering that it will save them from fighting out a lengthy courtroom battle.

Milk Studios is involved in the fashion industry and conducts photo shoots in its New York and Los Angeles outlets. So it’s a name of repute for those familiar with fashion or advertising.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Via: Phandroid

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