LG G Flex 2 could break cover at CES 2015

LG G Flex

LG took the world markets by surprise with its G Flex smartphone last year. And although the handset hasn’t actually seen the success LG had hoped for, the company was widely praised for the concept. A new rumor now indicates that LG could be all set to unveil the successor to the smartphone during January’s CES 2015 event.

As for the device itself, there’s not much info available at the moment as the report is coming from an insider cited by Android Authority. However, it is being said that LG will utilize a new rubber chassis design for the smartphone which will make the device even more flexible than the predecessor.

We can also expect to see more of the self healing back cover which was shown off with the original G Flex. It is being said that LG will bump the display resolution to 1080p which is an upgrade from the predecessor. It will be interesting to see if the Korean manufacturer will keep the size the same or try to make it smaller this time around.

What do you expect from the second gen G Flex smartphone?

Via: Android Authority