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HTC to launch high end tablets in 2015

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HTC has expressed interest in launching high end tablets starting in 2015, as the company’s profit margins appear to be diminishing with each quarter. HTC North Asia President, Jack Tong said during a launch event in Taiwan that they’re not planning on launching a budget tablet anytime soon as the profit margins are relatively low with those devices.

If the Nexus 9 is any indication, we can expect more tablets from HTC in the future serving the premium niche. Given the dismal time the company is having, it makes sense for them to start thinking profits rather than sheer quantity of products.

The manufacturer’s last known tablet was the Flyer and the Jetstream which barely made any noise in the mobile industry, so the company will want to make some impact with its upcoming range of tablets.

The company failed to divulge information on what to expect from its first tablet mainstream tablet after the long break, but we can be assured that it will be sporting a premium level hardware with all the iconic HTC markings (front facing speakers, metal unibody design etc).

Anybody excited for a premium HTC tablet?

Source: Focus Taiwan

Via: Android Central

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