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HTC could be fixing the power/volume button glitch with new batches of the Nexus 9

Nexus 9 Volume Button

The HTC Nexus 9 tablet received some criticism initially for featuring a relatively wonky power and volume keys. And it seems like the company has taken the criticism seriously as some new batches of the tablet appear to have a slightly modified set of keys. A Reddit user has posted a picture showing the difference in the buttons (new one on the bottom) indicating that fresh batches of the tablet come with a slightly elevated set of buttons. New customers also mention that the annoying light bleed issue from the display has been improved to some extent.

The creaking of the back cover has apparently disappeared as well, which is welcome news for new buyers. This is HTC’s first tablet since the Flyer and the Jetstream from a couple of years ago, so it’s imperative that the company does everything to make it a success.

There’s an added incentive if you’re looking to get the Nexus 9 now apart from the obvious. Google will offer a $50 Play Store credit for Nexus 9 purchases or you can try Amazon’s deal where the tablet is going with a $50 discount.

Source: Reddit

Via: Android Police

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