2 Replies to “How To Fix / Troubleshoot Common Problems With The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 [Part 39]”

  1. hi, my husband just got me a note 3 and this is the second day I’ve had it, but last night something happened to it because when i woke up it was stuck on the at&t logo. I tried to hold the down volume button with the home and power button but didn’t do anything the blue light is there. How do i get it back to normal?

  2. Problem 1 :: my Note 3 is getting hot near the camera some times and that empty the battery very fast.
    I tried many things, but what the best thing that we can do is to remove the battery and the SD card for some minutes and then re-install.
    sometimes if i turn off my mobile and the percentage of the battery is 95%, i turn it on immediately the % go down to 89% and sometimes less even if it’s not hot is that normal ?
    Problem 2 :: Sometimes when playing a video on Facebook, when the video come to the end, the mobile get frozen and the last picture of the video stay on the screen, it need some minutes so go back to normal

    please advice

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