How To Fix Common Samsung Galaxy S2 Problems, Questions And Errors [Part 28]

Samsung Galaxy S2

Hello guys. This is the 28th part of our Samsung Galaxy S2 troubleshooter series that tackles the common problems with the phone and answers questions and issues sent by our readers. There are 13 problems/questions I addressed in this post so feel free to read or skim through it as you may find some that are related to your concerns.

For those who are planning to contact us, please visit our Samsung Galaxy S2 Troubleshooting page and go through the problems we previously addressed to find ones that are related to your issues. Try the troubleshooting steps or solutions we provided first and if they don’t work for you, shoot us an email at [email protected].

We cannot help you if you don’t provide necessary details so make sure to include the model of your phone, version of Android that runs on it, error messages you’re getting if there’s some, behavior of the phone, when the issue started, what you think the cause was, etc. If you don’t know which detail to include, at least, try to mention the most significant behavior of your phone or when the issue started. Please do your part as we are always doing ours.

Now, for those who might prefer social networking sites, we have Facebook and Google+ pages that we also use to help our readers. Feel free to post your concerns there together with the details and if it’s not too much to ask, like them. For the problems I addressed here, click on a link to jump to an issue.

Galaxy S2 Makes A Low Siren Noise

Problem: Hey! My girl has a S2 and it won’t turn on. We tried the battery removal several times and everytime we put it back in it shows samsung then it was wants to load up to turn on but screen go black and doesn’t respond. If we press the power button again it does it again. It makes this very low siren or buzzer noise once it goes black and if does it non stop until we take the battery out again it sounds the sound it makes she you turn it on and it’s on silent or vibrate. Any suggestions would help cause this is all we have to work with. Thank You! — R.K.

Potential Solution: This problem is always related to performance issues with the phone. In some cases, the phone hangs or freezes then the weird sound plays. The most common cause is that the CPU and RAM are all used up with no room for other services to run, so the phone reboots to kill some services. In rare cases, it will behave like what your daughter’s phone does.

There are some ways to fix the issue but try the most convenient procedure first–safe mode. Third-party apps will be temporarily disabled if you boot your phone in safe mode and if you can reach this far, the phone will be fine when you boot it normally. However, if it fails to get into safe mode, boot it in recovery mode and wipe the cache partition.

Galaxy S2 Won’t Charge And Boot

Problem: Dear,

I came across your webpage not long ago and was wondering whether you could help me. My Brother in law purchased a Samsung Galaxy S2 mobile phone for me in October 2013. It was working perfectly, then after a few months it suddenly just turned off and would not come back on – at that point in time it was a problem with the software download which was repairable.

However, after that incident the phone would just decide to do the same thing again, sometimes it would occur twice within a week or at least 8 times within the space of 2 months. Every time it would break I would factory reset my phone and everything would come back to normal – but the other day after it decided to break again I factory resetted the phone it was working normally, but today it just turned off and it would not allow me to charge the phone or even reboot it again?

I have put the problem down to the actual phone, the software, the motherboard, the battery? I honestly don’t understand what is happening with this phone. Any chance you could shed light as to what the initial problem might be? Kind Regards, Sofina.

Troubleshooting: Sofina, I wish it would be that simple to know what the problem really is. For us to be able to provide a fix, we need to be able to observe how the device behaves after doing some troubleshooting procedures on it. But based on your description, I think the reason why the phone won’t boot up is because there’s no power left in its battery and the fact that the phone won’t charge make it seems a little more complicated than it is.

To address this issue, you need to follow the basic troubleshooting procedure:

  1. Try a different charger.
  2. If it won’t charge, try a new battery.
  3. If still won’t charge, let the tech check the phone as it could be an issue with the USB charging port.

In case you don’t want to spend on new battery and charger, bring the phone immediately to a technician so it can be diagnosed without buying new accessories.

Galaxy S2 Won’t Turn On At All

Problem: Hi, I have an S2 and my phone wont turn on at all. I believe its because after upgrading it the memory kept getting full and I kept getting notifications saying system storage full. I ignored it for a while so now my phone I think doesn’t have enough memory to turn on. What can I do? I want my pictures and files! But it wont turn on in any way. Many thanks, Sarah.

Potential Solution: First of all, make sure the phone has enough power left in its battery. Charge it for at least 30 minutes and then remove the battery. While the battery is out, press and hold the power key for 1 minute. After that, place the battery back in and attempt to turn the phone back on. If it still refuses to turn on, then attempt to boot in safe mode and if it can boot up successfully, then backup all your data while you can.

In case the phone still won’t boot up in either safe mode or normal mode, try the recovery mode. The purpose is to know if it can power up because if it can’t, then there is a big chance it’s a hardware issue. In recovery mode, you can wipe the cache partition, so try that one first, and perform factory reset–this is your last resort.

Galaxy S2 Screen Lights Up On Its Own

Question: My Samsung Galaxy S2 over heated last week. I removed the battery and reinstalled it but since that the screen has been lighting up on its own accord and using battery power when I go in to menu, settings and battery it shows that the screen is using between 45 and 55% of the battery power. When I plug phone into charges before bed time when I look at what percentage in the morning its only say maybe 70%. Can I fix this problem or on I need to send phone in for repair.

Answer: My question is, does the screen issue the effect of overheating or was it the cause? If it’s the effect, then you still need to find the cause to be able to fix it. If it was the cause, however, you need to observe the phone why the screen turns on randomly. But let’s set aside the “cause and effect” thing, okay. Instead, let’s focus on why the screen lights up on its own.

You need to isolate the problem first by booting the phone in safe mode. If the screen still lights up randomly, then backup your data because you need to perform factory reset. However, if the phone behaves well in safe mode, then one of the third-party apps is causing the problem or there are wakelocks on your phone. I suggest you download and install the Wakelock Detector from the Play Store. It will tell you which one causes the screen issue. If, however, the problem was with one of the apps and you can’t find which one, then factory reset is your best bet in solving this problem.

Galaxy S2 Power Button Won’t Respond

Problem: Hi Droid guy, earlier this week, my galaxy stopped responding when i click the screen on button/power button, to awaken it from it’s sleep/hibernate status. Now the only way I can interface with my phone is when an outside call comes in, or I plug it in to a charger. Even in this case, once it returns to the sleep/hibernate mode, I must unplug and replug for the screen to light up and become active. Any advice? — Elise

Suggestion: My first suggestion is, don’t let your battery get drained completely. Second, send the phone in for checkup or repair because it is obviously a hardware issue. I hope you understand there’s nothing we can do about it except observe closely what the device’s behaviors are and tell the tech about them.

Multiple Issues With Second-hand Galaxy S2

Problem: I have a Galaxy S2 which I bought from a friend. The Charging system had a problem now i am using a universal charger the phone won’t boot up, i have to press the power button several times before it comes on.

Secondly, my WiFi turns on well but won’t connect to my hotspot or any other connection.

Thirdly, I can’t connect my laptop to my tethering hotspot, my laptop can’t find it.

Finally, I can’ t set my pattern, password, swipe lock went I set it. It won’t function after pressing the power button.

I hope there is anything you can do to help me. I am from Africa and here it is hard to find a technician to fix your Phone for you. Thank you. — Baba

Potential Solution: You know, it’s always wise to know the reason why the previous owner sold the phone. Some sell their phone because they want to upgrade; others do so because the device is starting to behave abnormally. Secondly, it is also wise to know the performance of the phone before you pay for it. So, let me ask you, was it working properly before you bought it?

That’s a lot of problems for a phone and we don’t know where to start troubleshooting. You haven’t mentioned about a reset after you bought it, so if you haven’t done it yet, please do so. If the problems aren’t fixed after that, return the phone to your friend.

Galaxy S2 Can’t Receive Incoming Calls

Problem: Hi, my Galaxy S2 does not receive any incoming calls at all, it does not even show up as missed call. Also having problems with charging it, can you help at all? And safe mode is showing on the bottom left of screen.

Potential Solution: Please reboot the phone. If it can boot up successfully without the “safe mode” text on the lower left area of the screen, try calling the number on that phone to find out if the problem was fixed.

About the charging problem, well, you need to be specific what the “problem” really is. Is the phone not charging? Or, is it charging very slowly? How slow? Sorry, we really can’t provide specific solutions to problems if there aren’t enough details.

Galaxy S2 Play Store Crashes

Problem: My play store keeps saying network error whenever i try to open it. Whenever i try to retry, the play store crashes and exits out. I have cleared the cache and forced stop it and restarted my phone and it still says there’s a network error. Please help.

Potential Solution: If this problem happened for the first time without apparent reason, check your network connection. Verify that you have an active internet connection by logging on to some websites using the web browser. If you have other devices or a laptop, it’s better you try them too.

If you get your internet connection via WiFi, it’s recommended you reboot your network equipment (modem and/or router). However, if you use mobile data, contact your provider and let the rep troubleshoot the problem for you. Verify your account is in good standing and ask for correct APN settings for your phone.

Now, if you can connect to the internet just fine and the problem persists, clear the cache and data of the Play Store and then hit the Uninstall Updates button. This will roll the application back to the version that works. Don’t worry, you can update it if the problem was solved.

Galaxy S2 Can’t Download Images

Issue: My Samsung Galaxy S2 won’t download anything at all, not even images! I don’t understand what the problem seems to be but I really need to download a few things urgently… Please help.

Answer: The question is where are you downloading the images from? There must also be some kind of an error or a prompt. Well, if the images are from any web page, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., then you need to check your internet connection. You need to have an active internet connection to be able to download images like those.

However, if the images you want to download were sent through a text message or MMS, then you need to enable mobile data on your phone. I hope I have answered your inquiry.

Galaxy S2 Issues With Screen

Question: I just bought this phone off eBay and when I started using it, it started resetting itself then the screen freaked out and now the screen doesn’t work at all. Do you know what is wrong with it? — Dave

Answer: Apparently, no. We need to observe the phone closely to know what the problem really is. Sadly, your description of the problem isn’t enough for us to know what is the issue or what caused it. Does the screen stays lit? Does it display anything? Or, is it completely black? These are just among the information we need. Well, I think it’s time to use the “Buyer Protection” program of eBay or PayPal because the most logical thing to do right now is to return the unit and request a refund. I’m sure you don’t want a phone that already has problems out of the box.

Does Galaxy S2 Work With Selfie Stick With Bluetooth Clicker?

Question: Hi, I àm thinking about one of the “selfie sticks” with the Bluetooth clicker , does the S2 have a camera Bluetooth function? I cannot find reference to it in the user manual despite the adverts for the selfie stick saying the Bluetooth clicker will work. Thank you. — David

Answer: I never tried using one (simply because I don’t take selfies) but I believe it will work with Galaxy S2. In fact, it may work with any device that has Bluetooth capability. But I suggest you try pairing the stick with your device first before you pay for it and try to see if the camera app will respond to the Bluetooth clicker. If the phone can pair with the selfie stick, then there’s a big chance it will work with your device. Again, try it before paying for it.

Galaxy S2 Battery Drain Question

Question: Hi, changed my wife’s phone from a Galaxy Ace 2 to a S2, which was my phone. Moved her SIM card and SD card with it. Her old phone’s battery used to drain really quickly, and now the same is happening on the S2. Could a SIM card cause this excessive battery drain. Thank you for your help. — Martin

Answer: Hey Martin. If there are frequent instances that the phone can’t detect the SIM card, then it may deplete the battery quickly. The same thing happens if the microSD card is faulty or gets virtually unmounted frequently. However, if both are properly detected and the battery is still draining like crazy, the first suspect should be the battery.

Galaxy S2 And Battery Get Hot

Question: Hi, I’m having a problem here with my Galaxy S2 and I would like you to help get a solution for it. My phone gets hot but the battery doesn’t get as hot as the phone. My question is: Is that caused by the battery itself or is it a problem with the phone? Thank you and I’m looking forward to your reply. — Shernison

Answer: I’m sure you’re expecting a direct answer to your question but I can’t give you that. Why? Because it is necessary to closely observe the phone to come up with a conclusion that it’s the battery or the phone itself that’s causing the heat up. One thing is for sure though, the battery always contributes to the heating up of the phone because it’s the source of power and it heats up over time. However, the phone may go beyond the temperature of the battery especially if used for hours without rest and all of its functions are turned on like mobile data, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc… I hope I’ve answered your question.

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