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AT&T Nexus 6 to feature carrier branding

AT&T Nexus 6

The AT&T Nexus 6 is expected to break cover this week with a steep price tag. But just as customers prepare to get their hands on the smartphone, the carrier has revealed through one of its pages that the smartphone will carry a carrier logo at the bottom portion of the back cover. The point of Nexus devices is the fact that it comes clean without any modifications from the carriers. But since Google is partnering with all major carriers this time around, it’s clear that they’ve struck some sort of a deal to allow this.

Oddly, the Nexus logo on the smartphone is only available on the carrier’s business customer overview page and not the actual online pre-order listing. Perhaps AT&T realizes that customers will not want a carrier branded Nexus 6, which explains why it’s not being shown publicly. Either way, it’s not good news for fans of Nexus devices to have carriers slap logos on the device. We already knew that AT&T would add some bloatware on the Nexus 6, but adding a noticeable logo on the back is clearly not going to go down well with the fans.

Source: AT&T

Via: Android Police

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