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AT&T Nexus 6 to come littered with bloatware

Nexus 6

With the Nexus 6 officially expected to land on carrier shelves next week, we’re hearing reports of the AT&T model coming pre-loaded with some carrier specific bloatware. While the smartphone will not have any bloat by default, it is when the device is activated that the bloatware apps will be added.

This is very bad news for customers hoping to get a completely stock experience from their AT&T Nexus 6, but not unexpected. The good news is that customers can always uninstall these apps at their will, so it’s that big of a deal. AT&T has confirmed the inclusion of bloatware to a popular site, so it’s coming straight from the horse’s mouth.

Sprint has promised that its variant of the Nexus 6 will pack an unadulterated Android experience, which is a good gesture from the carrier. The Nexus 6 is expected to launch tomorrow on Sprint with AT&T and T-Mobile expected to get it next week.

How do you feel about AT&T adding bloatware on your Nexus 6? Let us know.

Via: Gizmodo

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