Android TV apps will need Google’s approval before making the cut

Android TV

With Android TV officially making its way to homes with the Nexus Player, we can see available devices increasing in frequency over the coming months. And since Android TV caters specifically for the families, Google has decided to slightly modify its app submission policies as compared to Android for smartphones and tablets. According to Google’s official Android TV page for app developers, all apps will be closely screened and monitored keeping usability and security in mind.

This is reminiscent of Apple which screens applications for the iOS and Mac App Stores in a similar fashion. Google’s new policies will also restrict companies from adding their custom UI skins to Android TV. This is consistent with Android Auto based hardware as well which is expected to hit the markets next year. It is said that Google plans to bring similar restrictions to smartphones and tablets, thus maintaining uniformity between its mobile operating systems. Android TV is slowly gaining traction as more manufacturers gear up to bring devices to the market.

Source: Google Support

Via: Uber Gizmo

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