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Android One sales not as impressive as expected: Report

Android One

Google had a lot of expectations when the first batch of Android One devices were announced in India. However, it seems like the series hasn’t quite had an impact on the market if import figures over the past couple of months are anything to go by. Android One was supposed to bring customers the convenience of owning a truly stock Android device with the promise of the latest Android updates for the next couple of years.

But some analysts believe that due to the lack of proper public awareness about this particular feature, Android One might not have struck as appealing to customers compared to competitive regional offerings.

It is said that the last two weeks of September saw shipments of 230,000 units of Android One devices. However for the entire month of October, the figure was just 200,000 which tells us a lot about the diminishing demand for Google’s new line of budget droids.

Google hasn’t expanded Android One into other territories, which could change over the course of the months. Perhaps a launch in Europe or North American markets will help move sales to some  extent. Google is expected to have more manufacturing partners for Android One in the near future.

Source: Economic Times

Via: Android Authority

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